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‘The Human Element’ Review: Climate Change is Very Real

In his compelling, unsettling and visually stunning documentary, The Human ElementNational Geographic photographer James Balog shows viewers why we, as a society, can no longer turn a blind eye to the drastically changing world around us. After watching how our planet is essentially crumbling before our eyes, his closing words are crystal clear:

“Today, truth and evidence matter more than ever. The visual evidence shows that people are changing the other elements fast. …Our deeds are leaving their imprint in the fabric of time. …It’s up to us to make the right choices.”

This past year has set records with the increasing number of devastating natural disasters that have ravaged our nation. Roaring wildfires incinerate the West Coast, while the Eastern gulfs slowly succumb to rising sea levels. We see jarring images on the news, showing how families desperately flea from their homes. Unyielding fires and floods are becoming the new normal. We rally for charitable donations and offer support in times of crisis, but then life goes on for the majority of the population and we forget. Until it happens again.



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