‘Sleepy Hollow’ S3 Ep 6 recap: Lady in red

“This Red Lady from Caribee” will make you bug out. (Photo credit: FOX via FoxFlash)

Pandora is still working hard to escalate fear in Sleepy Hollow and tear Team Witness apart. This time around, she summons “This Red Lady from Caribee,” a buggy woman who causes paranoia in her victims. This is the last flower Pandora needs to see blossom on her tree before her first mission is complete. The war between Good and Evil intensifies as Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny and Joe desperately search for answers and fight to stop Pandora.

The episode opens with a little levity as we watch Ichabod and Zoe go on an awkward first date at Benihana. It is cute in theory, but in reality, Ichabbie hopefuls are squirming in their seats and screaming obscenities at their TVs. #SorryNotSorry, Sleepy Writers. Ichabbie shippers will simply take this is a good sign that Crane is finally beginning to move on from Katrina and opening his heart up to a new love in his life (cough Abbie cough). Of course, romance is once again set aside when duty calls.

Crane and Abbie are on their way to face a judge who may just dismiss the charges against Ichabod because he’s such a history buff. Unfortunately, they enter the courtroom and see that Judge Chrysdale has lost his mind, thanks to Pandora’s creepy lady in red. While clearing out the courtroom, Ichabod questions Abbie about her relationship with Reynolds. Is he being an overprotective friend or are his feelings for his co-Witness evolving into something deeper? Ichabbie’s relationship themed repartee has reached a whole new level this season, giving devoted shippers some hope. Moving on…Ichabod spots the feminine figured swarm and has an idea of what kind of creature they’re dealing with.

Ichabod identifies the insects as Jack Spaniard wasps, which hail from the Caribbean. One bite from this evil bug sparks fever, paranoia and then death. Yikes! General Howe was behind the insect infestation that afflicted George Washington in 1776. Grace Dixon helped Betsy fight the creatures off with a tonic. They need to recreate Grace’s concoction and kill the Soucouyant to stop the swarm. While they try to find Grace’s cure, Reynolds calls Abbie in to another crime scene.

The head of the PTA is killed after another bout of paranoia. It is obvious that Pandora is attacking people who are in a position of power. Reynolds becomes uncharacteristically peeved when Abbie discusses the case over the phone with Ichabod. He snaps at her for not focusing on work and tells her not to let her personal life interfere. Abbie realizes he’s been bitten as he launches an inquisition, aggressively questioning Abbie about everything. Clearly, Abs left this guy brokenhearted because he is a hot mess. As things escalate, Abbie is forced to take him down. She cuffs him and takes him back to the tunnels, where Joe sedates Reynolds before he attacks again.

After some research, the team realizes that a double entendre holds the ingredients to Grace’s tonic. Jenny and Joe visit one of her old sources to acquire some of the special ingredients they need. On the way, Joe tells Jenny that he appreciates everything she’s done to help him. Awww. As if his puppy dog glances aren’t a big enough clue, Jenny’s old buddy, Azzaca, provides some possible foreshadowing.

Azzaca eerily reads her fate and delivers an ominous message. Jenny will be claimed. He tells Joe to protect to her and advises Jenny to hold onto her new boyfriend. Well that’s a bittersweet scene! Let’s focus on the good for now, shall we? Team Witness has the means to save those infected by the bewitching wasp and defeat Pandora’s swarm.

Abbie accesses a satellite view of Sleepy Hollow to find where Pandora has hidden the hive, which they plan on burning down. They weapon up, arm themselves with Greek fire, and stealthily enter Pandora’s lair. When Pandora catches the bow Ichabod fires at her, Team Witness enters phase two and sets the hive on fire. They successfully stop the killer bees, but they’re unable to catch Pandora. After taunting them with all the terror she has brought into their world (chaos, loneliness, innocence lost, death, and the fear of fear itself), Pandora opens a portal in her winding tree and steps into the great unknown. Did she just walk into the Underworld?! This can’t be good. Sadly, things are about to get even worse.

While Ichabbie takes on Pandora, Jenny and Joe ignore Abbie’s warning and meet with Atticus Nevins. We learn that August Corbin and Nevins were into some shady business during their time in the military. They stole cash and hid it in Bolivia. That’s unsettling! Nevins warns Joe that in this line of work, the “debts collect you.” He believes that Joe, like August, is drawn to darkness. He argues that there is no good or evil, there is only power. Geesh, this guy is a major buzzkill when it comes to learning more about Sheriff Corbin. Joe hands over the shard of Anubis, as promised. Nevins opens the stone, removes the small ruby red circular glass and examines it in his gloved hand. It looks legit, so Nevins heads out.

Jenny ambushes him outside and reclaims the shard. Unfortunately, she holds the crimson crystal in her bare hand and it is suddenly absorbed into her skin. By episode’s end, Jenny’s full body is glowing and she is haunted by nightmarish visions. Oh no! Is this the beginning of Azzaca’s disturbing prophecy?

As for Ichabbie…they each patch things up with prospective boos. Reynolds is on the mend in the hospital and has no hard feelings against Abs. Meanwhile, Ichabod takes Zoe on an “official first date” by bringing her along on one of his pensive walks through his “tiny patch of paradise” in Sleepy Hollow. Hang in there, Ichabbie hopefuls. The foundation for an epic romance is all there. It’s just too soon to go there right now. It’s all about timing when it comes to crafting the perfect TV love story.

What did you think of the episode, Sleepy Heads? What is Pandora’s next move? Where did she go? What’s happening to Jenny? How can the shard be removed? What’s the real reason behind August’s interest in the supernatural? Will we learn more about his mysterious past? Is Joe destined to face the same fate if he continues working with Team Witness? Share your thoughts below!

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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