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‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 12 review and finale preview: What is the cost of ‘Freedom’?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, Sleepy Heads…Ichabod Crane has been saved! I kept my “Tomorrow” advanced review spoiler-free, although I was dying to share the good news with you all. There were so many great moments in the episode! We see how Jenny continues fighting against […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 12 preview: ‘Tomorrow’ revives Henry and braces Team Witness for War

Sleepy Heads are still rolling after Friday’s one-two punch of back-to-back twists in “The Way of the Gun.” Minds were blown as we watched Ichabod Crane become the Horseman of War. We still have so many questions and are on the edge of our seats, wondering what could […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Eps 10 and 11 preview: What big reveal is in store for Team Witness?

Season 4 has been a fun roller coaster so far and the ride is only going to get bumpier now that Malcolm has approached Molly (we discuss theories in my “Child’s Play” review HERE). Molly and Team Witness need to be very careful in the days ahead. Let’s see […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 9 review: Will Molly rescue herself from Malcolm?

Friday night’s “Child’s Play” was another whirlwind episode of “Sleepy Hollow.” Although we saw the Golem twist coming, Sleepy Writers still managed to shock us with an unforeseen encounter, which left fans reeling. Let’s try to process the craziness that went down. Molly is in a bit of […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 9 preview: Will ‘Child’s Play’ have us in stitches?

“Sleepy Hollow” has been keeping us on the edge of our seats this season. The first four episodes provided a smooth transition as Jenny and Ichabod began to build the new Team Witness. The last few installments revealed more of Malcolm Dreyfuss’ evil endgame and proved that he is willing […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Eps 6-8 review: Team Witness is in this together, for better or worse

Team Witness has been on a wild ride this season! I’m loving the newbies as we get to know them more and I’m really enjoying the team’s dynamic.  They’re working very well together and I like how everyone has a special skill-set to offer.  As stated in “Homecoming,” Team […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 3 preview and advanced review: Headless returns in ‘Heads of State’

Huzzah, Sleepy Heads! The Headless Horseman is back to raise some hell. I’ve screened the episode and it is indeed, EPIC. Trust me, you don’t want to fall behind on episodes this season because the Sleepy Writers are doing a wonderful job of moving the story along at […]

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