‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Predictions: Everyone Dies In The End

The fifteenth and final season of CW’s Supernatural will be bittersweet. The nature of this series makes any kind of twist feasible. Characters have died and resurrected repeatedly, parallel universes exist, demons become heroes and angels are unsettlingly vilified. As we brace ourselves for the beginning of the end – literally – I’m hedging my bets on what we can expect from The Winchester Saga. Let me know what you think about these Season 15 predictions…

Everyone Dies

Okay, maybe not everyone. After all the stunts Supernatural has pulled over the years, co-showrunner Andrew Dabb promises that deaths will stick this season. So I anticipate heartbreaking casualties.

Dean sacrifices the Impala

Baby has been broken and restored over the seasons. She’s cheated Death just like the Winchesters and has been a constant presence in their lives. The Impala has always been so much more than a car, she is an extension of John and the boys. Baby is a Winchester. 

Team Free Will kills Chuck

Chuck’s debut on Supernatural was pretty badass. A prophet writing the Gospel of Sam and Dean Winchester was very clever and hilarious. He’s been an MIA and mischievous god over the years. Now that he’s killed Jack and wants to end his story aka the world, it’s time for him to go. What’s more poetic than dying at the hands of his favorite creation? 

The Shadow and the Darkness spawn a love child.

Surely, Chuck will piss off his sister by fighting with her over this world only to destroy it. Ending creation will push her over the edge and into the arms of the only entity that pre-dates them – The Shadow aka ruler of the Empty. Their union will spawn a new breed of supernatural being. 

Heaven, Hell, and the Empty merge into one plain of afterlife existence.

When Jack breaks out of the Empty, he doesn’t return alone. All the demon and angel souls return with him. All forms of existence are in chaos. Lines between battling sides are blurred. Every entity fights for its own survival – across all realms.

Sam and Dean pull a Thelma and Louise and go out in a blaze of glory.

We’ve always seen one brother risking his life for the other. Chuck’s grand scheme includes separating them. Why does it come down to one Winchester brother dying? This season, they’re seeing this fight through together. Sam and Dean ride Baby into the sunset. Hey, I said Dean would sacrifice the Impala, not be without her. The movie can show us where they really end up 😉

Going into Season 15 like…

With a little bit of…

And a whole lot of…

‘Supernatural’ Season 15 premieres Thursday, October 10 at 8 p.m

UPDATE: I wrote this article for Bleeding Cool back in August 2019, before Supernatural Season 15 even began. I made some bold predictions of what could come to pass as the series ends. This is not a wish-list by any means. It was just a few jesting hunches of how daring the writers would be. Now that we only have two episodes left *holds back tears* I’m scared of how many items on this list will come true.


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