’Downward Dog’ S1 Ep 2 preview: Martin and Nan test their ‘Boundaries’

As you may already know from my advance review, in the series premiere of ‘Downward Dog’ (available online HERE), we see what happens when Martin experiences severe separation anxiety while Nan is busy dealing with her superficial boss and sorting out her feelings for Jason.

In the follow-up episode, “Boundaries,”  Martin and Nan try taking more control over their lives and push their personal boundaries. Of course, stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy, for dogs and humans alike.

Enjoy images from the episode and check out ABC’s official synopsis below:

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When Nan installs an automatic dog door so she can take away Jason’s key but still keep him as Martin’s dog walker, Martin is convinced he can suddenly open doors with his mind, and the new-found power goes to his head. Meanwhile at work, Nan’s boss is unable to understand the new ad campaign Nan sold to the corporate bosses, and he spirals into confusion.

There are a lot of great moments in this episode. Martin’s interaction with the automatic door and his sudden sense of power is hilarious. He becomes full of himself very quickly and has an epiphany: “I’m the one in charge. I’m not listening to anyone again.” Will Martin be proven wrong? You’ll have to tune-in to find out.

While Martin believes he has god-like powers, Nan deals with a very human and relatable dilemma as she struggles to find a balance between work and her relationship with Jason. Will she be able to stay in a relationship with Jason and excel at her job? After all, Kevin proves to be a pretty demanding boss, mostly because he just can’t grasp the concept of Nan’s clever advertising campaign.

‘”Boundaries” airs Tuesday, May 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

For more details and insights on ‘Downward Dog,’ check out my interview with co-creators, Samm Hodges and Michael Killen (minor spoilers ahead):

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