How fans can help save ABC’s ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’

The time has come, yet again, my dear TV addicts. We find ourselves championing and fighting for a show we dearly love, ABC’s ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ starring the always loveable Jason Ritter, the ever enchanting JoAnna Garcia Swisher and the magical Kimberly Herbert Gregory.

I’ve been gushing about this series from the beginning. I’ve also been worrying about its fate from the start.

When ABC placed this brilliant, feel good, family friendly show in its most cured time-slot – Tuesdays at 10 pm – we feared anticipated low ratings would be working against this stellar series. Despite critical acclaim and a passionate outpouring of love from viewers, the ratings are not reflecting the kind of numbers network executives want to see come renewal time. Had the show aired at an earlier time, families would be able to gather together to watch the show the night it airs. Instead, the show’s ratings are very gradually gaining from delayed views, which aren’t taken into great consideration until later.

Although, I’d like to point out the fact that ‘Kevin Probably’ is ABC’s second best rated new TV show this season, according to TV Series Finale. Plus, TV By the Numbers reports that it isn’t even in ABC’s bottom five rated shows. Technically, ‘Kevin Probably’ is doing great, especially when you consider how poorly previous shows slated in the “Death Slot” have done in the past. It would be a great shame to see ABC repeat the mistake they made with ‘Forever,’ a show fans are still clamoring to see more of four years after it’s cancellation.

The bottom line: People love ‘Kevin Probably’ and the network loves it too (as they said at the TCA’s yesterday). ABC just needs to see that the show will make them a profit in the long haul. We need to show the network that this series will continue to gain viewers.

Here’s how you can help give ‘Kevin Probably’ a ratings boost and show your love: 

E-mail ABC. Tell them how much you love the show. It’s simple and effective.

* Watch live. If you DVR the show, then watch the commercials. If you fast forward, it won’t count for full ratings. Probably because it ties in to advertisers.

Live tweet using #KevinProbably. It would be amazing if we can get the show trending. Tag @ABCNetwork, @ABC_Publicity, @KevinProbably so that the network sees that you’re watching and invested. Also tag Vicki Dummer, Head of Current Series Programming: @vickiabc123. 

Post comments on ‘Kevin Probably’ social media accounts.

Rate and write reviews for the show on the ‘Kevin Probably’s’ IMDB page. (This will increase its popularity/ranking on IMDB and draw more attention to the series.)

Rate and watch online: ABC GoHuluiTunes, and Amazon. The full season is also available on Xfinity On Demand.  Tip: Episode ratings count the most during the three day period after the show airs. Keep the videos playing in the background on your computer while you work. Play the most recent episode on loop. It’ll boost the ratings without taking up extra time 😉

Thank advertisers. Companies need to know they can make money by supporting this show. Instead of fast forwarding, take note of the advertisers airing commercials during the show and thank them for supporting ‘Kevin Probably.’ Tag the network and advertisers/companies in your tweets. (Let’s work together on this one and please mention advertisers you notice in the comments below. I’ll make a list of twitter handles on this page, to simplify things.)

Thank you for these @ShelleyMc27 !

Be sure to thank them individually. It’s makes more of an impact 🙂

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Renewals/Cancellations will be announced in April/May, but executives will be meeting in a couple of weeks to see where ABC’s currents shows stand. It is crucial to get the word out ASAP.  Fans should spend this week convincing ABC that ‘Kevin Probably’ is worth keeping.

ABC Network Contacts:

Send letters to Channing Dungey C/O 2300 W Riverside Drive . Burbank, CA . 91521

Email the following execs:

Vicki Dummer, Head of Current Series Programming:

Stephanie Leifer, Senior VP Current Programming:

Sarah Hughes, VP of Current Series:

Kevin has been busy saving the world and now it is our time to #SaveKevin.


    • Sign the Save Kevin petition HERE!
    • Let’s mail origami birds and/or blue butterflies to ABC as a symbol of our love for ‘Kevin Probably.’ Here some origami bird instructions to help you out: Origami Instructions. Mail them to the address listed above.
    • Let’s make a fan video! As I mentioned in my plea above, I’d like to hear your stories. UPDATE on video submissions. I was a bit overexcited in the video I posted earlier and have since come up with a more streamlined vision and approach for the fan video. We will each say how we’ve been inspired by completing this sentence: “Kevin Probably inspired me to …”

      I think it’ll look cool to have everybody sharing different acts of kindness. It’ll be like a choir of Righteous Followers! If you can, post your clip on YouTube and email me a link. (Unless the file is small enough to email directly.) If you are camera shy, send in a photo or statement to I’ll make a video to send to ABC. If we’re lucky, it might even go viral!

    • If you are on Twitter, put a blue butterfly emoji after your name. That way ABC will see a flutter of butterflies when we tweet them about #SaveKevin.


Stay tuned for more updates…

19 thoughts on “How fans can help save ABC’s ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’

  1. That’s a brilliant idea.. until Kevin comes to give us the hug weve always wanted and make us all true righteous souls.. we could all take a leap of faith and help someone and just Maybe this one same leap of faith starting from one little show will turn viral and people everywhere will start helping others .. I know its a big leap and it’s a “way off topic ” but this show deserves another season because of that alone just showing how one person’s kindness can effect so many in such a great and positive way .. #KeepKevinGoin

  2. Spreading the word, emailing ABC, imdb rating completed, tweeting, telling friends. Kevin is such a refreshingly funny and positive show!! Better time slot would make a huge difference in ratings.

  3. Thank you so much for this information Tiffany! I’m happy to do everything I can to help #SaveKevin 🦋 We are enjoying this heartfelt show so much! Jason Ritter, the the entire cast, crew and writers are incredible! It’s so wonderful to have a show like this that makes us feel good..😊
    Thank you so much letting us many fans know how we can help keep this show airing for many more seasons! 🦋🦋🦋🦋
    Marcy Lilley 💙🦋

    1. It’s my pleasure! Thank you to all the fans who are tirelessly working to #SaveKevin! The outpouring of love for this magical show is wonderful. 🦋👏🏻❤️😇🙏🏻🦋

  4. When I record on my DVR, the show simply gets saved to a hard drive….so my service provider would have no idea if I watch the commercials or not… That being said, this is definitely the show I am most worried about in terms of a renewal as I have just adored it and fall more in love with Ritter each week. But no, I watch EVERYTHING off my DVR for the sole purpose of skipping commercials…and that point is indeed irrelevant…unless you have a weird SP watching your hard drive…or maybe that’s an American thing…

  5. We love having a clean comedy that promotes positivity, good deeds, helping others, ect. When I find a show I like, I get truly invested in it. I have played it numerous times and sent scores of tweets (Probably hundreds). I have some friends who are going to try to catch up and I’m sure many would join us as viewers for season two!

  6. Thank you for this article. Read it to my husband tonight, as we had no idea that watching live with commercials affected the rankings, and we really want to save the show it is fantastic! He’s even watch all the episodes twice and he’s not a sitcom guy at all! My gosh ALL WE’VE WATCHED HAS BEEN OFF THE DVR! Gotta change that. Jason is brilliant, as is the entire cast! We need many seasons!

    1. Thank you!!! That is great! Don’t worry about the commercials. Like I said, you can create extra views by leaving it on in the background of your computer or even TV…just let the full episode play on through. It’s the best kind of multitasking 🙂

  7. Best show on television in a hot minute. Something for families that has no crime or sex involved? YES PLEASE! Something that encourages us all to think of others? To do good? To think the best of others? YES PLEASE!!!!

  8. I can’t thank EVERYBODY involved with Kevin Probably Saves The World !!!
    It feels good to feel good and this is what’s happened to EVERYBODY watching so please keep on giving us the goods and we will give it back any way we can , when you are a good person already and in a world that isn’t some days this gives us the push to keep on doing good and it’s the little things that work and I won’t stop if you don’t ‼️✌️❤️🦋

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