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‘Galavant’ S1 Eps 5 & 6 recap: Storming the castle

“Galavant” just keeps getting better! Sunday night’s Madalena-centric double dose, “Mad…Alena” and “Dungeons and Dragon Lady,” delivered some big twists and confirmed our hunch that Maddie really is worse than we feared. At least we had some fantastically fun guest stars and phenomenal musical numbers to keep us […]

‘Galavant’ advance review: ABC’s extravaganza will bewitch you, body and soul

“Galavant” is simply irresistible. ABC’s fairytale comedy musical extravaganza is so laugh-out-loud hilarious that it merits repeated viewings. You’ll find yourself roaring so loudly at the first joke that you’ll end up missing the second and even third. This unique gem of a show is an absolute joy to […]

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