‘Once Upon A Time’ S4 Ep 7 recap: The price of sisterly love

We discover “The Snow Queen’s” shocking history. (Photo credit: Disney/ABC Press)

Ingrid’s plan is right on track, Oncers. “The Snow Queen” reveals this frigid villain’s sob story and it is another “Once Upon a Time” doozy. But does it justify Ingrid’s irrational desire to rebuild the family she destroyed? In an attempt to regain what she lost, the Snow Queen makes Emma feel isolated by causing the sheriff to lose control of her powers. What happens next hinges on how the Charming Family reacts to Emma’s unintentionally dangerous behavior: Will they fear Emma and make her feel like a monster?

Arendelle, past: “True love comes in many forms but the sisterly bond, worth it’s weight in magic.”

Young Ingrid, Gerda and Helga are sweetly playing with a kite in a meadow when a stranger attempts an abduction. Ingrid’s powers flare up, she freezes a tree over and just before the bad guy dies, he calls Ingrid a “monster.” Her sisters are surprised but supportive of Ingrid’s abilities. They promise to keep her secret and they will help her find a way to control her powers. Gerda and Helga vow never to look upon their sister as a monster. The three girls tie ribbons around their wrists as a symbol of their love and loyalty. They will always be there for each other and Ingrid will never feel alone.

Fast forward a decade or so and we see the sisters as full grown teenagers. Ingrid is hiding out in their room while Gerda and Helga prepare to attend a ball. She is thinking of what is best for her sisters and doesn’t want a freak accident to ruin any chance of a prosperous marriage for Gerda and Helga. Later at the ball, Helga gleefully dances with a great prospect, the Duke of Weasleton. From a distance, Ingrid watches her sister and snow starts to fall, so she hurries back to her room before anybody can see. In that moment, Ingrid realizes what she must do.

When Gerda and Helga return upstairs, Ingrid is packed and ready to leave. She doesn’t want to jeopardize her sisters’ lives. She says Helga deserves to be the queen of Arendelle. The sisters promised never to abandon each other, so Gerda comes up with another solution: a sorcerer in Mystic Falls could help Ingrid control her powers. So the girls head off to see Rumple.

Ingrid wants Rumple to collect her magic powers, but he proposes another deal. He says, “True love comes in many forms but the sisterly bond, worth it’s weight in magic.” The sisters’ love is something special and holds great power all on its own. Before offering a deal, Rumple warns, “love is free, but all magic comes with a price.” Ingrid is willing to do whatever it takes. He gives her a pair of gloves that will neutralize her frosty fingertips, but Ingrid wants more. She wants the urn as a fail-safe just in case she gets out of control and needs to be contained. Rumple wants all three sisters’ ribbons in exchange. The sisters have faith in their love and don’t want to relinquish the symbol of their loving bond, but Ingrid is desperate. She gives Rumple her ribbon and her sisters follow suit.

Once Ingrid takes her place in high society the Duke has a change of heart. He never wanted to marry Helga, he just wants to be the future king of Arendelle. What a weasel! When Helga walks on in on the uncomfortable scene, she does not believe the Duke’s lies. Helga turns on the Duke and defends her sister. Unfortunately, Ingrid isn’t wearing her glove. Seriously, those things should’ve slid back on the second the Duke came into sight. In self-defense, Ingrid accidentally lets her powers loose. The Duke threatens to expose her secret. Ingrid reaches out to beg him not to, but Helga jumps between the two of them and becomes collateral damage when Ingrid uncontrollably freezes her. The Duke runs off and Ingrid sobs over her sister’s frozen corpse.

Moments later, Gerda arrives on the scene and she cannot believe what Ingrid has done. Gerda calls her a sister a “monster” for killing Helga and traps Ingrid in the urn. The young princess then travels to Grand Pabbie and asks him for a memory potion. The loss of her two sisters is just too painful and she needs the whole kingdom, including Weasleton, to forget they ever existed. Grand Pabbie does as she asks, but warns her that such great magic comes with a price. One way or another, the truth will eventually be revealed.

Stroybrooke, present: “As someone who has created many monsters in his time, I am impressed by the number you did on Ms. Swan.”

Belle found a spell that could neutralize the Snow Queen’s powers, so Emma and Elsa give it a test run. Emma’s magic doesn’t click, so she takes a break and goes off to meet Mary Margaret and babysit little Neal.

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are all part of a new mommy support group. Adorable! Emma feels slighted because Mary Margaret isn’t technically a new mom, but raising a baby is new to her. When MM sees that Emma’s magic is on the fritz, she doesn’t conceal her fear and concern for Baby Neal’s safety. Poor Emma. It is an awkward and heartbreaking mother-daughter moment, which is cut short when David calls-in with a lead on the Snow Queen.

Emma and Elsa work together to capture Ingrid in a pair of flaming hand-cuffs. Must admit that’s a pretty cool spell. Elsa immediately asks Ingrid about Anna, but her powers start acting up when the vindictive Snow Queen gets under her skin. Emma sends Elsa away with Hook and David to investigate the magic mirror Ingrid set up in the clock tower.

Emma’s interrogation of the Snow Queen takes quite a turn when Ingrid guides the conversation. She keeps referring to Emma as family and knows her well after being her foster mother for six months. She emphasizes how they are kindred spirits. Emma should trust her super-power and realize that the Snow Queen is on her side. Yeah right! Emma confronts Ingrid on her crazy plans. Why does she want to cast the spell of shattered sight? Ingrid says it is to protect Emma and be a family again because they belong together. The Charmings cannot understand Emma the way she can, they will wince at her power. But Emma has faith in her family.

Over in the clock tower, Belle, Hook and David check out the Snow Queen’s mirror. Belle says something is wrong with it because her evil reflection isn’t there. Hook believes it’s fine since he looks more devilishly handsome than ever. David puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Ingrid planned her capture and aims to attack from within. They must warn Emma! Unfortunately, they are frozen out of the police station and need to approach Rumple for help even though Hook is wary of Rumple’s history with the Snow Queen.

Back inside the precinct, Ingrid is slowly getting under Emma’s skin and filling her mind with doubt. Emma felt unwanted for 28 years. The Charmings abandoned her and now they are just using her because she is the Savior. Ingrid warns that with one mistake her powers can go from being their salvation to simply scary. Emma tries ignoring her, but it is all too much. Fueled by rage, Emma loses control of her powers and blows up the wall just as David & Co. arrive to rescue her. Emma is afraid of what she might do next. She warns everyone to back up. When David nears to help her, she accidently knocks over a street lamp and it nearly crushes David. The look of fear and dread in Mary Margaret’s eyes and David’s hesitation confirms Emma’s worst nightmare. Her uncontrollable powers are scaring her family. Emma feels like a monster.

Emma is nowhere to be found. Elsa explains to the Charmings that she exactly how her new friend feels. Mary Margaret feels awful for what has happened. The Snow Queen never needed the magic mirror because they are doing the same damage to themselves. How can they ever win back Emma’s trust? This is heartbreaking for Emma, but it is exactly what Ingrid wanted.

Rumple pays the Snow Queen a visit and admits that he is impressed by what she has done to someone as strong as Emma. Ingrid is now ready to make her deal with Rumple. She wants her ribbons back, so we assume the ribbons play a part in making Emma and Elsa Ingrid’s sisters…again, weird and creepy. Ingrid then takes the initiative and says she had control over the sorcerer’s hat for a long time, so she knows Rumple’s plan for world domination. All she asks for in return is to keep Storybrooke to herself. Rumple can do as he wishes with the rest of the world, the Snow Queen just wants to live in peace with her new sisters. Rumple just needs one more thing to make his spell complete. The Snow Queen whispers the mystery item or action in his ear. Rumple gleefully replies that he will do that with great pleasure.

Do what?! Does he have to kill someone? There’s a long list of people he’d like to kill, but Hook is probably at the top of it. He also maintains control over Hook because of their deal, so maybe he will send Hook out to do his dirty work…whatever it may be. Any ideas on what Ingrid whispered in his ear? Share your thoughts below!

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Robin Hood is having trouble forgetting all about Regina. Henry is working hard at Gold’s Shop to get his mother that happy ending, but Robin is pursuing happiness in the present. Despite Regina’s efforts to make Robin do the right thing, he cannot deny his heart. Sure, Marian is the reason he began to rob from the rich and give to the poor. She made him the man he is today: righteous, truthful, honorable, good, and bound by his code. But on this day, he just wants to be with the woman he loves. Outlaw Queen is getting hot and heavy! Is there any hope for Marian at this rate?

What did you think of “The Snow Queen”? How will the Charmings regain Emma’s trust? How can Emma get control over her powers again? What is Rumple’s next move?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

“Once Upon A Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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