‘Sleepy Hollow’ S3 scoop: Premiere sneak peeks and saucy spoilers

Ichabod Crane made a discovery during Ichabbie’s time apart. (Photo credit: Tina Rowden/FOX via FoxFlash)

We’ve made it, Sleepy Heads! Season 3 is finally here and we have some goodies to gawk over. FOX has released sneak peeks from “I, Witness” and we have some more exciting spoilers from Season 3. We’ll also share first impressions and tease tidbits from the spectacular episode. Get ready for another fun ride!

In this video exclusively released by TVLine, new showrunner, Clifton Campbell, along with Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, share some fascinating footage and spoilers from the premiere. We’ve been wondering if Pandora would be the new big bad and now we have confirmation that she is. In fact, the premiere opens with Pandora being up to no good, as you can see in the sneak peek. One surprising fun-fact dropped by Beharie is that Ichabod and Abbie will be living together. Squee! At least now we know that he is fondling her lingerie. How will Ichabbie fare as roomies? What if they want to bring home a date? Yup, sorry to burst your bubble Ichabbie hopefuls, but time and again, Mison insists their relationship is still platonic. Plus, both Ichabod and Abbie will be get their flirt on with former flames and prospective new love interests.

Mison tells TVLine’s Ask Ausiello in this spoiler report that his history with Betsy Ross is “complicated. He explains, “She and Ichabod, in the 18th century, were sent on a few missions together by Gen. Washington. They were colleagues where, if Ichabod had Facebook, the relationship status would be ‘It’s complicated,’” he tells TVLine. “They’re work colleagues, first and foremost. But being in all those sexy situations, with subterfuge and battle, muddles things a little.”

Luckily, we already have chance to see exactly what he means. Entertainment Weekly posted a video in which Ichabod tells the Sisters Mills about Betsy’s mad skills on the battlefield. She was stellar spy for Washington who wasn’t afraid to open up a can of whoop-ass when necessary. As you can see HERE. So Crane respects her as a colleague. That’s cool, but when you are in sexy, high-adrenaline situations involving close quarters and deadly missions, you can get carried away a bit. And Betsy gets Crane a little hot under the collar in a flashback sequence that aired during Nikki Reed’s interview with Hoda and Kathie Lee. Check out the interview and mildly steamy scene HERE.

For all of his bashfulness, Ichabod Crane is turning out to be quite the ladies’ man. Women coo over him wherever he goes and it looks like he wins another heart this season. Mison teases a potential new relationship in his interview with EW. He cheekily reveals, “There is a lady on the scene, her name is Zoe Corinth and she’s played by Maya Kazan, who is brilliant. She’s introduced because she’s going to help Ichabod fill out the paperwork for his American citizenship. Of course, how could that not blossom into something when there’s something as sexy as paperwork? [Laughs] They’re kindred spirits, but he’s reticent, as you can imagine. The writers’ aim is they don’t really want to dwell on Henry and Katrina too much, but of course we need the character progression. It can’t suddenly be like, “Well, that’s done. Ladies!” It’s dealt with a little more sensitively.”

So far, it sounds like Campbell and Sleepy Writers are tactfully rebooting the series without dismissing the importance of the sometimes tumultuous events that transpired in the first two seasons. Ichabod carries those wounds, but he’s also trying to move on at a realistic pace. But Crane isn’t the only one shaking off the past. Abbie had big plans and now that the apocalypse has been seemingly averted, she’s going back to finish what she started.

We already know that Abbie’s former flame will become her new FBI boss this season. What we’re really excited to see is how Abbie is adapting to her new role as an FBI Agent and how she will juggle a secret life of fighting supernatural evils and her normal job of taking down regular everyday baddies. We’ve all been wondering if Agent Reynolds will fill Irving’s shoes and be privy to the impending apocalypse. Campbell tells TVLine that this time around, Abbie’s keeping her supernatural adventures a secret. He explains why Agent Reynolds does not know about Abbie’s mission as a Witness, “It gives us a lot of conflict in Abbie’s character, because she has been called to duty on something that’s of preeminent importance, yet developing her own career path and becoming her own person requires a very terrestrial commitment to her job, and we love the push and pull of that. And you know, I’m new to the show. It felt like they all too quickly coopted whoever was the boss in the first two seasons into the supernatural, or just ignored them entirely. It felt like there’s real drama there, and if it’s a personal relationship, even more so, it could be a nice challenge to Abbie’s character.”

Campbell makes a valid point. (He actually makes many great points and proves to have put a lot of careful thought into how they’re shifting gears this season. Check out the other scoop he dishes in his interview with TVLine’s Kim Roots HERE.)We saw a little conflict when Sheriff Reyes ran the department, but even she cut Abbie and Ichabod some slack. It sounds like Reynolds won’t be keen on having Crane tag along as an FBI informant, which will make it even more challenging for Abbie to solve demon-related problems with her partner. It’ll be interesting to see if Abbie’s history with Reynolds will play a part in how much leniency he may give her on certain jobs. Given their work and lingering crushes, there’ll surely be all sorts of tension between Abbie and her boss.

Spoiler-Free Premiere Review:

Okay, Sleepy Heads, are you ready for a spoiler-free review of “I, Witness”? FOX has been dropping a lot of teasers throughout the week, so what you are about to read shouldn’t blow any big surprises. First of all, the premiere is a classic “Sleepy Hollow” episode full of witty Ichabbie banter, a monster-of-the-week, a FBI case Abbie’s trying to solve, an Ichabod tangent (this time against a cheesy colonial themed restaurant called Colonial Times) and some solid info on the Big Bad’s mythological agenda.

Right off the bat, we see that Pandora has come to raise some Hell. We’ll see how her infamous box comes into play and get an idea of what she wants. We’ll also learn why the Headless Horseman is MIA this season. Sorry, Abe, we’ll miss seeing Neil Jackson on the show, but HH gets sidelined on this new evil mission for a reason. Be forewarned, Pandora is going to piss you off by episode’s end. You will scream at your TV. Of course, Pandora isn’t the only one causing trouble in Sleepy Hollow.

The premiere features a demon called a Yaoguai. As always, props to make-up artist Corey Castellano on another chilling and phenomenal creation. This creature is creepy and he feeds on fear. Naturally, it doesn’t take Ichabbie long to get on its trail, as we can see in this TVGuide sneak peek (Watch HERE). We’re used to Jenny bringing in all the fun supernatural weapons and what-nots, but it looks like Ichabod managed to smuggle a few trinkets in from his travels abroad. So you can guess why he ends in the orange jumpsuit, as seen HERE. (There is also a prison scene that is espically hilarious, so get excited.)

Abbie throws Crane some shade in this scene for good reason. He disappeared for nine months, without even dropping her a line. For shame, Ichabod. He explains why he left, where he went, and why they have more important work to do as Witnesses. No matter how badly Abbie wishes for it to be over, there is proof prophesying that the worst is yet to come. They are about to enter the second of seven tribulations. (Hear that FOX? That means we should ideally have seven seasons of “Sleepy Hollow.” Please keep that in mind.) In addition to setting the stage for new trials, the premiere does a solid job of filling in some of the blanks.

Jenny gives us an explanation as to why Irving has left, it isn’t as awesome as seeing Orlando Jones make an appearance to say goodbye, but it justifies his absence and works well for the story. We’ll also see Ichabod and Jenny bond over the fact that they both live off the grid. And although we know Jenny will be teaming up with Joe Corbin as they travel around gathering artifacts, weapons and scoop on Sheriff Corbin’s secret life, you won’t be seeing him in this episode. Agent Reynolds doesn’t make an appearance yet either, just to give you heads-up. You will, however, get to see C. Thomas Howell guest star as an FBI agent working a big case with Abbie. Will “Sleepy Hollow” stay gold with Ponyboy on board? You betcha!

All in all, “Sleepy Hollow” makes a strong comeback and sets up a thrilling new season. You will not be disappointed and you’ll realize how much you really missed this show during the hiatus. Hopefully fans won’t be so hard on Sleepy Writers this season. You can tell they’ve worked really hard to right last season’s wrongs (which weren’t that horrible to begin with). “Sleepy Hollow” has gotten its groove back and we’re ecstatic to see all the surprises and twistory this season will hold.

To end on a fun note, watch Mison and Beharie try to capture the awesomeness of “Sleepy Hollow” Season 3 in a mere 10 seconds: Tease in Ten. How can you not love these two? They are adorable! What do you think of all the scoop Sleepy Heads? What are you most excited to see?

“Sleepy Hollow” returns Thursday, Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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