#MoreGalavant interview: Darren Evans on the fans’ campaign, favorite Chef moments, & S3 hopes

Darren Evans
Darren Evans recalls one of his favorite moments from Season 1. (Photo credit: ABC/Disney via Twitter)

As the #MoreGalavant campaign continues to gain momentum, I have the pleasure of chatting with the enchanting cast of “Galavant”. This week I will be sharing those interviews with you, beginning with the world’s most endearing Chef, Mr. Darren Evans. He so kindly answered questions about the #MoreGalavant campaign, his favorite scenes and musical numbers from the show and his hopes for Season 3. Enjoy our e-mail Q & A (on May 22) below:

Tiffany Tchobanian: The #MoreGalavant campaign has really taken off! There is a tremendous outpouring of love and support for the show and cast. How do you feel about the fans’ efforts to save your show?

Darren Evans: Honestly I have literally been left speechless by the fans effort and love to save the show. For people to actually take time out of their day and Ring companies, Write Letters, E Mail, Tweet etc. means the absolute world and it just makes me feel really humble. That petition as well has just been blowing up its insane how quick its building and the perfect thing is that its all been the fans own ideas and contributions, as Karen [David] mentioned we’ve merely just been cheerleaders for it and its the very least we could do. We have so much fun on the show and I’m just glad the fans love it as much as we love making it!!

T.T.: What is the craziest #MoreGalavant thing you’ve seen from the fans online?

D.E.: It’s so hard to choose 1 in particular because I have seen so many crazy things on twitter since the campaign started. For example some of the fan art I’ve seen has just been incredible!! So many talented artists out there and their pictures have blown me away. I also really love the video of the fans with their signs from all over the world, that video for me sums up Galavant perfectly as there are tiny little toddlers to fully grown adults from all corners of the globe asking for more. It just shows how diverse the show is and can appeal to anybody and I love that!! I’ve also seen a few videos of a couple dressed up and as Madalena and Richard dancing and singing to songs from the show I LOVE THOSE PAIR!!

T.T.: Some big celebrities have joined the campaign and are encouraging their fans to support #MoreGalavant. Which celebrity’s support has surprised you the most?

D.E.: The most surprising celebrity for me was Mark Hamill. That one was soooo cool! I was like OMG Luke Skywalker loves Galavant and the fact that he’s continued to support it is amazing!!! The celebrity support is crazy it seems like every day there is another celeb joining the campaign. It’s really exciting it’s got me guessing who is going to be the next one?? haha

T.T: Season 2 was sensational! What was your favorite scene/song to film?

D.E.: As soon I was told Me and Sophie [McShera] were going to be doing a big band number I was like oh my god I love that especially as I sang “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by Dean Martin in my audition. Me and Soph always have a blast doing the musical numbers and that was probably my favorite scene to film “This is as Good as it Gets“!! To tell the truth I’m always quite nervous about it because I don’t classify myself as the most amazing singer but the fans once again are so lovely and supportive and always send really nice messages regarding our songs so it makes me feel more confident about my singing. I love them for that!!

T.T.: The writing on the show is so hilarious! Have you ever struggled with a particular line/scene/song? Are there any improvised lines or moments that made it into the final cut…or better yet, is there anything wild that ended up on the cutting room floor and out of the gag reel?

D.E.: I literally struggle with everything on this show it is just so funny and difficult to keep a straight face. I always remember struggling to feed King Richard on the spoon in season one. Myself and Tim [Omundson] were just in fits of giggles it was hilarious!! In Fact the famous f bomb I dropped “you never handed me the f****** amulet” was kind of a last minute thing, we were trying all sorts of different takes with it and John Fortenberry our exec producer and director just said drop an F bomb on her so I did and it was just like that’s the one that’s the take!! haha

T.T.: Season 2 delivered some happy endings and an unnerving cliffhanger introducing the mysterious DEL. There are still so many more stories to tell and the possibilities for future seasons seem endless. What is your Season 3 wish list for “Galavant”? For example: What kind of storyline would you like to explore with your character? Is there a musical genre you’d love to cover that has or has not been done yet on the show?

D.E.: If we are lucky enough to get a season 3 I think maybe a rock number similar to what Sheridan Smith [Princess Jubilee] did in her guest role I think would be quite funny for the Chef to do. I just have this vision of me playing the pots and pans in the kitchen as if they are drums and air guitaring with a sweeping brush or something crazy like that hahah! Storywise I’m open to anything really, I loved how evil Madalena became, I thought Mallory Jansen was sooo good and I didn’t have much interaction with her in season two, So maybe in some shape or form in season 3 I’d like to be reunited with her maybe in some way??

T.T.: At the end of S2, did you have any discussions with showrunners Kat Likkel and John Hoberg about possible S3 storylines? Have you ever pitched them a scene/song/scenario you really wanted for your character?

D.E.: I haven’t actually pitched anything myself to Kat or John but that’s not saying I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so. Thats the great thing about this show everyone gets on so well and you can just talk to anyone about anything. One of my favorite parts of my job is when you get that script and you have no idea what crazy scenarios and storylines they have come up with and you just read. In a way I prefer not to know anything and just be surprised hahah.

T.T.: Here’s something fun and creative, and completely open to interpretation…Since “Galavant” is an uproarious musical comedy…If you had to convince a network executive to save “Galavant” through song, how or with what song would you serenade them?

D.E.: Hahahaha if I had to serenade a company to save Galavant I’d use the famous ‘Frozen’ song “Let It Go” but I’d alternate those lyrics to “Don’t let it go” so for example it would go something like

Don’t let it go Don’t let it go

The fans they just want moreee!

Don’t turn away and slam the door

The fans wont stop until they get a yes


Our petition is closing in on 13K


T.T.: Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

D.E.: Lastly I’d just like to once again say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every single one of the fans who signed, rang, tweet, e mailed, wrote a letter, drawn pictures, made t shirts just done anything to contribute to the MORE GALAVANT CAMPAIGN!! Whatever happens something special has been truly created and Galavant for sure will never be forgotten and the show and all the fans will always have a special place in my heart!! CHEF OUT!!

As you can see, Evans is just as sweet, funny and charming as the Chef who won our hearts from the first moment we feared the formerly cruel and clueless King Richard would kill him. I think we would all love to see Chef’s epic Rock n’ Roll moment and more, so get back to work Galavanters. You know the drill! Keep circulating the petition, focus on writing letters/emails this week (details HERE and HERE), and keep sending those tweets to networks and advertisers. Also, you can vote for #MoreGalavant on the People’s Choice poll HERE. There is great strength in numbers, so let’s keep this campaign going and growing. The more fans we rally, the greater the odds we have for #MoreGalavant! Don’t stop believing in “Galavant” Season 3 and stay tuned for more updates.


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