#MoreGalavant interview: Karen David super believes in more ‘Galavant’ & thanks the fans

Karen David
Don’t worry, Team Galavant sponsored a tree in the name of #MoreGalavant. (Photo credit: Karen David via Twitter/Instagram)

Karen David has been fueling fans’ #MoreGalavant efforts like a tireless and enchanting energizer bunny. At all hours of the day, you will find Tweets and Facebook posts from the petite Princess of Valencia encouraging fans to continue spreading the word and keep on fighting for “Galavant’s” salvation. News of ABC’s cancellation spurred fans on and built even more momentum for the ever-growing #MoreGalavant campaign.

Miss David humbly claims to be no more than a “cheerleader,” encouraging fans from the sidelines. But in reality, she is very much at the heart of this campaign and has been leading fans by example. David took time out of her busy schedule to have a candid chat with me about the fans’ touching efforts to save “Galavant,” her thoughts on Joshua Sasse’s departure, the realism of Galabella’s relationship, Isabella’s importance as a fantastic female role model, and her hopes for the show’s future.

I will be sharing her thoughts on all things “Galavant,” so look out for each installment in the days ahead. But, first and foremost, our dear princess wants you all to know how much she appreciates everything you are doing for the epic #MoreGalavant campaign.

Before posing my first question, David excitedly starts gushing over the fans’ unyielding efforts in the #MoreGalavant campaign. She is fighting in the trenches with the fans and keeps hope alive by posting motivational “To DEW” lists on her Facebook page. David insists, “I’m really the messenger, or the P.A., I told [friends who are helping with the campaign] to use my profile page to post updates on what needs to be done.” She continues, “We are collecting information from fans who’ve done these kind of campaigns before[…]we are focusing and picking the best ones to do and posting them on my page.” Usually it takes months to pull of a campaign like this and “Galavant” fans have achieved so much in just a matter of weeks.

“We are doing our homework,” she boasts. Fans are relentlessly signing and sharing the petition, writing letters/emails/tweets to Hulu/Netflix/Amazon, and more. All of this commotion is even drawing new fans (including extra helpful big name celebrities) who are now joining the #MoreGalavant campaign. She wants you to know that the fans’ “efforts are all for something.”

“Galavant’s” creative team, including Dan Fogelman, is gathering all of this “homework” and assembling a presentation for networks, with Hulu (since Disney has a stake in the streaming site), Netflix and elsewhere. David also tweeted this picture of the growing stack of comments, signatures and more, applauding all of the fans’ hard work. She even sponsored a tree in “Galavant’s” name since so much paper is being put to good use. This is just one of the many ways she is encouraging fans to continue “having fun with the campaign.”

We may feel like we’re living a fantasy while watching “Galavant,” but the business of saving a TV show is no easy task. David dishes out a dose of reality by comparing the #MoreGalavant campaign to “running a marathon.” She explains that it may take months to receive the official word on “Galavant’s” fate. After all, “Great things don’t happen overnight,” she says. Galalvanters should take pride in their rapidly growing campaign. She cheerfuls sings their praises, “It is phenomenal what the fans have accomplished in three weeks!” And she wants fans to stay the course.

David encourages the fans not to lose steam. She emphasizes, “It’s important that we all do even a little bit for the campaign every day to sustain momentum.” She really doesn’t want fans to feel discouraged just because this process is taking longer than we’d like or when they see how some of the actors are moving on from “Galavant,” such as Joshua Sasse, who plays the show’s titular character (I’ll share David’s thoughts on Izzy’s future without Gal later, so stay tuned for upcoming articles!).

When fans ask her about the odds, David remains optimistic. She happily says, “We all feel it in our guts that this is not the end. We don’t know how, when or where. But we are all in the mindset…unanimously…we feel it in our guts that this is not the end for “Galavant.” She admits, “We may be moving forward and onward in our individual journeys” because that is the nature of the job. However, if and when “Galavant” is brought back, the cast would love to reunite and continue telling their story. As David says, “Why the heck not?!” Until then, the wonderful cast will keep on supporting the fans who are working so very hard to save their gem of show.

The whole cast feels “overwhelmed by the love and support.” David’s heart is also warmed by all of the “camaraderie over the show” by fans and Team Galavant alike. It further proves how magical and special “Galavant” truly is. She beams, “This is the one show that unifies the whole family, people of all ages, people from all walks of life…That’s why people are banding together to at least try to find a new home for us.”

Let’s just say that “Galavant” has created one big happy family, from Team Galavant (creators, cast, writers, crew, etc.) all the way to the fans. If nothing else, the #MoreGalavant campaign is one big love fest and celebration of each other and the mutual passion we all share for this once-in-lifetime kind of show. Much like Princess Isabella, the spunky and sweet actress adheres to the “All or nothing” mentality. David explains, “When it is all over, we can all hold our heads up high knowing we tried our best and we had fun.”

Indeed, we are all having so much fun! Which is why the cast and friends, in true “Galavant” form, expressed their appreciation with a big surprise. David teased their treat during our conversation and posted their video of thanks earlier today (May 24). Watch the video to see how Team Galavant and some celebrity super fans show their gratitude while dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Awww… Aren’t they the best?!

Remember your To DEW list:

Check Karen David’s Facebook page for updates HERE.

Find details on the #MoreGalavant campaign HERE.

Sign and share the petition HERE.

Circulate the cast’s #MoreGalavant video online and get #MoreGalavant trending on Twitter!

UPDATE: Nominate “Galavant” for Entertainment Weekly’s Season a Finale Awards using the guidelines listed on Karen David’s Facebook page HERE.

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