‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 8 advance review: Every Minute Counts.

‘Timeless’ has been doing a beautiful job of featuring each character this season and revealing a bit of their past. We’ve come to love these characters without knowing that much about their lives. Wyatt, Connor, and Emma have opened-up to share their troubles and fears so far. In every situation, their revelations have come about in different ways. All of which had personal significance. In “The Day Reagan Was Shot,” we will come to see Agent Denise Christopher in a way that only makes us respect her even more.

The writers cleverly mix things up again with a bait-and-switch. In Washington D.C., 1981,  John Hinckley Jr. (Erik Stocklin), a Jodie Foster fanatic, plots to assassinate President Reagan in an attempt to win her love.

As Connor so eloquently puts it, “Those of us with life experience better sit this one out.” So Jiya occupies the fourth seat on her first proper mission to the past.

Timeless - Season 2

This foursome knows how to rock ’80s style. Thanks to Jiya’s five finger discount shopping, she leaves with some vintage loot. (I don’t even care that there is no way to practically explain the ladies’ fabulous hair and make-up in every time period.) The costumes too wonderful, so we roll with it.) Jiya, way to work the blue eyeshadow and curls. Lucy is owning those oversized glasses. Looking fierce!


The Time Team thinks they are going back to save Reagan, but quickly realize that Rittenhouse is targeting Agent Christopher.

We find out exactly how immensely important her role has been in the fight against Rittenhouse. Her death would result in an automatic win for the baddies because she won’t be there to take them down every step of the way. Yeah, so no pressure Time Team!

Karen David (‘Galavant,’ ‘Once Upon A Time’) does a delightful job channeling Christopher as a rookie cop. She always seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders, but in the early 1980s, it was for a totally different reason.

The team splits up into pairs. Rufus and Wyatt track down the sleeper agent, while Lucy and Jiya pose as P.I.s and talk to Christopher.

The awesome thing is seeing how well Christopher works with the girls, even in the past. She inherently trusts them. Their interaction is very endearing and even hilarious at times.

As you can tell by the concerned look on Lucy’s face, the case isn’t the only thing they need to help Christopher with. During Lucy and Jiya’s intervention, we get to learn about her childhood and family. We even learn a little bit more about Jiya too, since their families have something in common.

Timeless - Season 2

Instead of giving us a history lesson, we learn about what truly matters in life and how we should strive to remain true to ourselves. We are also reminded to cherish every minute we get with our loved ones. Sakina Jaffrey delivers a very moving performance, especially since the stakes have never been higher for Agent Christopher.

As promised, your teasers:

  • There are good and bad Riya moments that will give you different kinds of feels.
  • There is a nice Lyatt moment when they confront Broofus (brooding Rufus).
  • Flynn has an enlightening heart-to-heart with Agent Christopher.
  • We find out new info about the journal hand-off. But it still raises more questions.
  • We will get a better understanding of how Rittenhouse sleeper agents operate.
  • Wyatt may be growing a little suspicious of Jessica.
  • Sadly, there is no Emma.

Disclaimer: Don’t ask me if Jessica is pregnant. I will neither confirm or deny that rumor/theory.

If you are freaking about Jessica in any way, just ask yourself: Do you honestly think Wyatt will believe anything Jessica says if he is suspicious?

Try to keep that in mind and breath.

My take: I have a feeling the Jessica conundrum will come to a head in the finale. Hopefully, we won’t have to worry about her interfering with Lyatt in Season 3.


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What do you think, Clockblockers? What are you most excited to see in the episode? Do you look forward to learning more about Agent D.C.?

Share your thoughts below and/or on Wednesday during #TiffsHappyHour!

‘Timeless’ airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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2 thoughts on “‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 8 advance review: Every Minute Counts.

  1. S02 has been great, esp ep. 2. Cant say the same for the Jessica intrusion.
    I was hoping they’d resolve this Jessica thing earlier but we’ve now gotta wait till ep 10. I wish they’d thrown some other obstacle at Lyatt. Its done nothing good for the fanbase.

    The show deserves a S03! #Timeless

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