‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Eps 6-8 review: Team Witness is in this together, for better or worse


Team Witness has been on a wild ride this season! I’m loving the newbies as we get to know them more and I’m really enjoying the team’s dynamic.  They’re working very well together and I like how everyone has a special skill-set to offer.  As stated in “Homecoming,” Team Witness is together “for better or worse.” It’s hard to stick it out without trust and respect, which they all have for one another.

Let’s go over highlights from the past few episodes and see how we feel about the season so far…

Episode 6 “Homecoming”

Jenny and Ichabod took the team to Sleepy Hollow and it was an intense trip. What I loved most about this episode is the way Sleepy Writers are bringing parts of Crane’s story full circle. We get a flashback to the epic pilot and discover the significance behind the Headless Horseman and Crane’s blood ties. George Washington orchestrated their showdown, much to Ben Bannecker’s chagrin. There was no guarantee Washington’s plan would work, but they were pretty certain that Ichabod would die in the battle. What makes Crane so lovable here, is that he’s always been willing to die for what is good and right. He did not questioning sacrificing himself for the sake of his compatriots. His moral compass remains the same.

Despite Team Witness’ greatest efforts, Malcolm survives the blast. The Philosopher’s Stone combined with Crane and Headless Horseman’s blood, makes him immortal. Well, it’s not like the big baddie of the season can be taken-out five episodes in, right? On the bright side, they saved several lives by controlling the blast zone and captured Jobe. Which leads us to the next episode!

Episode 7 “Loco Parentis”

When we finally meet Molly’s father, Mitch Talbot, he turns out to be a werewolf in sheep’s clothing. Crane deduces that this creature has come for Molly on the eve of her 11th birthday because that is when a Witness adopts her/his mantle. Interesting bit of Witness mythology, eh? But what about Ichabod? He didn’t know what was going on until he was an adult. In hindsight, this helps explain why Abbie was targeted as a child. Moloch must’ve known then what she was destined to become.

It was also great to see Jenny back in their Sleepy Hollow masonic cell. After releasing Jobe like a genie in a lantern, she traps and interrogates him. He does reveal that Malcolm is still alive, which is important intel for the gang. Meanwhile, Molly proves to have Witness instincts. She runs away from Were-Mitch the second she gets weird vibes. (The ‘Little Red-Riding Hood’ allusion was cute too.) Jenny is forced to set Jobe free in exchange for Molly’s location. It’s annoying, but a no-brainer. Team Witness comes first.

Once Jobe reunites with Malcolm, you can tell that this demon just doesn’t like him. I’m hoping Jobe will side with Team Witness, they way Crowley works with the Winchesters on ‘Supernatural.’

What I love most in this episode is Ichabod’s sweet chat with Molly about their partnership. Molly has had wonderful conversations with her mother about what’s going on, but Crane is the one who understands her the most. I also adore Diana for wanting/offering to fight in Molly’s stead, but Witnessing doesn’t work that way. So Crane offers Molly and Diana comfort. He assures Molly, “Anything we face, we face as one…We’re not alone.” Awww!

Episode 8 “Sick Burn”

The big take-away from this crazy episode is that Team Witness has each other’s backs. Malcolm sends out a deadly Djinn-feeding virus through internet sensations Logan MacDonald’s pictagram account and poor Robbie Kay is destined to play a young villain again. Except this time, he’ll be doing Malcolm’s evil bidding. When Alex accidentally catches the sick burn, her buddy Jake is willing to sacrifice himself to save her life.

Following in the footsteps of the Vault’s first team (Uncle Sam, Davy Crockett, Paul Jennings and Sacagawea), the only way to find the Djinn, is to be summoned by him via the virus. Crane is the Witness, so it is his duty, but Jake reveals he already beat him to it. Why? Because Alex is his friend, dammit! Did I mention how much I’m loving these guys? So sweet! Luckily, disaster is adverted, they defeat the Djinn and celebrate with a group selfi – cute!

While the team was fighting evil, Jenny was protecting Molly. She bestows some of the wisdom she’s learn over the years and gives Molly a chance to see what path in life she is destined for. Each totem represents something different and she chooses the singing bowl. As it rings, Molly has a vision similar to the one Malcolm had when the episode opened (seems like it’s an ability he developed from Headless).

Many years from now, Malcolm is in control of America and it has become a shadow of the nation it once was. He’s holding a grizzled, scared and battered Crane hostage. Now, Team Witness must fight to save this nation from eternal peril. Dun, dun, dun!!!

Yeah, so we’re going to be on the edge of our seats all season long. Each week, Malcolm will unleash some piece of Hell to do his evil biding all in an effort to control America. Now I really hope Jobe bails on Malcolm and help Team Witness.

What do you think, Sleepy Heads? How do you feel about the season so far? Do you love the team and their dynamic? I know we miss Abbie, but the reboot is working well. Have the newbies grown on you? Do you think Jobe may turn on Malcolm? Share you thoughts!





2 thoughts on “‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Eps 6-8 review: Team Witness is in this together, for better or worse

  1. This season makes me remember how I fell in love with the show. The Twistory is going full steam ahead with symbology and team talents moving the story ahead. We didn’t have to wait long for the reveal of the new witness. At first I wondered about how a child could be a part of this, but Oona Yaffee’s talent and the way the writers wrote it eased my concerns. While live viewing is stuck at 5 (you have to know that some are live viewing the limited series Emerald City, the live +3 and Live +7 have usually doubled the ratings. Plus it’s doing great overseas. I’m praying that we’ll get another season or two. But Fox HAS to move it to another night and spend some time and effort to publicize the show. They should’ve done this as it rebooted. But typical Fox didn’t bother. We fans are left holding the bag again. I’m anxious to see what the new character Logan offers the show.
    But this season is most definitely a winner!

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