Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Season 1, Episode 1: Does “The End’s Beginning” Live Up To The Hype?

Full disclosure: I’ve never read the books or played the game, but I have been excited about Netflix’s The Witcher ever since I heard Henry Cavill was cast as a hunter of evil monsters. It’s like Supernatural’s Winchester Brothers and Man of Steel’s Superman combined in one handsomely kickass package. What’s not to love?

As a newbie to the tale of Geralt of Rivia, I’m curious to learn about Cavill’s character and the world he lives in. Who created The Witcher? Which monsters is he tasked with killing? What kind of life does he lead? How vulnerable can he be? How long is he supposed to live?

I recorded my thoughts and reactions while watching the first episode, “The End’s Beginning.” Feel free to comment below or start up a conversation with me on social media using #TiffsTake.


Critics are calling this series the next Game of Thrones. Confession: I never watched GOT. *gasp* I know.

Oooh! This is not the debut I expected for Geralt.

Swashbuckling and hooded Geralt reminds me of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I am digging this!

The Witcher is a man of few words and great action. Brooding in solitude one moment and charging baddies in the next. “Hmm” conveys enough when accompanied with the right look.

Geralt has mastered the look:

The warring kingdoms and vaguely medieval era takes an even darker turn than I expected. It might take me a bit to keep track of them all.

Wow. Suicide over torture sends a heavy message. Bringing magic into the mix instantly reminds me of Merlin. I still miss that show.


Oooh prophesies always peak my interest. But I don’t care for ultimatums. Geralt is in a sh**ty position. Stregobor is sketchy, but I fear Renfri is just trying to seduce Geralt to get her way. Then again, can he be seduced if he isn’t supposed to be an emotional being? 🤔


Damn that was an intense fight. He used her hand and dagger to slice her own throat! That is brutal. Still, she presses the importance of his destiny to meet and protect the girl in the woods.

Now that Renfri is dead…I’m worried. Did Geralt kill the wrong person?


Princess Ciri is obviously his destiny. She’s seems like a smart and persevering young woman. Not sure how long she’ll be able to hide her identity…Especially in a warring land.

So far, this episode did not live up to the hype. It is good, but slower than I expected and there wasn’t any major wow factor – other than Cavill’s allure 😉 Seriously though, the narrative feels a bit disjointed. I’ve seen some stuff about different timelines, which makes sense now.

I’m still in for this wild ride! I just hope it picks up the pace soon…

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