‘Lucifer’ vs. ‘Supernatural’: Comparing Cains

‘Lucifer’ returned from another brief hiatus with the illuminating episode we’ve been waiting for after Marcus Pierce’s (Tom Welling) jaw-dropping twist. We have had so many questions since we found out he is Cain. Although we got some answers, we still have a lot to ponder. “All About Her” was another captivating, witty and moving installment in this brilliant season. It makes us even more excited for what’s next.

The Answers

Cain has been trying to find a way to die for eons. When he finally heard about Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) vulnerability around Chloe (Lauren German,) he thought she’d do the trick for him too. He had Luci kidnapped to get him out of the way and have Chloe all to himself. When Lucifer returned, Cain had to improvise and essentially put a hit on himself. Lucifer is rightfully pissed at him for putting Chloe in danger – so sweet! Cain is mostly just peeved that it didn’t work. (Yeah, he really could use some sensitivity training.) As we learned from the gun shot and Luci’s stabbing, Cain may not be able to die, but he still gets hurt like a human.

BUT Cain is not responsible for the return of Lucifer’s wings and the disappearance of his Devil face. Lucifer deduces that his father is messing with them. Cain’s plan to die needed to be thwarted, so Lucifer was thrust into his path like a pawn. Since Cain and Lucifer have a lot of beef with the same target, they decide to join forces. They will work together to solve their respective problems.

Yay! This is going to be SO much fun.

I also love that Pierce wanted Lucifer to do his “thing.” We’ve been wondering if it was even possible and now we know. The scene was so much sadder than what I imagined. Cain just wants to die and in that moment, you kind of feel bad for him.

On a selfish note, I really don’t want him dying anytime soon because Welling and Ellis are way too much fun to watch together.

Lingering Questions

There are a lot of questions, but these are the ones at are really weighing on my mind:

What is Cain’s origin story? Why did he kill Abel?

What weapon did he use? Can that weapon kill Cain?

Does Cain have any special abilities other than immortality?

Did Cain have any children over the centuries he spent on Earth?

Will new celestial/supernatural beings come into play to help Lucifer and Cain or God?

Now, I have to admit that some of these questions were inspired by watching ‘Supernatural.’

When fandoms collide…

It is difficult to discuss Cain without thinking about his other incarnation on ‘Supernatural.’ Once we knew Pierce’s true identity, all I could think was, “Damn, the Cain Club just got even hotter.” Timothy Omundson, Jensen Ackles and now Tom Welling…Swoon!

Every show has its own mythology. ‘Lucifer’ will undoubtedly have its own unique take on history’s first murderer. However, ‘Supernatural’s’ cannon on Cain could be useful to Lucifans. Especially since both mythologies have one crucial thing in common: Cain cannot die.

Here are the main elements that could come into play on ‘Lucifer:’

Cain’s story

On ‘Supernatural,’ Cain (Omundson) didn’t kill his brother in cold murder. Instead, he was actually protecting Abel. Cain made a deal and sacrificed his own soul to save his brother’s. That is an unexpectedly sympathetic spin on the Biblical story. It also makes sense as to why Omundson was cast in the role. He’s lovable, yet edgy.

We still haven’t heard Cain’s complete story on ‘Lucifer,’ so there could still be more twists to come. For starters, Welling is known to be a nice guy on set and he does come with the “good ole boy” reputation after playing Clark Kent for 10 seasons on ‘Smallville.’

Now that Cain’s motives are clear – he just wants die tear emoji – then maybe he can spend his final days redeeming himself. After all, Luci isn’t as evil and vicious as he’s alleged to be. Perhaps Cain got a bad rap too.

The Mark of Cain

Just like Pierce, he bears the indestructible Mark of Cain (which contains the Darkness and keeps it/her from destroying all of humanity – long story that’s not relevant to Pierce’s case, so let’s not bother getting into the gritty details) and is immortal. But there’s a catch! The mark can be transferred/copied onto someone else and with it comes the curse/power.

Dean Winchester takes the curse upon himself and becomes virtually untouchable. On the downside, the longer he bears the mark, the more violent and bloodthirsty he becomes. Eventually, he’ll end up killing his beloved younger brother and BFF Sam. He needs to remove the mark to be rid of the curse.

Also note, Cain still bears the Mark and after centuries of curbing his bloodlust, he’s now gone on a killing spree. Specifically, he’s targeting his offspring to kill off the bloodline.

Pierce created an ominous presence as the Sinnerman, but he did not enjoy taking his friend’s life. It doesn’t seem like he’s particularly bloodthirsty. If he was such a mean guy, would he bother apologizing to Ella? Let alone hug her?! (Yes, that was one of my favorite moments. Aimee Garcia is adorable and I love Ella’s interaction with Pierce.) Maybe he too has changed over the millennia. Even if he’s driven to keep killing, he must get tired of it after so long. Right?

Cain’s Weapon aka “The First Blade”

Here’s the game changer I’m waiting for on ‘Lucifer.’ Just like Amenadiel’s (D.B. Woodside) necklace, God Johnson’s (Omundson) belt buckle and Azrael’s Blade of Death made up the Flaming Sword that could kill divine beings with no chance of miraculous resurrection. Luci & Co. need to find a weapon that is capable of killing Cain.

On ‘Supernatural,’ the blade Cain used to kill his brother (“the First Blade”) was the only thing that could take his life. However, only someone bearing the Mark of Cain can wield the First Blade, which is why Dean took the Mark upon himself (another long story, he needed the blade to kill an unbeatable big baddie.)

I’m not saying ‘Lucifer’ is going to follow in ‘Supernatural’s’ footsteps exactly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Luci enlists Maze’s help in finding a weapon powerful enough to kill Cain. Judging by the trailer for “Til Death Do Us Part,” it looks like Lucifer plans on having a little fun with his new partner first.

I do not want to see the kind of mess that chainsaw will make…nor do I care to see Welling sliced to bits. Yikes!

What do you think Lucifans? Will you expect to see some parallels between both shows? Do you hope Cain sticks around for a while? Do you think someone else is behind Lucifer’s wings and Devil face? Are other forces who are out to get Cain? If Lucifer’s dad is the main one beefing with them, then will we see Him this season?

Like I said earlier, we still have SO many questions! Share your thoughts and questions below. I’m very curious to hear your theories and observations.

UPDATE: Here’s my review of “Til Death Do Us Part”

‘Lucifer’ airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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