On The Basis of Sex

‘On the Basis of Sex’ Review and Cast Interviews

Watching On the Basis of Sex with an invested audience was quite an interactive experience. The film is fantastic and the viewer feedback was instant. I’ve never seen people cheer and jeer throughout a movie with such passion. Their enthusiasm merely proves how incredibly inspiring and empowering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s story is to so many people over the past few generations.

‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 7 review: Women’s Rights Done Right

Alright, Clockblockers, you already got a sense of what I loved about "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" in my advance review, but now that you've witnessed the awesomeness yourselves, it is time for a deep dive. David Hoffman penned a very layered and poignant episode. As the show's historian, he gets history right. What makes this episode…

‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 7 advance review: Lucy and Emma find themselves on the same side in ‘Mrs. Sherlock Holmes’

Tensions are running high after Sunday's epic episode, which left Clockblockers hanging on several fronts. Jiya and Rufus are freaked out over her fatal premonition, Lucy entered Flynn's room with a bottle of vodka, Wyatt let Carol go, and Connor Mason found his groove. "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" picks-up where things left off. Rufus is not…