‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 7 advance review: Lucy and Emma find themselves on the same side in ‘Mrs. Sherlock Holmes’

Tensions are running high after Sunday’s epic episode, which left Clockblockers hanging on several fronts. Jiya and Rufus are freaked out over her fatal premonition, Lucy entered Flynn’s room with a bottle of vodka, Wyatt let Carol go, and Connor Mason found his groove.

“Mrs. Sherlock Holmes” picks-up where things left off. Rufus is not handling Jiya’s vision very well. He has a right to be rattled, but he may be misdirecting his anger. We’ll see how he copes with the news throughout the course of the episode. He’s really holding onto the details of the when and where. Let’s just say  maybe that makes him feel like he might have a leg-up on his grim fate.

Wyatt is at Flynn’s throat. If you watched Goran Visnjic’s appearance on Hallmark’s ‘Home and Family’ this morning, then you saw one doozy of a sneak peek. I’ll post it here as soon as its available online, but for now, here’s what happens:

Wyatt doesn’t like how Flynn and Lucy are growing closer. He tries to stop Flynn from boarding the Lifeboat and going with them. He says the three of them are a team and they don’t need Flynn. Agent Christopher wants them to use the fourth seat and Connor doesn’t want to go back again. Flynn needs to back them up. As he climbs the stairs, he stops behind Wyatt and whispers in his ear, “You might want to say goodbye to your wife.” End scene.

UPDATE: Here’s the interview!

Oooh, burn! Wyatt keeps trying to poke the bear and Flynn just quips back. Their dynamic is SO fun to watch. I feel bad for Lucy, but Matt Lanter and Visnjic’s banter is awesome. Their blazing glares could set each other on fire. To be honest, I’m on Flynn’s side for this one. Wyatt is acting like a child. He isn’t helping Lucy deal with this awkward situation by constantly beefing with Flynn…In the present and the past.

Lucy is essentially running point on this mission because Rittenhouse is trying to mess with the Suffragette movement and thwart President Wilson’s contribution to the peace-keeping Treaty of Versailles. This episode showcases phenomenal girl power and it comes at the most opportune and relevant time. When we see Alice Paul’s impassioned plea to Wilson, it is mind-boggling to think that women are still fighting for some of those rights today.

Although Alice was essential to the Women’s Rights Movement, Lucy spends most of her time interacting with Grace Humiston (aka Mrs. Sherlock Holmes). Sarah Sokolovic delivers a fantastic performance and perfectly channels Holmes. She even deduces the relationship troubles between Wyatt and Lucy. It is hilarious! There are several Lyatt moments throughout the episode. It’s heartbreaking to see how Jessica’s return is ruining the great relationship they were establishing. 

While Wyatt and Lucy work with Grace, Flynn and Rufus (#Flufus!) set out to find the Rittenhouse sleeper agent. Given that both men are wisecrackers, their interaction will tickle your funny bone. Again, we see Flynn looking out for everyone and playing protector. However, Rufus feels like he can hold his own and that boggles Flynn’s mind. Here’s the kicker: Emma shows up and wants to help them with this mission!

Big bad Emma disagrees with Rittenhouse on this one and wants to make sure the Women’s Rights Movement succeeds. Flynn still holds a grudge, Rufus feels like he’s stuck with two of his enemies, and we learn a bit about Emma’s past which shows her vulnerable side. She still kicks ass, but gain a little insight on her too. Maybe Emma isn’t as horrible as she seems.

Here are some tasty teasers to leave you with:

  • Lyatt has a much-needed heart-to-heart about their current relationship status.
  • We find out what went down between Flynn and Lucy in his bedroom.
  • Rufus and Jiya are working hard on their relationship and try not to let her premonitions ruin this awesome thing they have going.
  • Connor Mason makes a break-through with the loot Wyatt confiscated from Rittenhouse. You will be SHOOK. (Don’t ask me for details. My lips are sealed.)
  • Keynes and Emma have an interaction that we’ve all been waiting for.

Given everything that goes down, Emma’s character seems redeemable after this episode. She might have her own motives and goals. Perhaps she continuously proves her loyalty to Rittenhouse in hopes of taking the reigns someday and promoting her own visions for their cause.

The history covered is also very important, especially with the current #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. I recommend seeing the film ‘Suffragette‘ because it paints the exact picture that Lucy sees when she fights to keep this moment in the movement alive. You’ll be able to clearly visualize the hardships she references if you’ve watched the movie. Plus, it is a good movie in its own right. I just kept thinking about it during this episode.

Enjoy a slideshow of images from “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”:

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UPDATE #2: Check out Wersching’s interview on KTLA. It’s full of spoilery footage and a sneak peek featuring Emma’s backstory.

UPDATE #3: Here are all 3 sneak peeks in 1 video!

UPDATE #4: One more sneak peek! Mrs. Sherlock Holmes deduces #Lyatt.


What do you think Clockblockers? Do you have any theories? Anything you hope to see on Sunday? Share your thoughts!


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  1. This all sounds so great! I can’t wait for long awaited heart to heart talk with Lucy and Wyatt! It’s about dang time! I want to stop having my 💔. Also very curious how we find out what happens in Flynn’s room! Who wants to know that one huh? Your review was awesome!

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