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‘Saving Hope’ S5 Eps 14 – 15 review: Seeing is believing

Charlie’s unique methodology has always come into question on ‘Saving Hope,’ yet his brilliance as a surgeon consistently compensates for his unorthodox behavior. Unfortunately, his outburst in the OR isn’t overlooked as a harmless quirk. In “We Need to Talk About Charlie Harris,” a misguided supernatural experience results […]

‘Saving Hope’ S5 Ep 11 review: Sins of the father

Charlie gets the scary ‘Ghost‘ treatment in “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” when Blake gets physical. Alex is concerned about their safety after a disturbing dream and relates to her young patient more than she’d like to. Shahir and Jonathon begin the adoption process which leads to a very important […]

‘Saving Hope’ S5 Ep 10 review: Family ties

We’ve grown accustomed to ‘Saving Hope’s’ emotional narratives, but “Change of Heart” delivered an extra hard punch in the feels. We see how tragedy can bring families together, strengthen sibling bonds, and open the door for new loves. Between Erin and Vicky’s particularly heartbreaking case and Martha’s sentimental […]

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