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‘The Masked Singer’ S1 Ep 2 Review: Who Is the ‘New Mask on the Block’? (Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool is back with our look at FOX’s The Masked SingerLeigh and I deep-dive into a second episode of filled with intrigue–as we met yet another group of mystery celebrities. There were stand-out performances, a few very helpful clues, and a pretty predictable reveal by the hour’s end.

As a quick reminder, the premiere saw Hippo unmasked. I figured it must’ve been an athlete, but no idea who–see the NFL Super Bowl champ behind the mask:

This week, the booted masked man was more easily identifiable (at least for me). Between the clues and his manner of speaking, we could spot this “stoner” from the start. Get ready to dive into clues and performances as we see if we share the same hunches about the new batch of celebs!







Leigh: Tiffany, I know you and I have at least one of the contestants figured out! Other than Tommy Chong, that is. He was really easy!

Tiffany: Yes! I thought I was the only one thinking this, but we’re on the same wavelength with Ricki Lake as Raven. The “new kids on the block” may not remember her, but I do! (Couldn’t resist)

Leigh: I turned 18 the year Hairspray came out, and I think I saw it about a hundred million times. I would recognize Ricki Lake anywhere, and the “I talk more than anyone” bit definitely gave it away.

Who do you think Rabbit is?

Tiffany: I’m torn about Rabbit because the title of this episode is misleading. “New Mask on the Block” makes me think it is someone from NKOTB. Donnie is married to Jenny, but it didn’t sound like him. It did sound like Jordan McKnight or Joey McIntyre. It could also be Joey Fatone from NSYNC–he’d be game for something like this and the “pop” talk made me think of “Dirty Pop.”

Leigh: I really got Fatone vibes off of Rabbit, and he seems like the kind of thing he would be down for.

Tiffany: I’m not going to lie–this show has me Googling a whole bunch of random stuff. They took the heights away this week, but celebs are still dropping some really helpful hints. Queen Bee said we can also call her an “Empress.” Gladys Knight is known as the “Empress of Soul.” Now I know why her name was trending on Twitter while the episode aired. I also looked up Bay Area celebs and Margaret Cho fits the Poodle’s clues perfectly!

Leigh: When Bee started singing, I knew we had a legend on our hands and I got excited. It’s either Tina Turner or Gladys Knight, but either would be amazing. If it is Knight, she’s well into her 70’s and sounds amazing!

Tiffany: I was even thinking Dionne Warwick, but once I looked up empress, it sealed the deal on Gladys. She does sound amazing! Way to take care of those pipes.

Soooo what about Alien? The five set of sisters have me thinking Kardashians or Fifth Harmony.

Leigh: Oh, easy. It’s Eve Plumb from the classic Brady Bunch. We don’t know how many more kids the Brady’s had, and you know Jan is always looking for a way to up-stage Marcia. No one saw it coming but me…

Tiffany: Ah yes–Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! If it is Eve, she’s keeping it tight LOL

Leigh: And even if I’m wrong, it’s a better guess than half of what the judges were coming up with. Yes, Jenny, I’m sure Beyonce is going to do The Masked Singer.

masked singer episode 2

Tiffany: LOL! I know. She even guessed Cheech over Chong–the height and speech gave it away. Some of the judges’ guesses are ridiculous. They are just dreaming of huge people to show up. Although, it would be hilarious if Donnie Wahlberg did the show just for Jenny. He doesn’t sound like the Rabbit, but he can still make an appearance.

Leigh: If Ryan Reynolds can do the Korean version, I guess anything’s possible! Overall, the second episode flowed a little better for me than the first, but that might have been my Masked Singer drinking game.

Tiffany: OMG I was just going to say this show is better with booze! You have to give us your rules now…

Leigh: Sure! Every time Jenny McCarthy says something annoying: DRINK! Good luck!

Tiffany: LOL I’d add any time a judge makes an obviously wrong guess: DRINK! Even better luck! You’ll be on the floor by episode’s end.

Leigh: Sheesh, with those rules you’ll be lucky to make it through the first commercial break.

Tiffany: True. But that’s what makes this silly show so alluring!

The Masked Singer is one of those shows you want to mock, yet you can’t help but get sucked into the silliness. We’re in this for the long haul–after all, we need to know if our hunches are right!

We’re curious to see what masked figures FOX has in store for us next week. Be sure to catch FOX’s The Masked Singer on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.  

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