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‘Once Upon A Time’ S5 mid-season finale recap: A hero’s death

Season 5’s mid-season finale, “Swan Song,” digs deeper into a secret and shameful part of Hook’s past that Regina has been privy to. For a Disney show about fairytales, “Once Upon A Time” has never shied away from exposing the exceedingly grim side to these fanciful fictions. As […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S5 Ep 4 recap: Chaos in Camelot

“Once Upon A Time” keeps pouring salt on the wound by brutally tarnishing King Arthur’s honorable image. “The Broken Kingdom” sheds even more light on Arthur’s villainy and how he pushed his wife into another man’s arms. Camelot’s iconic love triangle gets the “OUAT” treatment, as we see […]

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