‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ interview: Dustin Ybarra dishes on Tyler’s Team Kevin status, fans’ inspiring efforts, BTS fun and more

Before “Fishtail” aired, I had a blast chatting with Dustin Ybarra about Tyler’s fate on ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.’ Obviously, at the time I had no idea that Kevin’s confession would result in a rift between them. Although he couldn’t reveal any spoilers, Ybarra was candid about his feelings on Tyler’s status when it comes to Team Kevin. Given that he’s present whenever Kevin finds a new Righteous soul, you’d think he’d be an honorary member of the team by now. Right?!?

In our conversation (above), he shares insights on Tyler and a lot of fun behind the scenes stories. Ybarra really appreciates the depth Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas and the writers have given his character. Tyler isn’t “a one trick pony,” as Ybarra puts it. He also candidly answers fans questions, dishes on Jason Ritter’s prankster status, and is inspired by all of your efforts to spread the message of this moving show.

Ybarra really enjoys reading your tweets and loves seeing #TYvette in his feed. We are really pulling for those two, but Yvette has bigger problems to tackle now that her celestial abilities on the fritz. I’m sure romance is the last thing on her mind. As we look ahead, it seems that being catfished makes it easier for Tyler to get over his Lady from Laos.

A glimpse at images from upcoming episodes reveals that he may be making a new love connection. Teasers and images from “Old Friends” suggest that Tyler forgives Kevin. (Catch a preview and check out my interview with Jason Ritter HERE.)

He seems to be back by Kevin’s side in next week’s episode, “WORLD’S WORST DOMINO” (airing on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. on ABC):

Feeling guilty about the role he played in getting the former high school security guard fired, Kevin looks to help Becky follow her true passion: inventing. With Amy and Tyler’s assistance, they enter Becky’s newest invention into a local Entrepreneur Expo with hilarious results. Meanwhile, Yvette is forced to come to terms with Dave’s disappearance.

We all remember Becky’s odd and impromptu distracting “date” with Nate in “Solo.” Well, it seems like she ended up getting in trouble for letting the freshmen prank happen. Now the time has come for Kevin to right some wrongs.

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A quick peek into the finale (“The Right Thing,” airing on March 6) hints at a possible romance between Tyler and Becky!


How pumped are you for all of these episodes?! It will be bittersweet to watch Season 1 wind-down. What are you most excited to see in the coming weeks? Did enjoy the podcast? Were you surprised by any of Ybarra’s revelations? Share your thoughts below!

Remember to keep spreading the word about ‘Kevin Probably.’ There is still plenty of time for new viewers to watch Season 1 on ABC’s website.

There are also more details on the #SaveKevin campaign here: How fans can help save ABC’s ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’

Be sure to tune in live and tweet along using #KevinProbably🦋!

‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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