‘Timeless’ S1 Ep 15 review and finale preview: The road to Rittenhouse is paved in blood

I LOVE ‘Timeless’! The phenomenal first season has been a roller coaster ride of emotion, adventure, history, humor and heart. Every single episode has contained of all these elements. However,  last Monday’s “Public Enemy No. 1” hits us the hardest because of back-to-back devastating turn of events. It truly is one of the show’s most epic episodes!

Lucy and Rufus steal the lifeboat, while Agent Christopher helps Wyatt escape from custody. They hope to save Lucy’s sister Amy before putting an end to Rittenhouse’s evil plans. Unfortunately, just when they’re about to take-off on their own agenda, they learn that Flynn has jumped back to Al Capone’s reign in 1930’s Chicago. Wyatt argues the case for preserving history and uses Lucy’s words to help her regain perspective. He has found his purpose and it is to protect Lucy, Rufus and history. (Swoon!) They have to stop Flynn before he causes more trouble and Operation Rescue Amy must be postponed. (Poor Lucy!)

Flynn promises to keep Al Capone out of jail in exchange for vital info, so they strike a deal. The baddies in sharp-looking pinstripe suits publicly evade the cops, including the iconic Eliot Ness (Misha Collins). With Flynn and Capone in the wind, Lucy knows Ness is the only one who can find him.

After making an epic entrance in which he punches out a reporter, the Time Team flags Ness down and gains his trust. We learn how difficult this life has been for Ness. He’s made great sacrifices, he’s always moving around and looking over his shoulder for bad guys, and most of all, he hates being away from his family. Awww! Just when you’ve totally fallen for this honorable hero, he opens his apartment door expecting a friend and shockingly gets gunned down by Flynn’s goon.

WHAT?! Noooooo! Okay. For the record, Eric Kripke said Collins only had two days free from filming ‘Supernatural’ and they made the most of his available time. Still, even if we didn’t get as much Collins screen time as we expected, we never would’ve seen Ness’ death coming. Now who is supposed to take down Capone? What happens to the future if Ness doesn’t become the “untouchable” man of legend? Well, we don’t know how the future turns out without Ness, but Lucy does have a back-up plan for snatching Capone.

Did you know Al Capone had an older brother?! Unlike Al, Jimmy was straight as an arrow and became a Prohibition agent (who assumed an alias and lived in hiding for obvious reasons). When Lucy explains their predicament and the trouble Capone will cause, Jimmy betrays his shady bro and leads the Time Time straight to Flynn. In the midst of this intense confrontation, Flynn gets the info he needs from Capone before making a run for it. He knows where and when Rittenhouse’s next meeting of leaders will go down. (Now we know their main mission in the finale!)

The Time Team gets caught in the crossfire, as Capone’s men try gunning them all down. Jimmy even shoots his brother during the fight! Oh boy, all of these historical changes must make big impact in the future, right?!

Rufus gets hit during the shootout. Gasp! Hang-on, buddy! Wyatt and Lucy fasten him up in the Lifeboat and he tries to help them figure out how to pilot the ship before he starts slipping away. Oh no, no, no…They can’t leave us hanging like that!!!!

I really love the Time Team! Everyone holds a valuable position and they all truly care for each other. It was great to see more of Jiya too! She stands by her man, holds down the fort and gives Connor Mason a real run for his money like a total badass. Go girl! But, we’re left will a lot of things to worry about…

Lucy’s mom has given her a black leather monogrammed journal as an outlet for thoughts, feelings and frustrations. Yes, the same journal Flynn has been referencing this whole time. How does he end up getting it? When does Lucy start writing in it? How far into the future is Flynn from?!

Perhaps Monday’s finale will answer some of these questions and give all members of the Time Team a chance to shine. Show runners, Kripke and Shawn Ryan, have teased that there are some great twists in store. They promise we’ll get some fulfilling resolutions and answers, but we’ll also have more questions. Most importantly, they are optimistic about a second season! Check out their interview interview with TVLine here.

NBC’s official episode synopsis reveals gives us a better idea of Flynn’s next destination:



With one of our heroes’ lives on the line, the team chases Flynn (Goran Višnjic) to 1954 through the paranoid corridors of Joe McCarthy’s (guest star Spencer Garrett) Washington D.C., en route to a secret, once-a-generation meeting of Rittenhouse leaders.  While there, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) must wager the ultimate sacrifice to save history as we know it. Also starring Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Daniel Di Tomasso, Johnathan Tchaikovsky and Bruce Gray.

This is going to be intense! Lucy’s father kept emphasizing her bloodline and Rittenhouse legacy. Is Lucy thinking of wiping out her grandfather? Her existence would be at stake if her father hasn’t been born yet in 1954. It is bad enough worrying about Rufus, don’t make us fear for Lucy’s life as well! I don’t know how much more our hearts candle.

Maybe these episode images will provide more hopeful clues:


Well the good news is that Rufus looks like he’s going to be okay. We figured he had to survive, after all he’s the “likable one” 😉 It also seems like Flynn will face-off against Lucy and Wyatt. I really don’t think Flynn wants to cause Lucy any harm, especially since she hasn’t written the journal yet. Technically, if she dies on his watch, the future will change and there would be no journal. Right?

Fun-fact: Spencer Garrett is another ‘Supernatural’ alum and from one’s of the show’s most fan-favorite episodes, “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

What do you think, Time Team? Do you have any theories about the finale? Did you notice any little details or clues in the images? Share your thoughts below!

We’ve seen a big spike in the ratings over the past few weeks (especially in delayed views), so let’s try our best to get a season high for live views this Monday. Keep spreading the word, win over new fans, thank sponsors, and overwhelm NBC with your love for ‘Timeless’! #RenewTimelss details HERE.

The ‘Timeless’ Season 1 finale airs Monday, Feb. 20 at 10 p.m. on NBC.




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