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‘Galavant’ S2 finale recap: The fight for happily ever after

Here’s a dose of brutal honesty, Galavanters. It’ll be quite a feat if this recap is written without a weeping hot mess of a reviewer typing through blurry eyes. The day we have been paradoxically wishing for and dreading has finally arrived. “Galavant’s” glorious Season 2 finale has come and […]

‘Galavant’ S2 Eps 7 & 8 recap: In the name of love

Sigh…The end is near and Sunday’s “Galavant” left us hanging on the peak of an emotional roller coaster. “Love and Death” and “Do the D’Dew” had it all: romance, death, magic, resurrection, declarations of love, zombies, the deflowering of a 40-something year-old, a call to arms, heartbreak, and […]

‘Galavant’ S2 Eps 3 & 4 recap: The darkest hour of one’s soul

Wow, Galavanters! Our beloved show had us rolling on the floor with laughter in Sunday’s latest one-two-punch of hilarity. Many things changed over the course of the hour. Feelings were stirred, princesses were mischievously/heartbreakingly/annoyingly cuckolded, King Richard’s castle was re-appropriated, and fan favorites parted ways (for this season, […]

‘Galavant’ S2 premiere preview: Gal & the gang return with heart and humor

ABC’s ambitious event series pulled off a miraculous renewal and “Galavant” is back with a scintillating sophomore season starting with two fun-filled episodes that breeze by in the blink of an eye. After leaving us hanging on all fronts, Season 2 picks up with a delightful number, recapping […]

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