‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 8 recap: The domino effect

It takes real teamwork to pull of miraculous domino transplants. (Photo credit: CTV via Twitter)

We witness another miracle and a ‘Saving Hope’ first in “Waiting on a Friend.” A series of domino kidney transplants provides Hope Zion doctors with the opportunity to save four lives at once. However, there are some losses and scares along the way. Charlie discovers the power and pull of True Love while treating a couple involved in the kidney chain. Elsewhere, Dana makes a new friend and surprising decision during chemo therapy. Let’s knock over the first domino, shall we?

Jeremy Bishop (Peter Mooney), a trauma surgeon returning from Los Angeles, joins the Hope Zion team and apparently shares a past with Charlie. We learn that he was sued after saving a girl’s life. It turns out that there were more lawyers than doctors on staff, so he left L.A. Jeremy makes a good impression right off the bat and he becomes more likable as the episode goes on. Especially when we see how he’s got Alex’s back and has the patient’s best interest at heart. But we’ll get to that later.

Nearly all hands are on deck for the domino transplant. Some people have been waiting for this moment a long time, they just need that one last kidney to get the ball rolling. When aerial artists and soulmates, Illyana and Kurt, are rushed to the E.R. after a devastating fall, a rare opportunity presents itself.

Illyana is unfortunately brain dead and has no chance of recovery. On the bright side, she is an organ donor and her kidney is the match that sets off the domino transplants. Charlie promises to give Kurt the chance to give his beloved a proper goodbye. Okay, so here is when things start to get a little haunting.

Charlie hears Illyana’s spirit singing. Even after she has passed, her spirit won’t move on. She’s clearly waiting for Kurt, who is on the mend and out of harm’s way. Kristine hears her too. Both mediums have tried, but Illyana doesn’t want to talk or seem to need help. Kristine identifies the tune as “My Pigeon Home,” a lullaby about reuniting. Uh-oh. Is this going where we think it is going?

Once Illyana’s kidney and organs have been harvested, Kurt is given his moment to say goodbye. He explains to Charlie how she is the only person who ever understood him. It is like he’s losing a piece of himself. This is epic, heartbreaking, ultimate romance, True Love level stuff he’s talking about. Charlie wonders if it is possible for someone in good health to will themselves to die out of love. It isn’t Kurt’s time, he can’t just die…right?

As Kurt mourns by her bedside, Illyana’s spirit appears and begins psychically luring him into her realm. He even starts humming her tune! She won’t go into the light without him and he doesn’t want to live his life without her. His heart rate rapidly elevates, his body starts coding and his spirit joins her. Together, they dance off into the light. Sigh.

Charlie is baffled and doesn’t understand what just happened. Kristine gets their love and thinks they deserve to be with each other, even in death. She offers some perspective on the matter and opens up to Charlie about her past. Kristine lost her young daughter in a drunk driving accident. When she awoke from the crash and learned her baby was gone, she wanted to die just to be reunited with her little one. (Pass me more Kleenex, please.) Once she came to, Kristine realized that her daughter was gone, but she could see other spirits. She’s still trying to figure it out. Charlie says they can help each other figure it out.

Awww. I’m glad these two found each other. They need all the support they can get. It’s been rough on Charlie. He’s never had someone he could really talk to about all of the supernatural craziness. Alex tried, but she can’t truly understand what it feels like to be in his shoes. Kristine can and that is comforting within itself.  Now, going back to the domino transplants.

Illyana set the chain in motion. There is a loving gay couple and two best friends who are ready to play their parts as donors and recipients. There’s a boy at another hospital on stand-by waiting for his kidney from Hope Zion. And then there’s Alex’s patient, Emma, and her brother Larry. They are part of the domino team, but Larry has chickened out of donating his kidney. Come on, man!

This is where Jeremy becomes “Saving Hope’s” new dreamy doc. When Alex’s pep talk doesn’t suffice, he tries to win Larry over. He tells Larry that all of humanity has a responsibility to heal the world. (He also gives Alex super sweet and encouraging glances during surgery. And we know he’s not hitting on her because he’s crushing on Cassie. Speaking of which, the bug cream was a nice touch to break the ice after an awkward first encounter in the locker room. Seriously, this guy is a keeper! Moving on…) Larry still isn’t convinced. Oh no, is he going to single-handedly ruin all of these people’s lives?!

Luckily, Larry comes to his senses. He’s been afraid his entire life and he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. He’s always admired his sister and wants to do the right thing. His hesitation caused a delay, so Alex and Jeremy clamor to make things work and salvage kidneys that were frozen for too long. Thankfully, all of the transplants go well. There’s a scare with Larry after his surgery, but Shahir operates and successfully relieves the pressure on his brain stem caused by a clot. Phew!

The episode nicely ties up how the domino transplants affected each couple’s lives: from grateful kids writing cute thank you cards to the stranger who saved their mom’s life, to the strong bond between siblings and a caring couple’s devotion. Well done, “Saving Hope”!

Alright, now for the other heavy-hitting arc this season: Dana’s remission and recovery. Alex sends her off to chemo therapy with a thoughtful care package. You can’t blame Dana for feeling uncomfortable now that the brilliant doctor has become a patient. The moment she takes a seat, another patient, Josh Lewis (a professor of 18th century poetry and writer) starts chatting away.

He sticks his foot in his mouth by insulting doctors, then quickly rights his wrong after Dana kindly puts him in check. He seems kind of annoying at first, but starts growing on her. Soon the two are spilling secrets, sharing pot cookies, laughing, crying and getting very real and personal. After spending time with Josh, she feels like she has a new lease on life.

Dana tells Alex about her experience in chemo therapy. She’s decided to go to Paris with Josh. Whoa! Alex tries bringing her back to reality. It’s not safe to travel in her condition. What about her treatment? This is all so sudden and crazy. Dana knows and she doesn’t care. She chooses to live her life, not just prolong it. Like she revealed to Josh, she doesn’t want to go through this again. She wants to fly away. So she’s fighting cancer a different way by living and enjoying life. (You could say that Josh triggered his own little domino effect by moving Dana so deeply that she’s take a huge chance like this.)

Well, she does have a right to live her life the way she wants, so it’s hard to argue with her about it. Alex did what any good friend would do. She made sure Dana is thinking things through and then offers her support. Given how rough this is, it is nice to see that Dana has found happiness and light within the darkness of her situation. She feels like a love-struck girl again. She excitedly returns to Josh’s side and shares a limerick she wrote for him. The two kiss and we just hope he doesn’t let Dana down.

This was another loaded episode! What did you think of the domino transplants? What is your first impression of Dr. Jeremy Bishop? Do you agree with Dana’s decision? Are you shocked by her boldness? Did the soulmates’ unwavering bond move you? Were heartbroken by Kristine’s story? Do you think she’ll ever see her daughter’s spirit? Share your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 8 recap: The domino effect

  1. Dana’s decision seems a bit sudden and surprising, but it’s understandable. It’s her second time going through this, and I can’t blame her for choosing love and adventure over treatment in the immediate future. Don’t count her out though, and don’t think Alex is giving up on her fight either.

    Enjoyed the team effort and medical storyline of the domino transplant. And Bishop made a great first impression, especially on Cassie. I also like that Charlie could finally have a buddy like Alex has Dana and Maggie.

    I’m not sure Kurt willed himself to die as much as he lost the will to live, if that makes sense. Still, that was a troubling ghost encounter and Charlie was understandably rattled. As much as he loves Alex, would he give in so easily if she died, or want her to join him in spirit if he died? I lean towards Charlie’s opinion rather than Kristine’s. It’s hard to lose someone but you have to keep going. And we’re just scratching the surface of Kristine.

    1. Oh yes it does! Well said, he did lose the will to live. That’s a good question. At least we know Alex and Charlie are willing to hold onto each other from the other side. Thank you for always posting such thoughtful comments, Hallie 🙂

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