‘Forever’ fans launch #SaveForever week

Hot on the heels of their day-long Twitter event to raise awareness for the high international demand to resurrect ‘Forever,’ fans are seizing the day and launching #SaveForever week, May 22 – 29. There is a small window during which principle cast members Ioan Gruffudd and Alana De La Garza are available to resume their roles as Dr. Henry Morgan and Det. Jo Martinez, respectively. Fans do not want to lose the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Long-time #SaveForever campaigner, Cathy Carey shares this call to arms with fellow ‘Forever’ fans:


It’s been a long time coming.  Whether you’ve loved FOREVER for two years, two months, or two weeks, you’ve known the pain of wanting more of Dr. Henry Morgan’s long story and the disappointing fear that it will never come.  I’m not making any promises here, but if the universe is screwing with us, it’s a cruel joke indeed.

Most of the cast is available.  Maybe it’s coincidence, but I take it as a sign that now is our time.  We have to strike hard & fast.  We have to be consistent & persistent.  We have to keep on WB to move on FOREVER before someone gets pulled into a long-term commitment again.

There must be a reason why the show was taken from us so prematurely, but we’ll probably never find out what it was.  I trust however, that it will come back & grow bigger than any of us imagine.  Well, personally, I’ve imagined it could grow to a similar status of Star Trek & Dr Who:  Conventions, tours, merchandise, generational development (you love it, so your kids learn to love it & it goes on and on.)  To me, the possibilities are endless.

Like Star Trek, it took people, devoted fans, to keep the dream from dying as just another canceled TV series.  Where would this world be now without the imagination & inspiration of Gene Roddenberry’s Trek universe?  Matt Miller is our Gene Roddenberry.  FOREVER is ours & if not for us, it could be lost & forgotten.  As history will know the name ENTERPRISE, I want history to know the name DR HENRY MORGAN.

It’s up to us, my wonderful FOREVER family, my treasured FOREVER friends.


Warner Bros. owns ‘Forever’ and still profits from the show. If you go to WB’s ‘Forever’ page (here), you’ll see different ways the show is available to buy or rent (DVDs, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Amazon, the WB shop). We need to prioritize the networks most likely to strike a deal with WB. Since ‘Forever’ also airs on the CW Seed (here), it makes The CW Network a viable candidate as well. All of these aforementioned networks/streaming services are already making money off of ‘Forever,’ which gives fans a bit more incentive.

#SaveForever Week To Do List (Check back for updates as the campaign expands):

  • Continue to tag  @warnerbrostv and one other network that could carry the show (contact info below).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Tag prospective networks individually. We don’t want to group the competition together in a single tweet. Divide and conquer by targeting each one separately. It makes a difference.
  • Email, call, tweet, write, post to, etc. all prospective networks. Tell them how much you love ‘Forever’ and why we need another season (contact info below)
  • Rate and write reviews for the show on the ‘Forever’ IMDB page. (This will increase its popularity/ranking on IMDB and draw more attention to the series.)
  • Rate and watch/buy the show on iTunesAmazon, and Amazon Instant Video.
  • If you see any ads while streaming ‘Forever,’ thank the advertisers/companies. Be positive, supportive and appreciative.
  • Is there a favored #SaveForever petition? If so, please send it my way and I’ll post it here.

Use the following contact info:

Warner Bros Television Group  oversees all of WB’s TV shows.

The CW



  •  Buy Season 1 on iTunes (here)


TNT airs other WB shows and ‘Forever’ would be a perfect fit for their network, so it’s worth a shot.


Fans who have called Netflix learned that if you search for ‘Forever’ (even though we know they don’t carry the show) and watch other shows/movies cast members have starred in, then Netflix will see a high demand for the show and its stars. This all could motivate them to carry ‘Forever’ and bring back the show, like they’ve done for others.


We all miss Henry, so let’s try to get him back!

This is a group effort. Please let me know if you have any ideas or come across new info. I’ll be sure to keep this up-to-date. I figured it would be helpful to have a place where we can all be on the same page. Send me comments personally via Twitter, Facebook, and/or e-mail…you can also post comments below to keep the conversation flowing here in the same space 🙂

Let’s keep the faith!

6 thoughts on “‘Forever’ fans launch #SaveForever week

  1. There is no petition & there isn’t going to be one. The networks couldn’t care less about them.

  2. WB owns Forever – that’s true, but you missed something:

    CWseed and CW are 50% WB + 50% CBS

    TNT Drama is also Warner Bros (the bigger umbrella of Time Warner aka Turner Broadcasting System).

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