‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 9 Review: “The Trap” Full Of Tricks

The CW’s long running series continues breaking our hearts. Supernatural returned from winter hiatus with a vengeance. “The Trap” played our heartstrings like a weeping guitar. Team Free Will races against the clock to stop Chuck (Rob Benedict). He plays wicked games with Sam (Jared Padalecki), while Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) finally clear the air in Purgatory. 

A gut-wrenching roller coaster ride manipulated the SPN Family’s emotions worse than an episode of NBC’s This Is Us. However much I tried to scoff at Chuck’s vindictive foreshadowing, Supernatural‘s trio of feels got to me.

After 15 seasons, the classic heart-melting dialogue, gut-punching man tears, and goosebump inducing score still makes me cave. Here’s a recap of my live tweet to demonstrate the whirlwind of highs and lows:

#TiffsTake Supernatural Live Tweets

Faulty Future

Dean and Cas may have endured Purgatory, but Chuck put Sam through Hell. All of those heartbreaking glimpses of the future undermine everything Supernatural and the Winchester Bros have been working toward.

He offers false hope with a seemingly quiet and sweet movie night, then he ends up turning Sam and Dean in to vampires. To be blunt: WTF?!?

As Sam resisted the gimmicks, “Future Dean” lost hope in the fight against evil. The Family Business motto has faded. There are too many monsters to hunt and not enough people are being saved. So what’s the point?

The episode remained pretty meta about it. Padalecki and Ackles once said they’d want to see the boys go out like “Butch and Sundance.” It seems the Winchesters feel that way too…until “Future Dean’s” despair.

I joked that “Everybody Dies” by the end of Supernatural, but I never thought the writers aka Chuck would actually show us what that looks like. Hearing about Cas-in-the-Box and watching Bobby (Jim Beavers) and Jodi (Kim Rhodes) go after vamp Dean and Sam is brutal.

It’s also stupid. I mean, come on! There is no way this could ever happen. The boys have been there and overcome these types of challenges before. So I call major BS on this:

Ever since Season 2’s “Houses of the Holy,” we understood where Sam’s faith came from. Even after Chuck was deemed to be “god” (I really that ends up being a twist too), he never lost faith – no matter what.

Dean has always struggled with his faith. His hope rests in his family and friends. The people he trusts with his life.

It is bittersweet, yet poetic to see the tables turn by episode’s end. With the object of their hope in his hand, Sam discards their saving grace. Chuck’s damage is done. There is no winning.

Dean rises up, assuming his brother’s role and has enough hope for both of them. Team Free Will can still find a way. THIS Sam and Dean will not go down without a fight.

The Prayer

Dean and Castiel made a beautiful breakthrough. While Sam’s brain was getting messed with, Dean found clarity – in Purgatory, of all places.

These two have shared a special relationship from the start. Castiel is practically family, but his connection with Dean differs from his friendship with Sam.

Dean puts walls up, especially when he is hurting. His default is to get angry instead of admitting he is sad. Cas took responsibility and apologized for the accidental outcome of his actions.

Now, he calls Dean out for his shortcomings. Dean did not accept his apology and he did not stop Castiel from leaving. What other choice did he have than to give Dean time and space? Even then, they still had each other’s backs.

Dean doesn’t let his guard down until he fears the worst. If they don’t find each other, his friend needs to know the truth…so he prays:

Dammit, I’m tearing up again…

Honestly, I welcome the comic relief teased in next week’s episode. My tear ducts and over-worked heart needs a break. Plus, Garth (DJ Squalls) is back!

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. Live tweet with me @TalkTVwTiffany during the West Coast broadcast using #TiffsTake!

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