‘Sleepy Hollow’ S2 Fall Finale preview: Sacrifices must be made

The battle between Good and Evil reaches its climax and soldiers on both sides must make sacrifices. But how much is each person willing to give up? Are they all willing to die for their cause? Are they willing to lose their loved ones?

Here’s what you need to know before Monday night’s phenomenal episode, “The Akeda.”

As we previously discussed, “The Akeda” refers to “The Binding of Isaac” in the Bible. God asks Abraham to prove his faith by sacrificing his son. Abraham does as God asks and binds his son in preparation for a sacred sacrifice. Just before Abraham goes through with it, God sends a ram for Abraham to slaughter instead. But Isaac never forgets that his father was willing to kill him. Abraham’s decision changes their relationship forever.

All season long the Cranes have been repeatedly asked if they will be willing to sacrifice their son in order to defeat Moloch. The fall finale forces Ichabod and Katrina to make a vital decision that can change everything. Will they sacrifice Henry for the greater good? Will they find a “sacrificial ram” to take his place? Will they miraculously save Henry’s soul?

Throughout this season, Henry has repeatedly pledged his loyalty to Moloch. Henry is the Horseman of War, so Moloch will ask Henry to make sacrifices as an obedient soldier and son. What more is Henry willing to do for his Horrid King and adopted father? Will he succeed in raising Hell on Earth? Does he hate his parents enough to kill them?

John Noble, Tom Mison, and Katia Winter discuss Henry’s possible salvation. Watch “Redemption” HERE to see if they think Henry’s soul can still be saved.

The Cranes have already sacrificed so much, including their relationship. Ichabod has made it clear that his trust in Katrina wavers. When Katrina interrogates Abraham, Ichabod’s suspicions rise again. Abraham can sacrifice himself for Moloch or he can reveal his evil master’s location. Katrina keeps on sparing her captor and insists he will be of further use. She even tells Abraham that she still cares for him. Some spy game! Hearing this is the last straw for poor Ichabod.

Crane cannot help but confront his wife and their brutally honest conversation is intense. This is one of the moments we’ve been waiting for. They’ve addressed it in the past, but Ichabod does not bite his tongue one bit during this marital blow-out. Will the Cranes sacrifice their marriage to thwart the impending Apocalypse? Will they be at odds over their individual decisions to save or sacrifice Henry? As a Witness, Ichabod knows that Abbie is right in putting the good of all mankind before Cranes’ love of their son. She has been Ichabod’s steadfast voice of reason all season and she continues to hold down the moral fort.

Abbie takes initiative as a Witness and she’s prepared to do whatever it takes. She does not allow herself to be distracted by her emotions and remains completely focused on winning this war. She enlists all the help she can get.

Jenny and Captain Irving provide their full support. The Mills sisters do not want their ancestors and mother’s deaths to be in vain. Irving is also fighting to protect his family and hopes to save his soul, or at least put his nasty predicament to good use. As we’ve seen in the kick-ass trailer, Irving is the only one who can wield the Sword of Methuselah without it claiming his soul. Brace yourselves for some killer BAMF action. Orlando Jones goes all out medieval super hero when he’s holding the sword and it is awesome.

To sum it up: “The Akeda” is the ultimate way to conclude this season’s first half. Expect spectacular action sequences, emotionally charged confrontations, heart-warming moments of comradery, a much needed dose of cheeky laughs, and some major game-changing events. The brilliant performances in this episode are raw and captivating. Everyone pours their hearts out. After “The Akeda’s” mind-blowing cliffhanger we all will be dying to see how things will play out when “Sleepy Hollow” returns on Monday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Here are some sneak peeks to hold you over until Monday night:

As the episode opens, an Apocalyptic storm strikes down on Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod and Abbie speed over to Frederick’s Manor in hopes of freeing Katrina and finding Moloch. Watch Ichabbie’s bumpy ride in “Moloch Has Risen” HERE. Fun fact: Ichabbie’s motorcycle ride follows this scene and it is everything you would hope it to be.

Check back HERE for updated sneak peeks posted by FOX.

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“Sleepy Hollow’s” Fall Finale airs Monday, Dec. 1 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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