‘Timeless’ Season 2 Olympics Promo Reaction: Are you still reeling from Lyatt’s kiss?

Squee!!!!! This is the moment we’ve been longing for, ClockBlockers. NBC released new footage from ‘Timeless’ Season 2 in a heart-pounding 15 second TV spot that debuted during Primetime Olympic coverage on Tuesday, Feb. 13. Watch the teaser below and get ready to dive into all the juicy details.

Of course, we have to start with that epic Lyatt kiss! Last season, Wyatt planted one on Lucy to keep their cover while in the company of an especially handsy Bonnie and Clyde. Given the impact their first kiss made on one another, it’s not surprising that they’d want a repeat. Here’s a little reminder…try not to blush:

Sure, Wyatt, you were just trying to keep your cover. So, what is their excuse this time? After a closer look, it doesn’t seem like this smooch is for show. According to the ‘Timeless’ ticker, this kiss goes down in 1941.

The Time Team looks stunning, glamorous and very dapper. Their smooth style takes us back to Hollywood’s Golden Age. Perhaps they are at an A-lister gala in hopes of schmoozing with the likes of the legendary Hedy Lamarr (Alyssa Sutherland). If that is the case, then we won’t have to wait too long for Lyatt’s lip-lock. Lamarr, William Randolph Hearst (John Colton) and mystery man Lucas (Teddy Sears) are set to appear in Episode 3, written by Matt Whitney. Let’s hope he drops some more teasers on Twitter (@Mattney)! 

Even if it is another undercover kiss (maybe they’re snooping around when someone walks in on them), we are still happy to see Lyatt getting up close and personal. We will happily wait until one of those fake kisses lead to a real one.

Although the kiss is what has us all buzzing, there are other big moments in the promo that have us excited to see what adventures await the gang  this season. The footage reveals some of the years we already knew the Time Team would visit (1692, 1917, 1941) and teases more. Here’s how they dates and screenshots match-up:

1918 – “The War to End All Wars”

The images are in line with the promotional photos for the Season premiere. (Check out a preview here: ‘Timeless’ Season 2 premiere preview: Which side is Marie Curie on in ‘The War to End All Wars’?)

Perhaps this provides an answer to our question about those grenades. Yikes!

1692 – The Salem Witch Trials 


According to IMDB, the team will encounter Betty Sewall (Shiloh Nelson) and Abiah (Sofia Vassilieva)  in Episode 4. Both names are tied to the Salem Witch Trials. An afflicted girl named Betty Parris was taken in by Samuel Sewall‘s family. Abiah could be Benjamin Franklin’s mother, Abiah Folger Franklin, who’s family has ties to the Salem Witch Trials. Specifically, her sister Bathsheba Folger Pope

Now, do any of you super sleuths know when the team will sock-hop to 1955, where they are apparently running from danger again?

Let’s see what other surprises await us in the ‘Timeless’ trailer that will air over the weekend. Hopefully, we’ll finally get a glimpse of Garcia Flynn. We’re dying to know how he is doing!


Flynn has been spotted in a new promo that aired during the Olympics on Thursday, Feb. 15. He’s seen punching someone out in 1692 during the Salem With Trials. Since we get a glimpse of Lucy in the bottom left-hand corner of the frame, Clockblockers assume she’s been accused of witchery. Maybe Flynn is coming to rescue her from ignorant Puritans!

I’ll post a proper video clip when one is available. For now, you can thank  for this video:

Stay tuned for more scoop. In the meantime, share your thoughts on this promo in the comments below!

‘Timeless’ Season 2 premieres Sunday, March 11 at 10 p.m. on NBC. 


One thought on “‘Timeless’ Season 2 Olympics Promo Reaction: Are you still reeling from Lyatt’s kiss?

  1. Concerning the kiss. This looks like the ep. 9 kiss in reverse. Wyatt initiated the fake kiss in ep. 9. Lucy appears to be initiating this kiss. This kiss doesnt look fake. I suspect that a crisis has brought them very close to each other and Lucy can bear it any longer but to express her feelings for him. Can’t wait to see the episode

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