‘Timeless’ S2 Ep 5 react: ‘The Kennedy Curse’ delivers a feels overload

Clockblockers are still reeling from the feels overload in “The Kennedy Curse.” The episode very cleverly mixed things up and gave the Time Team a new adventure in the present day. With Lucy on the mend, Flynn, Rufus, and Wyatt had to rescue a college-aged JFK from Rittenhouse assassins. Flynn gets left behind to deal with three operatives, while Wyatt and Rufus bring JFK to the bunker for protection.

Unfortunately, he flies the coop and discovers what the future will hold. Will the Time Team save him or will American history be changed forever???  Ha! Like we ever doubted our heroes.

Although Emma did put up one helluva fight…and in those sexy heels!

Once again, we learn that history may be altered, but it can’t always be changed. Rufus gives JFK a heads-up on his destiny. Sadly, changing the location did not change his fatal fate. But we did enjoy the awesome does of twistory.

While the Team was saving history, Carol worked on saving Lucy’s life. She reaches out to Agent Christopher – Mama to Mama. It is sweet that Carol wants to protect her daughter, but she should not threaten Agent Christopher’s family. Just join the Time Team as a double agent already! We all know that’s what she should do…right?

Now for the kicker. We really want to hate Jessica and preserve our beloved Lyatt ship, but it’s hard to hate somebody who is good. Jess is ready to walk away when she sees the way Wyatt looks at Lucy. Sigh. Of course, Lucy is too sweet to let Wyatt lose the love of his life. He’s been dying to get her back. Lucy convinces Jessica to stay. Cue the sound of hearts breaking.

Flynn catches Wyatt and Lucy as they have another “Babydoll…Sweetheart” moment. Of course, there are “no regrets” on either side. But Wyatt gets his cake and eats it too by being with both of the women he loves, even though he’s “just friends” with Lucy now. Lyatt hearts are shattered and ache for Lucy. But then this happens…

This moment is perfection! Flynn understands Lucy. He knows her from the future. They have a special connection. It doesn’t have to be romantic to still be special. He’s been looking out for her from the start in so many ways: he intervenes to protect her, glared at Wyatt and helped her out of the Lifeboat when she was injured, fastened her seatbelt when she struggled…Sigh.

Indeed Flynn is a force of nature. He saunters out of the Lifeboat in a huff, commanding Jiya, Rufus and Connor to add more seats because he will not be stranded in the past again. More on that in the next episode!

It is amazing to see him transition from that kind of energy into someone who is simply there for Lucy. He doesn’t have to say a word. He just hands her a beer and sits by her side. Yes, we notice that there are other places to sit and watch TV, so it does make a difference.

This is another A+ episode. ‘Timeless’ delivers top-notch quality storytelling and acting every week. We need this show to stay on the air for many more years to come.


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