‘Galavant’ S2 premiere preview: Gal & the gang return with heart and humor

The Pirate King (Hugh Bonneville) and pirate posse (Glorious Monster) return for the epic Season premiere! (Photo credit: ABC/Liam Daniel via Disney Press Site)

ABC’s ambitious event series pulled off a miraculous renewal and “Galavant” is back with a scintillating sophomore season starting with two fun-filled episodes that breeze by in the blink of an eye. After leaving us hanging on all fronts, Season 2 picks up with a delightful number, recapping Season 1 and updating viewers on where everybody stands now. But we’ve already gushed over the cleverly catchy and meta “A New Season,” so let’s take a peek at what else is in store for Sunday’s premiere.

The first installment of the five week spectacular sets the stage for King Richard and Galavant’s hilarious budding bromance, creeps us out with poor Isabella’s imprisonment on incest row, and negotiates a balance of power between equally stubborn back-stabbing throne-stealers, Madalena and Gareth. Here is ABC’s spoilery official description for “Galavant’s” premiere double-dose of laughs:

“A New Season… aka Suck It Cancellation Bear” – Bad advice results in Galavant and the crew being shipwrecked, and they end up traveling by foot in order to get back to Richard’s kingdom. Later, Galavant and King Richard find themselves at The Enchanted Forest Pub in West Hollow-wood where they are forced into working there by the owner who sees Galavant in a different light. Meanwhile in Valencia, Madalena rules as Queen, and Gareth demands his due when he is announced as King, with Sid as his assistant. Elsewhere in Hortensia, Isabella is imprisoned in her jewel box by her 12-year-old cousin as her parents prepare for their wedding.

“World’s Best Kiss” – Galavant and Richard see a fortune teller who is able to connect Galavant to Isabella using a crystal ball. Isabella receives Galavant’s “call” as she is plotting her escape from Hortensia. Unfortunately, it’s a “bad connection,” and Isabella hears only every other word. She is devastated by the call, but Galavant believes it went well. He promises to return to her as soon as he drops Richard off at his castle. The only problem is that Richard’s castle seems to have disappeared.

“Galavant” creator, Dan Fogelman, craftily penned the first half hour which packs in cameos. Hugh Bonneville returns as the Pirate King, as we’ve already seen, and John Stamos makes a hilarious peek-a-boo reprisal of Galavant’s nemesis, Sir Jean Hamm. However, the main attraction here is Kylie Minogue’s anticipated debut as “the Queen of all queens” ruling over the Enchanted Forest Pub. Watch “Entertainment Tonight’s” exclusive sneak peek, soak up the spectacularly saucy ditty “Off with His Shirt,” and enjoy “Galavant’s” shameless flip on objectification as our hero is reduced to a mere piece of eye-candy. As they say on “The Soup” (R.I.P)…“So meaty!” Lord knows how much scandalous footage ended up on the cutting room floor while filming all those cheeky scenes in the Enchanted Forest.

Before you know it, the laughs are rolling into the second half of this ridiculously funny hour, scribed by Season 2 show runners, Kat Likkel and John Hoberg. Galavant and Isabella are having a hard time dealing with their long distance relationship and they begin obsessing over their first and only kiss. They debate the quality of their smooch in a new tune called, you guessed it, “World’s Best Kiss.” It is sweet and funny, mocking both modern relationships and stereotypical fairytale tropes. Even if the kiss was kind of lame, Galavant is still Isabella’s one True Love…right?! We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can also look forward to a unicorn’s unique attraction to King Richard, you’ll be tickled and then agitated by Edwin the Magnificent’s magical staff that dials “Facetime” calls, and you’ll see how Madalena and Gareth work out their differences in “Let’s Agree to Disagree.” Just to name a few highlights.

After watching the premiere, it is clear that “Galavant” continues delivering brazen, brilliant and buffoonish humor. No matter how unapologetically cheesy or silly it seems, this enchanting series is a carefully crafted self-aware comedy that knows how to cater to its devoted audience (which has hopefully grown over the past year). The writing is still wickedly funny, the cast is at the top of their game, and the production is still stunning. Cheers to Season 2 and here’s hoping for many more!

Be sure to set your DVRs and tune in to “Galavant’s” Season 2 premiere Sunday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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