‘Galavant’ scoop: How ABC’s extravaganza can continue without Joshua Sasse

Joshua Sasse as Galavant. (Photo credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico via Disney Press site)

Being a diehard “Galavant” fan has its ups and downs. We’re a passionate and optimistic bunch who have learned to seize the moment and enjoy every joyous episode we have been blessed with. We also know what it feels like to defy the odds. People thought Gal was a goner after the first season’s dismal ratings, but ABC’s comedy extravaganza pulled off a miracle and garnered a magnificent sophomore run. TVLine updated the show’s Season 3 renewal status from “Too early to tell” to “Could go either,” which is always better than being “A long shot.” Just earlier today, Cancelled Sci Fi made the argument in favor of “Galavant’s” renewal given the “current renewal fever.” Now we find ourselves kneeling before the TV powers that be, begging for yet another miracle. We felt like we were awfully close to get it too, until this afternoon’s unsettling news.

Joshua Sasse aka Gary Galavant, has signed on to play the lead in a new CW show called “No Tomorrow.” Deadline reports, “even if Galavant is to beat the odds and come back, Sasse will only appear in the first episode of the potential third season in a carveout fromNo Tomorrow. It is hard to imagine Galavant continuing beyond that without Galavant.”

We can see why some people would assume “Galavant” couldn’t survive without its titular character, but this Galavanter begs to differ. It might be a stretch or long-shot or what-have-you, but “Galavant” is a show that feeds off of this kind of thing. There is still hope for this gem. It’ll just take a bit of creativity, which we all know Dan Fogelman, Kat Likkel, John Hoberg, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater have oodles of.

Gary Galavant doesn’t have to be the only Galavant in town. What if he had a half-brother or a half-sister? According to IMDB trivia, Fogelman wanted to cast Zachary Levi in the role of Galavant, but scheduling didn’t permit. Maybe this can be their do-over. Levi can be Gary’s relative riding in to save the day like a knight in shining armor. “Galavant” can also continue by adding more girl power to their cast of kick-ass chicks and we can see Isabella becoming gal-pals with Galavant’s newly discovered half-sis. At this point, it doesn’t even matter how Gary takes his leave.

Surely the writers can come up with a hilarious meta-scenario acknowledging Sasse’s departure. He can go on an off-screen quest or valiantly meet his death in some crazy, epic fight, opening the door for a new love in sweet Izzy’s life (in due time of course, True Love isn’t easy to get over). We know Karen David’s equally delightful and strong warrior princess has so much more to offer than being Galavant’s side-chick. Now that she’s officially Mrs. Galavant, Izzy can even become the titular character. Maybe Galabella will have a little one of their own and Baby Galavant can draw focus in the new season. That’s if ABC sticks with “Galavant” as is, but there’s always the chance of creating a spin-off.

Let’s face it, the show’s called “Galavant,” but it really is an ensemble series. For example, many of us have always been much more invested in King Richard. Timothy Omundson deserves all the awards for his brilliant and underrated work on this series. Perhaps a spin-off will finally put him in the spotlight he deserves to be under. The Season 2 finale provided a fascinating foundation for #KingsBeard’s new adventures with Roberta and his full-grown dragon pal, Tad Cooper. Now that Richard is the One True King Who Can Unite Them All, it will be up to him to stop the new villain in town. That’s right! Despite Galabella and Richerta’s happy endings, we still have an ominous cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more.

Madalena has gone to the Dark Evil Lord to learn more about the D’DEW (Dark Dark Evil Way). Gareth and Sid (Season 3’s blossoming bromance) have set out to rescue her from a damned life devoted to Darkness before it is too late. Much like “Gotham: Rise of the Villains,” “Galavant” could shift the next season’s focus onto the new big baddie in town. With the right kind of big-name casting, the Dark Evil Lord could be alluring enough to sweeten the pot and warrant another extraordinary (hopefully increased episode) event. That would be pretty cool, but if it doesn’t pan out, we still have other characters we’d love to see more of.

We can’t forget Chef, Gwen, Jester and Izzy’s parents, the King and Queen of Valencia. They must have more exciting stories to tell. We’d love to see what happened to the newlyweds after the battle bulldozed their humble abode. It felt like we didn’t see enough of the Jester in Season 2 either. Perhaps it’s time for “Galavant’s” resident funnyman to find some romance in his life. What are the King and Queen up to now that they have their kingdom back?

See…there are so many more stories to tell. Sure “Galavant” won’t be the same without Sasse. We all know he’s Gal. But this show has always been more than just a whimsical musical comedy extravaganza about one knight’s journey. The fans are invested in all of these characters’ lives and we’re not ready to let go. Hopefully, ABC feels the same way.

What do you think, Galavanters? Can “Galavant” continue without Sasse? Do you have any other ideas for Season 3? Share your thoughts below and on Twitter (@TalkTVwTiffany). Continue the fight to #RenewGalavant. Remember to tweet @ABCNetwork and @bensherwood, tell them how much you love “Galavant” and can’t wait for more. Keep the faith!

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