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‘Beast’ Review: A Chilling Tale of Love and Suspicion

Michael Pearce’s spellbinding debut feature, Beast, captures the audience’s attention from beginning to end. This riveting, intense, unsettling and surprisingly funny film consistently challenges the viewer’s perception of the charismatic and suspicious protagonists, Moll (Jessie Buckley) and Pascal (Johnny Flynn).

These kooky kindred spirits are drawn together by an undeniably steamy magnetism. Moll and Pascal are edgy outsiders who find solace and understanding in each other. They embark on a torrid love affair that is frowned upon by Moll’s judgemental and entitled family and friends. Despite their warnings, she just can’t pry herself away from him. Even when he becomes the prime suspect in a criminal investigation that has rattled their quaint island of Jersey.

Tensions increasingly run high as the authorities and community condemn Pascal and grow skeptical of Moll for staying by his side. He shows such tenderness, passion, and affection for Moll. Could he really be a brutal serial rapist and killer who savagely preys on young innocent women?



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