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That’s right, I don’t only cover TV Shows. I’m obsessed with movies too. Luckily, the box office game is in flux. You can now watch some films on your TV at the same time they are playing in theaters.

The way we can access movies has changed over the past few years. On Demand and streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) no longer require viewers to leave their homes in order to watch big-name stars headline award-worthy films. The box office turn-around has also sped up.

Remember how long a movie would play in theaters? If you didn’t catch it over summer, you’d have to wait for ages. Now, viewers know if they miss out on seeing a movie at the theater, they can just rent it in a few months.

Basically, the lines between film and television are blurring and I LOVE it. Movie stars are gracing the small screen and relatable TV stars have become big-time celebrities. Times have changed, so we might as well take advantage and enjoy all the on-screen goodness.

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