‘Timeless’ S1 Ep 14 preview: ‘Supernatural’s’ Jim Beaver make his debut in “The Lost Generation”

Get excited Time Team and SPN Family! We have a look at Jim Beaver’s (aka “Supernatural’s” beloved Bobby Singer) debut on “Timeless.” Eric Kripke first broke the news on Twitter with this teaser and Beaver tweeted this tidbit about his time on set so far.

TVLine elaborated on his new role, adding:

Beaver will appear in the final three episodes of the time-traveling series’ freshman season as NSA Agent Neville, who comes to Mason Industries to lock horns with Sakina Jaffrey’s Agent Christopher, TVLine has learned.

Neville is “harboring a dark secret,” Kripke teases, adding, “I refuse to make a TV show that doesn’t have Jim Beaver in it. He vastly improves everything I write.”

The good news: Beaver has a juicy three episode arc. The bad news: Neville probably means trouble for Agent Christopher and the Time Team. Uh-oh!

Watch the intense promo HERE! Check out NBC’s official episode description and images below:


A NEW SOLIDER JOINS LUCY AND RUFUS TO CHASE FLYNN THROUGH ROARING TWENTIES’ PARIS. As Lucy (Abigail Spencer) grapples with her newfound identity, Flynn (Goran Višnjic) disappears to 1927 France on the day that Charles Lindbergh (guest star Jesse Luken) completes his transatlantic flight. Now, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), Lucy and their new soldier scramble through the City of Lights and team with young reporter, Ernest Hemingway (guest star Brandon Barash), to keep history intact. Meanwhile, locked in an undisclosed location, a despondent Wyatt (Matt Lanter) gets a visit from Agent Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey), and the pair is left wondering if their enemies are closer than they realize. Also starring Paterson Joseph and Claudia Doumit. Guest starring Susanna Thompson, John Getz, Jim Beaver and Annie Wersching.

We’re on the edge of our seats to see what happens! Wyatt is in the doghouse for taking off with the Lifeboat and trying to save his wife. However, Agent Christopher is understanding of the Time Team’s concerns. She gave Lucy the flash drive of her life’s story for safe-keeping and they had a candid heart-to-heart. If her life changes, she’ll want to get back the people she lost, just like Lucy wants her sister, Amy, back. In Monday’s”Karma Chameleon” (watch my emotional and animated video review HERE), Agent Christopher even told Lucy they should try bringing Amy back before destroying the Lifeboat. Without a doubt, Agent Christopher is on the Time Team’s side and has put herself at odds with unreliable Conner Mason.

We also have a bunch of questions about those photos:

  • What does Lucy learn about Rittenhouse when she confronts her father? What are Rittenhouse’s plans for Lucy’s future? Can they be stopped? What does he mean by “Rittenhouse is in your blood”?
  • Who is the new soldier replacing Wyatt? From the promo, it seems like it must be Baumgardner (Victor Zinck, Jr.), the military buddy he bumped into at Mason Industries a while back in “The Alamo.” Connor Mason is making it a point to show these guys how replaceable they are. First training Jiya to fill Rufus’ shoes and now Wyatt has been benched. Do they have somebody on stand-by to take over for Lucy too?
  • We’ve seen how desperate Flynn is to stop Rittenhouse, but is he trying to stop the evolution of air travel altogether? First NASA, now Lindbergh. Whose next…the Wright Brothers?!

What do you think about everything you’ve seen so far? Do have any ideas or theories about how the rest of the season will pan out? Do you think Agent Neville will end up turning against Mason? Will the Time Team and/or Flynn eradicate Rittenhouse? What do you hope to see as the season finale nears?

UPDATE! We learn more about Lucy’s dad in this fascinating sneak peek from Monday’s new episode. Watch the clip HERE.

UPDATE #2: Entertainment Weekly posted a new sneak peek from tonight’s episode! Check out Lucy’s deep conversation with Josephine Baker HERE.

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