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‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 9 review: Will Molly rescue herself from Malcolm?

Friday night’s “Child’s Play” was another whirlwind episode of “Sleepy Hollow.” Although we saw the Golem twist coming, Sleepy Writers still managed to shock us with an unforeseen encounter, which left fans reeling. Let’s try to process the craziness that went down. Molly is in a bit of […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S4 Ep 9 preview: Will ‘Child’s Play’ have us in stitches?

“Sleepy Hollow” has been keeping us on the edge of our seats this season. The first four episodes provided a smooth transition as Jenny and Ichabod began to build the new Team Witness. The last few installments revealed more of Malcolm Dreyfuss’ evil endgame and proved that he is willing […]

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