‘Galavant’ scoop: ABC cancels beloved comedy, but there’s hope for #MoreGalavant

Galavant Cast
Timothy Omundson and Karen David were always eager to take “Galavant” from screen to stage. (Photo credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico via Disney Press site)

“It’s All in the Executions” for ABC. According to Entertainment Weekly, fan-favorite “Galavant” joins a bunch of shows that were cancelled by the alphabet network on May 12. After delivering a miraculous and magical second season, ABC has called it quits. The ratings may not as been as high as network executives hoped, but “Galavant” was always poised as David going up against Goliaths like the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, fans are still keeping the faith.

ABC’s loss could be another network’s gain. Fans continue to champion their cherished show by aiming the #MoreGalavant campaign towards Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. “Galavant” pulled off a miracle once before, so there’s hope for yet another save. After all, it’s not everyday that you come across a carefully crafted comedy with wickedly witty and cleverly catchy music created by Disney geniuses, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. If one of the above networks breathes new life into “Galavant,” then show-runners Kat Likkel and John Hoberg (who thanked fans on Twitter and acknowledged the news with a simple reference to King Richard’s teary Season One lullaby, “Goodnight My Friend”) can certainly “Build a New Tomorrow” for our favorite characters. Right?!

As you may recall, the brilliant Season 2 (still not saying “series”) finale gave us some happy endings like Galabella’s wedding and Richerta’s happy life with full grown dragon Tad Cooper, but it also kept us wanting more with some cliffhangers. For example, will Gareth and Sid save Madelena from the Dark Evil Lord?! We must know what happens!

If you want to see “Galavant” go on for another death-defying run, then join the #MoreGalavant campaign. Get more signatures on the petition (HERE). Target the aforementioned networks, as well as Hulu’s advertisers (details below). Hopefully one of these networks will give fans a chance to tell Cancellation Bear to “suck it” once more. We still super believe in “Galavant” Season 3!

On the bright side, Menken assured fans that “Galavant” isn’t done for good. Moments after the cancellation news broke, the Oscar winner sent out a tweet guaranteeing fans that “Galavant” will “live on in so many ways.” Soon after, he answered @TheMatthewPaul’s question and confirmed that a stage version of “Galavant” really is in the works. Huzzah!!! Perhaps the Tony Awards will finally give Team Galavant the credit they greatly deserve.


The campaign is moving forward full speed ahead! Fans have orchestrated #MoreGalavant week from May 14 through the 20th in an effort to woo Hulu. Fans are signing up for a one week free trial, so they can download “Galavant” and watch the show on any device. Downloading Season 2 will quickly spike “Galavant’s” ratings and prove to Hulu that their is a huge demand for this marvelous series. Disney has a great relationship with Hulu, so fans are optimistic. Also note that fans should remain respectful and appreciative to ABC, since the network still determines the show’s fate. “Galavant” cannot live on without ABC’s blessing. Hulu has rescued shows before. Hopefully they’ll grace “Galavant” with some much needed divine intervention.

The focus has shifted from ABC (you can disregard all previous ABC-related instructions) to Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. This week fans will bombard Hulu with tweets, letters, and emails. Use the following contact info:

Send emails to:



Send physical letters to:

Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President of Head of Content
2500 Broadway,
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Call Hulu’s customer service phone line (8 a.m. – 10 p.m. PST):

(877) 485-8411 Press 5

Last, but not least, tweet Hulu and their advertisers:





@QuickBooks (Intuit QuickBooks)
























@LGUS (LG Electronics)

























If fans find anymore advertisers to add to this list, please post them in the comments below or tweet the advertisers’ names/handles to @TalkTVwTiffany.

“Galavant” may have the best chance at Hulu, but fans are not putting all their eggs in one basket. The #MoreGalavant campaign is also targeting Netflix and Amazon. Keep sending individual tweets to @Netflix and @AmazonStudios.

Netflix update:

Like Hulu, fans can sign-up for a one week Netflix trial. Fans who have called Netflix learned that if you search for “Galavant” (even though we know they don’t carry the show) and watch other shows/movies cast members have starred in, then Netflix will see a high demand for the show and its stars. This all could motivate them to carry “Galavant” and order a third season.

Fans can call and write Netflix using the contact info below:

Tel: (800) 585-7265

Address: 100 Winchester Cir., Los Gatos, California, 95032-1815

Twitter: @netflix (different twitter handle for different countries)

Facebook: @netflixus (different twitter handle for different countries)


Clayton, Monet Original Series Programming: mclayton@netflix.com

Friedlander, Peter VP of Original Series Programming: pfriedlander@netflix.com

Henigman, Kris Director, Original Series Programming: khenigman@netflix.com

Martin, Denise Editor Television/Cable Programs: denisem@netflix.com

Rabinowitz, Vanessa Senior Program Manager Programming: vrabinowitz@netflix.com

Amazon update:

Amazon might be a bit of a long shot, but it is still worth a try. After all, Amazon UK did save BBC’s “Ripper Street” for a third season and ended up ordering two more, which gives us hope. You can currently purchase episodes or seasons of “Galavant” on Amazon. Buying the episodes during #MoreGalavant week would give the show a boost. Fans know the drill on how to communicate their love for “Galavant”. Here is the contact info for Amazon:

Email or online live chat (5 a.m. – 7 p.m. PST): https://studios.amazon.com/contact-us

Facebook: @AmazonStudios

Twitter: @AmazonStudios

We’ve also learned that IMDB.com can be of great help in boosting “Galavant’s” status. Visit the “Galavant” IMBD page, rate the show and write a review. This will increase “Galavant’s” popularity/ranking on IMDB and draw more attention from the other networks.

“Galavant” may have lost one battle, but the fight for Season 3 is far from over. Galavanters are determined to win this war. Stay tuned for more updates!

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