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‘Saving Hope’ S5 Eps 3-5 review: Alex… You in danger, girl

Sigh, Hopefuls. Usually I excitedly dig deep into each episode, but the final season of ‘Saving Hope’ keeps thrusting sucker punches into my gut. If you’ve followed my coverage of the show, you know how invested I’ve become in these characters’ stories over the years, especially Charlie and […]

‘Saving Hope’ Season 5 premiere review: Star-crossed

Alas, Hopefuls, ‘Saving Hope’ has returned for its final season and begins by breaking our hearts once more. “Dr. Dustiny” is one helluva way to kick things off. Actually, this episode aptly captures the overarching tone of the series because it was gripping, moving, hilarious, heartwarming, surprising and devastating […]

‘Saving Hope’ S4 Ep 17 recap: Go in peace

Holy moly, Hopefuls! A season-long twist in the making was finally revealed in “Anybody Seen My Baby.” We should’ve seen it coming, but we really didn’t (or at least I didn’t…did you?!) Charlie postpones his possibly life-altering surgery, in order to help Kristine’s spirit resolve her unfinished business. […]

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