Catching up with the Queen of Valencia: Genevieve Allenbury on Brit Week, ‘Galavant’ reunions and a possible revival

‘Galavant’ fans grew to love Genevieve Allenbury as the Queen of Valencia, Isabella’s (Karen David) sharp-tongued and quick-witted mother.  Although ABC’s musical comedy extravaganza has been off the air for a while, the magical series is still in our hearts. Fans continue to banter with the cast daily on Twitter and share wonderful stories of how the show has touched their lives (like having a ‘Galavant’ themed wedding!).

Thanks to Netflix, new viewers are falling in love with ‘Galavant’ every day and the demand for more ‘Galavant’ is growing. In our colorful conversation, Allenbury assures fans that the cast and crew are hopeful for a revival. She dishes on how everyone still keeps in touch and looks forward to working together again.

Although we may need to wait a while for another season or movie, the good news is that we don’t have to wait much longer for a mini-reunion. Allenbury and David will co-star in a scene from ‘Othello’ during L.A.’s Brit Week. You can catch the dynamic mother-daughter duo on stage Saturday, April 28 for A Shakespeare Jubilee hosted by Ioan Gruffudd (wink, wink ‘Forever’ fans!) and Joely Fisher.


Take a look at the impressive list of talent that will participate:

The cast of British and Hollywood actors includes: Genevieve AllenburyXander BerkeleyEric BraedenJane Carr, Suzan Crowley, Karen David, Joely FisherMira Furlan, Michele Greene, Ioan Gruffudd, Harry Hamlin, Lexie Helgerson, Isabella HofmannFinola Hughes, Lisa Locicero, Brian Lohman (and Impro Theatre), Nigel LythgoeDavid MelvilleJoe SpanoJoan van Ark, Sabra Williams, Sherry Williams, Madeline Wu, Michael YorkLuke Youngblood, Oscar Zhang and more to be announced.

Did you catch that? Luke Youngblood (aka Sid) will also be there. Way to represent ‘Galavant!’

Tickets can be purchased HERE

In our chat below, Allenbury shares the details of her scene with David, reveals exciting tales of ‘Galavant’ reunions and keeps our #MoreGalavant hopes alive.

Well, you heard your Queen! Time to help give her Twitter profile a boost. If you don’t already, follow her @GenAllenbury. We should also have a hashtag to help her get that blue check. How about #ValidateQueenOfV? If you have any better ideas, please share them in the comments below.

What did you think of our chat? Will you be able to attend the jubilee? Are you pumped up for a possible ‘Galavant’ revival?

Please share your thoughts and show your love for the Queen of Valencia!

‘Galavant’ scoop: ABC cancels beloved comedy, but there’s hope for #MoreGalavant


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