#MoreGalavant interview: Muzz Khan thanks fans, discusses Barry’s fate and more


Muzz Khan
One of Khan’s favorite moments was in The Forest of Coincidence. (Photo credit: Muzz Khan via Twitter)

Nearly two months later and the #MoreGalavant campaign is still going strong. Presentations and meetings with networks are underway, as the demand for more “Galavant” grows larger every day. The cast has been very appreciative of fans’ efforts and they are moved by the overwhelming amount of love and support. They’ve been singing the fans’ praises over the past few weeks (as you’ve seen by my interviews with Karen David, Darren Evans, Ben Presley, and Genevieve Allenbury) and now Muzz Khan, who hilariously portrays Wormwood’s dim-witted and goofy assistant Barry, joins the rest of the “Galavant” choir.

Below is our colorful interview, in which Khan shares his favorite moments, offers insights on Barry, looks forward to Season 3 possibilities, and teases how far he’s willing to go for #MoreGalavant. If this was a video interview, I’d say “viewer discretion advised.” Luckily, his cheekiness is conveyed through writing, so the kiddies are still safe. Enjoy!

Tiffany Tchobanian: The #MoreGalavant campaign has really taken off! There is a tremendous outpouring of love and support for the show and cast. How do you feel about the fans’ efforts to save your show?

Muzz Khan: It’s completely overwhelming and humbling. We know how hardcore and dedicated our fans are and their support so far in trying to keep the show going via another broadcaster is utterly fantastic.

They’ve single-handedly made people sit up and pay attention. The Galavant iPetition – made by the fans – continues to increase and gain widespread support. It’s been crazy seeing it all unfold over the last couple of weeks. We have the BEST fans. I’m astounded.

T.T.: What is the craziest #MoreGalavant thing you’ve seen from the fans online?

M.K.: The amount of letters, fan art, fan merchandise and tweets that I’ve seen from fans has been just insane. There’s #MoreGalavant t-shirts, hats and nipple tassels. Okay, so maybe the last one was a lie! But, nevertheless, these guys are creating such a buzz and fighting tooth-and-nail for their favourite show. And why the hell not? If something is THAT good, you have to fight for it, right?

T.T.: Some big celebrities have joined the campaign and are encouraging their fans to support #MoreGalavant. Which celebrity’s support has surprised you the most?

M.K.: We always knew William Shatner was a huge fan, so that was pretty cool. But seeing Darth Vader AND Luke Skywalker both sing our praises and the latter offering to appear in our #MoreGalavant fan video was mindblowing. Mr Prowse and Mr Hamill are fine men indeed and I still can’t believe these words are leaving my mouth. In this case – more than any other – the force has joined together and is VERY strong indeed……

T.T.: Season 2 was sensational! What was your favorite scene/song to film?

M.K.: My favourite scene to film was the Forest of Coincidence scene. The setting in the woods was something quite literally out of a medieval fairytale and it took my breath away. Oh, and seeing Luke Youngblood totally get OWNED by a horse, was a particular highlight! Haha!

T.T.: The writing on the show is so hilarious! Barry and Wormwood’s scenes were especially silly and wonderfully ridiculous. Did you ever struggle with a particular line/scene/song? Are there any improvised lines or moments that made it into the final cut…or better yet, is there anything wild that ended up on the cutting room floor and out of the gag reel?

M.K.: Do you know what? – and this is a really boring answer – but no! It was all pretty straight forward. The hardest thing was THE HAPPIEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE shoot because it was a looooong day of singing and dancing. So only tiredness made it a struggle, but nothing textually. Pretty much all of mine and Robert’s improvised bits made the final cut – which was flattering. The ones that didn’t, I can’t even remember now. I’ve clearly erased them from my memory! Ha!

T.T.: Season 2 delivered some happy endings and an unnerving cliffhanger introducing the mysterious DEL. There are still so many more stories to tell and the possibilities for future seasons seem endless. What is your Season 3 wish list for “Galavant”? For example: What kind of storyline would you like to explore with your character? Is there a musical genre you’d love to cover that has or has not been done yet on the show?

M.K.: If Barry returns for season three, I’ve said all along that I’d quite like him to develop a love interest and take control of the wedding planning business! Mwah-ha-ha! He’s completely dreadful at it and there’s a tonne of comedy mileage in that. But I just know that the Galavant writers will cook up something even bigger and bolder. They think up stuff that I can’t even dream of or even visualise yet. They possess the magic. They’ll do their thing and we’ll aim to try and execute it in our own inimitable way……

T.T.: Throughout the season, Barry appeared to be more interested in wedding planning than practicing the D’DEW. Plus, he and Wormwood were the world’s worst evil plotters since they kept discussing their “secret” scheme in public, sent out those save-the-dates for their surprise attack, etc. How did such a seemingly good and goofy guy become the evil and wacky Wormwood’s apprentice? Did Barry ever dabble in the Dark Dark Evil Way? Did he simply follow Wormwood’s orders without questioning them? Does Barry have any hopes and dreams of his own?

M.K.: Barry got the job – I think we said this early on in rehearsals – because he was the son of an acquaintance / or family member of Wormwood and that Wormwood was told to keep this intellectually-challenged young man in employment. Or else! So he had no choice! Haha! Whether Barry has ever dabbled in the dark, dark, evil way and what route he is to pursue will all be revealed in season three…….

T.T.: Here’s something fun and creative, open to interpretation…no pressure 🙂 Since “Galavant” is an uproarious musical comedy…If you had to convince a network executive to save “Galavant” through song, how or with what song would you serenade them?

M.K.: I would march into Hulu and Netflix’s offices, STRIP NAKED and then say:

‘See? That made you laugh uncontrollably, right?’

‘Right! Now, imagine more of this and other silliness, every week, for another 8 seasons on your network and with other actors, too. (Nakedness up for negotiation). And the best part? You can pause and freeze frame this on your TV and laugh ‘n’ laugh until your face hurts and eventually falls off’.

T.T.: Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

M.K.: Yes. There is. It’s this:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I love you.

Wow! With answers like that, we may just see Barry performing an homage to “The Full Monty” in Season 3! What would you like to see happen in Barry’s future? Do you think he’ll dabble in the D’DEW? Were you surprised by any of Khan’s answers? Share your thoughts below!

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Khan currently stars alongside Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin in the new romantic dramedy, “Me Before You.” Playing in theaters now!

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