‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 16 recap: Breaking free

Saving Hope S4 Ep16

“Saving Hope” holds nothing back in “Torn and Frayed.” This intense episode tackles a sensitive subject matter when Alex and Cassie try to help a domestic abuse victim get out of a dangerous relationship. One of Hope Zion’s own knows how hard it is to speak-out against an abuser, so it is fitting to see how Zach helps Dawn overcome haunting flashbacks of Lane’s horrifying attack in her office. Meanwhile, Dr. Bishop’s marriage is at a crossroads and his patient, Simon, exemplifies the benefits of starting over after divorce. Last, but not least, Charlie has a new supernatural experience when he helps Max, a man who has been living with locked-in syndrome for 15 years. This moving and illuminating episode explores second chances. Who will break away from the pain and grab onto all that is good in life?

The Black Dot

Newlyweds Chase and Georgia come to the ER after the bride has an “accident.” We aren’t sure how she was injured, but Alex and Cassie can tell something is off. Chase keeps answering their questions before Georgia has a chance to speak for herself. He even blames her “fall” on inebriation. When Georgia opens her hand to revel a black dot on her palm, we realize that she is a victim of domestic abuse.

Alex tells Cassie that they must deal with this situation carefully because it is a gray area. They tell Chase that she needs to be taken in for imaging. Alex speaks to him privately to make sure Georgia doesn’t have an underlying condition. Chase says she drinks too much and lost her job. He claims she needs a shrink. Yeah, he sounds like a gem. Meanwhile, Cassie chats with Georgia.

Georgia defends her husband, saying Chase is stressed and passionate. She insists it was an accident. He wouldn’t hurt her because she’s his everything. Georgia keeps making excuses for him: he’s alone, he had bad childhood, he has abandonment issues, he’s a wannabe rock star, etc. Cassie hits her with a dose of bitter reality by sharing her sister’s story. Her boyfriend beat her so badly that her jaw was wired shut and she needed a colostomy bag. Her sister is better now, but she should’ve left the creep before things got out of control. Georgia wants their help, but no police.

Alex and Cassie have 15 minutes to get her away from Chase, before the imaging results come back. When they try to get Chase to simmer down and wait a minute, he shouts at them. Chase doesn’t like being told what to do. So Alex and Cassie calmly ask him for a moment of girl talk with Georgia.

They’ve arranged for Georgia to go to a shelter. Cassie will take care of her cat, collect her things, and call sister. When she’s about to waiver, Alex reminds her that Chase broke his promise to her. It’s now or never and Georgie needs to go. Chase waits for her in the lobby and starts smashing the ATM, while she sneaks away.

Phew! I was worried she wasn’t going to leave him. Alex and Cassie did a great job of diffusing the situation with Chase and getting Georgia to safety. I’m really glad Georgia accepted their help and had the strength to walk away from that toxic relationship. “Saving Hope” has always done a wonderful job of highlighting women’s strength in both the doctors and patients we encounter on the show. Bravo!

If Walls Could Talk

Zach brings Dawn coffee in her office. She can’t decide on a paint color for the wall. He tries cheering her up and they banter a bit before duty calls. Jackson pages Dawn to the ER to check on Simon.

Simon is having a heart attack and uses an older model pacemaker, so Dawn is going to check the data on his pacemaker to see if there are any issues. Meanwhile, Zach continues to recommend colors for her office. The way he’s trying to help her out is so cute!

So here’s the deal with Simon: he’s had a pacemaker for 10 years, and he fairly recently got out of a horrible marriage. Since divorcing his wife and moving away, he’s been much happier. He’s also been getting out there to meet people.

We found out that Bishop’s marriage is on the rocks, so it is almost as if Fate has paired him with Simon on this day. After a two hour phone call with his wife, it seems as though their marriage is really over. She’s even going to sell their home in L.A. Yikes! So Bishop asks for divorce advice. Simon says to make it fast and don’t let emotions get in way. Ha! Like it could ever be that easy.

Bishop and Dawn need to operate on Simon. Unfortunately, Bishop spaces out on them during the surgery. He’s suddenly distracted by all the memories with his wife. Luckily, he gets his act together. When his cell rings, Dawn tells him to take the call, but Bishop wants to take care of Simon first. The surgery is a success and a happy surprise awaits Simon.

Dawn meets Simon’s boyfriend, Diego. He’s a decorator and he gave Zach some ideas for Dawn’s office. Awww! People keep telling Dawn that Zach is a “good guy” and he is definitely living up to his reputation.

Zach shows Dawn the three color choices he’s painted on the wall. Before he even goes over the third color, Dawn kisses him. Squee! She says, “Everybody keeps telling me what a great guy you are.” Zach admits he lost his way and is trying to find his way back. Dawn doesn’t want to get their hopes and realistically reveals that she doesn’t know where this thing between them will go. Zach delivers the perfect response: they’ve known known each other for years, so he’s in no hurry. He hugs her and they paint the wall together.

I really love Dawn and Zach together! They’ve both been burned by bad relationships in the past, so they went through a phase of flings. I am so glad their friendship has evolved into something more. They are a perfect fit because they understand each other and know that they’ve both got baggage. Zach was there for Dawn during some of the darkest times in her life and he always knew how to help her in those moments. I hope they find their happily ever after together.

Living in Limbo

Charlie has a lot on his mind. He usually has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but this time, he’s worried about his own future. He’s decided to have the brain surgery, but still has reservations. He asks Shahir if he feels confident. Being typical Shahir, he goes into brain surgeon mode and talks about the numbers, particularly that the fatality rate is less than 8%. You’ve got to love Shahir. He tries so hard, but can’t help himself sometimes. Charlie bluntly says that he’s asking for a pep talk, as friends often do. Shahir pauses for a moment and says Charlie has nothing to worry about. So Charlie goes on with his day just like it is any other.

Max is brought into the ER for a dislocated shoulder, but it’s not your typical pop-and-lock situation. Max has locked-in syndrome. He was trapped inside his body for three years before anyone noticed that there was a person in there who was yearning to communicate (which he does by blinking). Dev brings him to Charlie and that’s when Max’s spirit appears. Well this is something new!

Max keeps lurking around behind Charlie, so they go to his office. The poor guy hasn’t been able to speak for 15 years! Clearly, he has a lot on his mind and Charlie is the first person he can have an actual conversation with. These kind of medical cases always kill me. I can’t imagine being aware of everything, yet having no control over what happens or even a means of communication. It must be frustrating and suffocating. Max pops in and out of spirit form, coming and going as he pleases, being sure to be there to blink when he’s being spoken to. You can’t help but wonder how Max has survived like this for so long. Well, we’re about to find out his reason for living.

Charlie meets Yvonne, one of Max’s nurses at Silver Falls. She cared for him for 12 years. She was the one who reached out to, spoke with him, tried to keep him entertained and treated him like a living person. She chastised the orderly who dropped him. Now she wants to spend the day with him so she can say goodbye before she moves out west for a job. Poor Max looks heartbroken and gutted by this news.

Spirit Max tells Charlie how Yvonne proved to world that he exists. She pulled him out of hell. He went insane in his earlier years, as we can imagine one would living like that. He can’t go on without her, but he doesn’t want Charlie to stop her from leaving either. Max wants help letting her go. Now that is true love! He needs Charlie to be his voice.

Yvonne explains how her sister has big plans for her out West. She should meet somebody and half a life, but she is hesitant to leave. She’s worried Max will feel abandoned. Charlie tells her about his experience in the coma and how he understands Max’s perspective. As Charlie speaks for Max, he wishes her all the happiness in the world. Of course, Charlie filled in the blanks a little bit. She double checks to make sure he’s okay with her leaving. He selflessly lets her go. Both of them cry as they bid one another goodbye. Awww, this is a punch in the feels!

Suddenly, Yvonne comes back! She didn’t even make it out of building. She doesn’t have bond with anyone else. She doesn’t like people much, but she does like Max. She appreciates him letting her go, but she doesn’t want to leave him. She tells him to get better soon, so he can come back to Silver Oaks. He can’t contain his tears of happiness. Oh my heart!!! Yay, I’m so happy she stayed. They really love each other and that’s what truly matters.


Lastly, Jackson provided some awkward comic relief throughout the episode when he reaches out to Maggie for secret medical help. He had an embarrassing incident when he was intimate with his girlfriend, Maria. After he has an MRI, Maggie discovers that he experienced an “orgasmic thunderclap.” Well, that’s a new one! She advises Jackson to be honest with Maria, especially since he really cares for her. Odds are, she likes him too and won’t be freaked out.

I guess now we know that Jackson is the closest to Maggie. You’d think it might have been Zach because they’re always bantering away in the ER with their funny one-liners. Hopefully we’ll get to learn more about Jackson, other than his unique medical issue.

What did you think, Hopefuls? What were your favorite parts of the episode? Are you happy Dawn and Zach are officially dating? Did Max’s story tug on your heartstrings? Were you worried Georgia wasn’t going to leave Chase? Share your thoughts below!


One thought on “‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 16 recap: Breaking free

  1. Easily one of my favorite ghost stories of the season, very unique. Having the ability to leave his body probably helped Max a bit, but having someone like Yvonne was his main lifeline. I’m glad she stayed.

    Great to see Dawn and Zach take the next step. They both had obstacles and tragedy to overcome, so they know where the other is coming from and just seem to compliment each other. Look forward to seeing more of them.

    Good pep talk, Shahir!

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