Welcome to Talk TV with Tiffany!


Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited to finally launch Talk TV with Tiffany and appreciate all of your support.

I have a lot of big and fun plans in mind for this site. But first things first. Examiner.com is shutting down, so I’ll be moving my Examiner articles onto this site. I’ve written a lot of recaps over the years, so it may take a little while and I thank you in advance for your patience. (Note: Everything posted before July 1, 2016 was originally published on Examiner.com.) I’m beginning with “Galavant” because I don’t want to lose our momentum. Once Examiner is offline, you’ll need new links to the #MoreGalavant articles you’ve been so kindly sharing. I’m also going to post a few new interviews in the coming weeks. As you may know, I had the pleasure of chatting with #KingsBeard himself, Mr. Timothy Omundson (Squee!). So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming goodies!

Fear not, I’ll still cover “Sleepy Hollow,” “Saving Hope,” and “Once Upon A Time,” in addition to anything else that tickles my fancy (including movies, music and more). I may not religiously cover every show I watch, but I’ll be sharing my thoughts on shows or episodes when I’m moved to do so. If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ve seen me gushing over shows that I can’t get enough of, like “Outlander” and “Supernatural.” Then there are times when I simply  won’t be able to bite my tongue and will express my disappointment with a show or character’s decline (Let’s just say that I’m not a happy camper with Cullen Bohannon’s recent behavior on “Hell on Wheels”…what is happening to the tortured hero I’ve championed for the past 5 seasons?!)

I also want to know what shows you guys are watching and would like to discuss on this blog. This is a safe haven for TV lovers, so hit me your thoughts. Even if I don’t closely follow a show, I usually have some sort of pop culture awareness about it and would love to hear about your latest TV (movie/music/pop culture) obsession.

I’m here for you guys, so let’s start chatting!    

One thought on “Welcome to Talk TV with Tiffany!

  1. Tiffany is soooooo awesome! Love her recaps, tweets, and charming comments about tv and pop culture. She seems to be a fan of studly actors, yet doesn’t seem to have one type (hooks, cowboy hats, and kilts…Oh My!) She is hilarious and knows her shit! Can’t wait to visit her site regularly!

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