‘Timeless’ Exclusive: Showrunner Shawn Ryan remains optimistic about renewal and is grateful for fans’ “roar”

Timeless - Season 2

Die-hard Clockblockers have been campaigning for Season 3 the moment NBC changed their minds and ordered a 10 episode second season nearly one year ago. Since then, fans have held re-watch parties, recruited new viewers and created their own ‘Timeless’ merchandise. They are a fiercely loyal, friendly and vocal bunch.

Their love of this show has inspired fun events like #TimelessDrunkHistory, encouraged personal conversation threads on social media (#ThreadCon!), developed deep friendships, and even brought them closer to ‘Timeless’ cast and crew. They’ve also come up with creative campaigns, like #RenewTimeless “protest” videos (see below) paired with “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes,” an episode about Suffragettes’ efforts.

Fans have gone to great lengths to publicize the show, particularly when NBC failed to do so themselves. When Kelly Clarkson works on your network and doesn’t realize that one of her favorite shows has a second season premiering, then you know you’re doing something wrong.

Speaking of which, celebrities have been incredibly supportive of ‘Timeless.’ William Shatner regularly live tweets during new episodes, Leslie Jones has threatened to streak outside of NBC studios wearing nothing but a #RenewTimeless sign, and Clarkson even had a chance encounter with ‘Timeless’ star, Matt Lanter.

This overwhelming outpouring of love for ‘Timeless’ gives fans and showrunners faith that the show will go on. As the show’s fate hangs in the balance, co-creator, Shawn Ryan shares the latest scoop on Season 3 odds and offers hope.

We are all anxiously awaiting renewal news. How are you holding up? Will we hear something soon?

I don’t know when we’ll know. We’ll see. …I don’t know when NBC will make the decision.

The Twitter thing was unbelievable… It was really an incredible response. Eric and I and actors on the show all encouraged fans to make their voice heard. And it was a roar! [Laughs] It was unbelievable. And I was watching all the reaction come in. And the most gratifying thing is it seemed overwhelmingly positive about the finale…People seemed to like it.

Oh yeah! Everybody loved it. Even though it was an emotional roller coaster.


Everyone is distraught but very excited to see what else will happen. There’s so much celebrity support for the show too, which is really cool.

I know! Kelly Clarkson, Leslie Jones, William Shatner – it’s pretty great.

If NBC doesn’t move forward with ‘Timeless’ would you still be able to shop it around to other networks?

Our focus at the moment is to find a way to make it work on NBC. But certainly, the outcry from fans and support shown online would be a big sales tool either with NBC or a new place for it. [Sunday] night was a success for us in that regard.

Perfect! I wanted to have that good news out there so people don’t freak out too much.

Flynn wink

I just really loved this season. I’m really pulling and praying for Season 3. If there’s anything you need…

One thing this show hasn’t lacked is word getting out. The fans have certainly made their voice hears. I could not ask anything more from the fans and people who write about the show…

The fans have all been so incredible.

Anything is better than nothing, so even if it is a reduced episode count…I always prefer quality over quantity.

I think only having to make 10 episode allowed us to make 10 great episodes. I don’t know. If we’d been asked to make 18 or 22 this year, I don’t know if it would’ve been the same thing. I don’t know if it would’ve been as impactful. The TV business is changing in so many ways and, in a way, we were treated a little more like a cable or a streaming show this year with just the 10 episodes.

But I’m so proud of the 10 episodes. My studio and my employer might want more. But for us, making these 10 were spectacular.

You all should be proud. It felt like a mini-movie every week. All the kudos and good luck.

Thank you so much.

for the better

It sounds like fans have given NBC a reason to think long and hard before making their final decision. The good news is that even if NBC passes on the show, other networks will be enticed to take on a canceled series that comes with such a powerful fan base. So do not give up hope Clockblockers.

Here is just a sample of some of the wonderful ways fans have shown their love for the show. Keep up the great work. It may take a little longer than hoped for, but fans will be able to #RenewTimeless.

Clockblockers’ Protest:


Clockblocker Fashion:

Fans started their own Poetry Slam on May 18th! Check out #ClockblockerPoetry:

Stay tuned for more scoop from Shawn Ryan about Season 3, the complicated Wyatt – Lucy – Flynn relationship, Jiya’s visions and more!

‘Timeless’ Exclusive: Co-creator Shawn Ryan Dishes on Those Big Season 2 Finale Twists

Update 5-22-18

Keep roaring Clockblockers!

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  1. i am crossing my fingers and hoping against hope that TPTB will renew Timeless. This show is so amazing and the fans are awesome!!

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