‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 4 recap: Open wounds

Should Charlie be afraid of Crenshaw? (Photo credit:CTV via Twitter)

Oh dear, Hopefuls. “Miss You” leaves us hanging on a rather ominous note. This was a pretty intense episode. Emotions ran high as doctors and patients were plagued by painful memories of the past. However, we gradually learn that everything is not always as it seems and there are two sides to every story.

Elizabeth is a social worker who fell in love with her client, Jake, and didn’t see the warning signs. One day, he snaps and attacks her with sulfuric acid. Dana and Cassie try to save her life, while Charlie struggles to comfort her spirit.

Cassie grows increasingly agitated as they treat Elizabeth. Eventually we learn it is because this case reminds Cassie of her troubled sister. Dana can relate to the pain and difficulties that come with caring for someone in recovery. Dana sagely says, “Sometimes their wounds open ours.” This isn’t the first patient to get under a Hope Zion doctor’s skin and it certainly won’t be the least. Nonetheless, Cassie needs to keep her head in the game. She shakes it off and they stabilize Elizabeth, but her road to recovery will be a long and challenging journey.

Charlie is at a loss when he tries offering Elizabeth advice. She’s a social worker, so she pretty much covers everything he normally starts off with. All he can do is be there for her when she’s ready to talk. Eventually, she does reaches out to Charlie and realizes that she still has a future to look forward to. Elizabeth seems to have loving support from her family. Perhaps we’ll see her again throughout the course of her healing. If not, Elizabeth provided a valuable teaching lesson for one of Hope Z’s newbies and for Charlie. The skilled ghost whisperer doesn’t always have to fix his patients’ problems or guide them to the light, sometimes he just needs to listen. It is amazing what you can learn when you take the time to simply hear someone out.

Zach treats an interesting case in the E.R. when Anita claims to feel paralyzed from the legs down, but in reality, she’s physically fine. Shahir comes in on a consult as says Anita’s problem is psychological, so Zach should try to talking to her to see what could have triggered it. At first, Zach tries to pawn her off onto Nurse Jackson or send her to a psychiatrist, but then he remembers something and decides to speak with Anita himself.

Anita first came in saying she was on her way to a party that she couldn’t miss because she’s the designated driver. One year ago on this same day, Anita’s friend, Samantha Smith, died in a drinking and driving accident. Zach realizes that Anita is on her way to an event honoring the anniversary of Samantha’s death. He gets Anita to open up about what happened. She blames herself for Samantha’s death. Anita was always the designated driver, but she didn’t pick Samantha up the night that she died. If she had been driving, Samantha would still be alive. Poor Anita is plagued with guilt and Zach can relate.

Zach explains how his friend Joel went out like a rock star. He’s had a rough time dealing with it, but ultimately Zach realized that he had to accept his friend’s death or else it would drive him nuts. He encourages Anita to do the same and learn how to move on with her life. Luckily, Zach’s sincere approach works and he helps Anita get back on her feet. It is never easy to cope with loss, especially when you tragically lose someone you deeply love. Grief can be a powerful trigger if you let it consume you. Some people carry all the guilt, while others lay blame.

Kyle Sawyer requests Alex upon his arrival in the E.R. The second Alex sees him, she is enraged. Kyle is the one who got Luke addicted to drugs, so she blames him for her brother’s death. Alex hates this guy, so clearly there is a conflict of interest. She passes the case to Curtis and wants nothing more to do with him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

After presenting symptoms like coughing up blood and severe abdominal pain, the doctors learn that Kyle has a cancerous tumor that can be surgically removed. Before being forced to operate on the man she despises most in the world, Alex discovers the surprising truth behind Luke and Kyle’s relationship.

Luke was Kyle’s sponsor and he never forgave himself for getting Kyle hooked on drugs. Whoa! Looks like Alex had it backwards all along. Regardless, Kyle and his wife, Mya, thought of Luke as family. They even named their son Lucas. Awww! Alex has a lot on her mind as she operates on Kyle, but at least she doesn’t hate him like before. She successfully removes the massive tumor and sits down to have another illuminating chat with her patient after the surgery.

Alex loved her mother, but viewed her as a disappointing failure, especially when she was drinking. Once again, Kyle helps Alex see the truth. Her mom rescued Kyle from a life in hell and took him in as her own. Mrs. Reid is not as bad as Alex remembers and given Kyle’s childhood, Alex has a lot to be grateful for in comparison. Kyle also tells Alex that the Reids all have the same trait, their generous hearts. He teases Alex saying that the only thing larger than her big brain is her even bigger heart. Having buried the hatchet, Alex and Kyle agree to get their little Lukes together in the future.

That night, Alex holds Baby Luke in her arms while compiling her family scrapbook. When she first began, she told Charlie that she feared they would have nothing to put in there between all of their family tragedies combined. Now Alex sees things a little differently. She tearfully calls her mom for a much over-do chat. Awww, hopefully we’ll meet Mama Reid this season.

Back at Hope Zion, Charlie finds himself in a heap of trouble. He puts his faith in Crenshaw and does some digging into the convict’s past after he mentions an old friend. At first, it seemed like Crenshaw and Charlie could be like kindred spirits overcoming a rough and rural childhood. They were both farm boys growing up alone as foster kids out in the prairie. Charlie thought he’d help Crenshaw out by looking up his old gal-pal, Rita Potts. Instead, Charlie opens Pandora’s Box.

Rita died 15 years ago and her M.O. matches Amy’s murder. Charlie just found proof that Crenshaw has a pattern. He stares daggers at Crenshaw and hopes the murderer rots in prison. Charlie shrugs off Crenshaw’s threat, assuming he won’t remember his time in limbo. Or will he? After their intense confrontation, Crenshaw awakes from his coma and locks eyes with Charlie. Gulp! This is so bad, Hopefuls.

Is the camera playing tricks on us or does Crenshaw remember? Coma patients rarely remember their time in limbo, but there’s probably some kind of catch with Crenshaw. What could it be? Will he come after Charlie in life? Will a part of him be left behind in the other realm? What if the evilness within Crenshaw remains in limbo and a truly innocent man comes out of the coma or vice-a-versa?

Elsewhere, we get to know Dawn’s beau, Lane. Sadly, our first impression of him is unsettling. Something is off with this moody guy. He gifts her with a diamond necklace and then freaks out when she’s not wearing it. He even cancels their date in a huff. Grow up, dude.

Later, Dawn opens up to him and admits that she is scared of falling in loving and she’s rusty. She has a right to be, given her history. She’s had a rough love-life. Although they kiss and make-up, Lane still doesn’t seem like a keeper. Dawn deserves stability, not a clingy, controlling weirdo. How do you feel about Lane? Should Dawn dump him before things get really bad? Are you getting bad vibes from him too?

What did you think of “Miss You”? Did you enjoy seeing Zach’s softer side? Were you surprised by Kyle’s history with Luke? Are you worried about Crenshaw? Whether he remembers everything or not, Crenshaw cannot be trusted. Right?! Share your thoughts below!

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3 thoughts on “‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 4 recap: Open wounds

  1. Like seeing Zach open up to his patients. With the anniversary of Joel’s death coming up, it was good for him to have that talk with Anita.

    I wonder if we will ever get to see Alex’s mother. Sweet moment with Alex and Luke at the end.

    Slight spoiler: we will get to see Elizabeth again in a few weeks. It’s nice when the writers bring back patients, like Mr. Zara and his son last season.

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