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TV Shows, Movies, and Interviews

I’m Tiffany Tchobanian – a freelance journalist known for TV show reviews, celebrity interviews, and more. Talk TV with Tiffany provides a variety of candid and engaging content:

  • Detailed, thoughtful, and witty, reviews
  • Analytical opinion features.
  • Exciting celebrity interviews with filmmakers and actors.
  • TV show promos, sneak peaks, and movie trailers.  
  • Film festival and convention coverage.

Freelance Journalist

In addition to producing content on Talk TV with Tiffany, I contribute reviews and interviews to other publications.

Tiff’s Take On Social Media

You can also connect with me on social media (all links are in the footer). We can watch TV shows together and react in real-time! Live tweet with me using #TiffsTake to chat about the latest series that has captured my heart.

Video Chats

I host live stream videos so we can interact and chat about anything you want. Each Hump Day Happy Hour video is customized to viewers’ requests. Tune in to discuss TV shows, dish on the latest movies, and enjoy a virtual cocktail hour together. 

I also do video reviews of my favorite TV shows and movies. It’s fun to mix things up and offer a variety of content.

Want to work with Tiffany? 

I love collaborating and working with new people. If you’re looking for a freelance journalist and/or content creator, I’m available for hire:

  • TV Show and/or Movie Reviews
  • Freelance columns or assignments
  • Writing and/or Editing gigs
  • Podcasts
  • Pop-Culture Convention and/or Festival panelist
  • On-camera hosting
  • And more…

Contact Tiffany below for content rates, availability and other inquiries…