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‘Saving Hope’ Season 4 preview: What’s next for the doctors of Hope Zion?

Although several months have passed, some fans are still trying to recover from the shocking events in “Saving Hope’s” explosive Season 3 finale, “All the Pretty Horses.” The episode captured the full circle of life, juxtaposing a mind-blowing death with a heartwarming birth (relive the episode with a […]

‘Saving Hope’ S3 Ep 11 & 12 recap: Heart of the matter

Wow, Hopefuls, we have a lot to discuss after “Saving Hope’s” whirlwind two hour return event. In both episodes, “The Parent Trap” and “Hearts of Glass,” Alex opens up about her pregnancy and admits to the baby’s paternal ambiguity. Sticking with the theme of motherhood, Alex deals with […]

‘Saving Hope’ S3 Ep 9 recap: Life is a highway

“Saving Hope” delivered another episode which has left Hopefuls with some mixed emotions. In “The Other Side of Midnight” something pretty epic happens with Charlie’s supernatural gift when the spirit he helps ends up remembering their interaction in limbo after she wakes up in her body. This is […]

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