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‘Galavant’ S2 premiere preview: Gal & the gang return with heart and humor

ABC’s ambitious event series pulled off a miraculous renewal and “Galavant” is back with a scintillating sophomore season starting with two fun-filled episodes that breeze by in the blink of an eye. After leaving us hanging on all fronts, Season 2 picks up with a delightful number, recapping […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S3 scoop: Premiere sneak peeks and saucy spoilers

We’ve made it, Sleepy Heads! Season 3 is finally here and we have some goodies to gawk over. FOX has released sneak peeks from “I, Witness” and we have some more exciting spoilers from Season 3. We’ll also share first impressions and tease tidbits from the spectacular episode. Get […]

‘Saving Hope’ Season 4 preview: What’s next for the doctors of Hope Zion?

Although several months have passed, some fans are still trying to recover from the shocking events in “Saving Hope’s” explosive Season 3 finale, “All the Pretty Horses.” The episode captured the full circle of life, juxtaposing a mind-blowing death with a heartwarming birth (relive the episode with a […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 finale preview: ‘Tempus Fugit’ is a love letter to fans

Time flies when you’re having fun! “Sleepy Hollow’s” exhilarating finale is so amazing that the hour breezes by in a blink. The episode picks up from where we left off in “Awakening” (refresh your memory with a recap HERE) and delivers everything Sleepy Heads have been longing for: squee […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 Ep 15 recap: Hello darkness

Whoa! Is your head still reeling from “Spellcaster”? Albert Kim delivered another epic, intense, riveting and game-changing episode. A badass warlock, Solomon Kent (“That Thing You Do’s” Johnathon Schaech), is searching for the Grand Grimoire, a powerful black magic spell-book. When bodies start dropping, Ichabod and Abbie jump on […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 spoilers: Orion’s identity revealed, first look at Abigail Adams

“Sleepy Hollow” may be on hiatus, but Sleepy Heads are still buzzing about that jaw-dropping mid-season finale. When Henry shockingly killed Moloch with the Sword of Methuselah, we knew it would be a game changer. The Apocalypse won’t be going down quite as planned, but there are still evil […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 Ep 8 recap: What the heart wants

Succubus storylines can be tricky. This supernatural creature taps into your deep, secret desires and becomes the person you have been longing for. Once you fall into the succubus’ trap, the monster sucks out your life force and leaves behind a bone-dry corpse. In some incarnations, the succubus […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 premiere preview: What you need to know about ‘This is War’

Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are back in action! On Monday, September 22, “Sleepy Hollow” returns with an action-packed, blood-pumping, explosive, riveting and heart-warming Season 2 premiere episode. As expected, Sleepy Heads, “This is War” lives up to our expectations and sucks us right back into the lovable, […]

‘Saving Hope’ returns this fall and shakes things up in Season 3

Are you still haunted by Season 2’s mind-blowing cliffhanger? Did you think you would barely make it through spring, eagerly waiting for ‘Saving Hope’s’ summer premiere? Well don’t hold your breath, Hopefuls. It looks like we are joining Alex in limbo as we wait to see what happens next. […]

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