Tiff’s Take on ‘Lucifer’ Season 4: Streaming with the Devil

Hey there LuciFans! I’m eager to chat about the newest season of ‘Lucifer’ now streaming on Netflix, so I’m starting this ‘live-blog’ of sorts.

I’ll share my thoughts on each episode as a gradually binge watch. As you scroll down, you’ll have fair warning of spoilers and can follow along on an episode-by-episode basis. I hate stumbling upon spoilers and would never want to do that to you.

This is a safe space where we can gush about all the juicy stuff. Feel free to share your comments and reaction with me. Sounds off below or hit me up on Twitter @TalkTVwTiffany (let’s use #TiffsTakeOnLucifer to set our convo apart from the others).

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Episode 1: Everything’s Okay

Tom Ellis singing “Creep” gives me goosebumps. I love this opening scene, even though he is breaking my heart. He’s all torn up without Chloe. She needs to get her bewildered butt back by his side!

Yay! Together again at last. Except…Everything is SO not okay.

I’m relieved that Chloe knows the truth. It is always frustrating when show drag out the love interest’s secret identity for too long. The awkwardness is palpable.

Lucifer finally has The Detective back, but she’s not really here. What is going on with her? Other than being rattled by seeing the Devil’s face (of course). Also, where the hell has she been this whole time?

Enter Father Kinley. I’m so excited to see Graham McTavish on this show! If only Sam Heughan could’ve made a guest appearance. Sigh.

Now I’m really intrigued! Who is he to Chloe?

Episode 2: Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno

Here we go! Time to get some answers about the mysterious father. Oooh Chloe went to the Vatican after seeing Lucifer’s Devil face. Leave it to the Detective to go straight to the source.

Girl, reading about Lucifer’s escapades from the dawn of time with not make him less scary. No wonder everything is so awkward!

I love McTavish but Father Kinley is bad news. I don’t like the way he’s pushing Chloe to betray and trap Lucifer. He spins a scary yarn but Chloe must know better…right?

NOOOOOOOOOO! Chloe, how could you? For shame. What if the vile didn’t break? Poor Lucifer! He put together her ideal date and she tries to roofie him. Father Kinley really got into her head.

Do you really need to press the axe that hard into his chest?

Time and again, Lucifer has proven himself to her. He’s always willing to sacrifice himself to protect her. Now she knows he is only vulnerable around her. This time, his daring act of chivalry means even more to her.

By the way, we know it is because her birth was a miracle. I’m still waiting to learn more about that. Amenadiel must realize his role in this at some point.

Speaking of our big lovable angel…he’s going to be a daddy!!! Woohoo! I’m excited to see how Linda and Amenadiel’s little nephilim turns out.

Phew! At least now Chloe isn’t plotting against Lucifer anymore. Maybe now they’ll be able to get their groove back.

Crap! I spoke too soon…

This episode was a lot juicer than the first! Damn, I’m a little scared over what might happen next…

Episode 3: O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father

Dammit! I knew Father Kinley would be up to no good. Now he’s pitting Lucifer against Chloe – just when she’s starting to come around too.

Awww look at Luci’s passive aggressive jabs at Chloe. He’s like a wounded puppy. Poor thing.

OMG this scene is crazy intense. Finally a wickedly candid conversation about their feelings. Of course Chloe is terrified! Who wouldn’t be? He’s the bloody Devil! Evil incarnate…on paper.

The Lucifer we’ve grown to love is brutally honest, self-sacrificing for friends, and hopelessly in love with Chloe. He accepts her as is and she should do the same. Can she?

Oh bloody hell not the Devil face!

I know it’s fake and it even scares me. I dig the Beauty and the Beast vibe – always been a sucker for a tale as old as time (couldn’t resist).

The moment of truth! Can Chloe accept him, Devil face and all????

Well, “I don’t know” is better than “NO.” But it still isn’t good enough for Luci. Awww man this is breaking my heart!

Uh oh. It’s all or nothing for Lucifer. Ugh I don’t like this…

Wait – Lucifer’s first love is part of the prophecy. Why was there no mention of this prophecy before? I mean I know the Apocalypse is always a given threat on supernatural shows, but still…

And who says Chloe is Luci’s first love…hmmm.

Flirty, seemingly innocent chick walks into Lucifer’s bar and orders an appletini…

I don’t need Sherlock’s help to deduce that she’s THE Eve.

Lucifer’s possible First Love has suspicious timing…doesn’t she?

Then again, who says he ever really loved her?

This season is ramping up with each episode. Hot damn!

How are you all feeling about the season so far?

Episode 4: All About Eve

Tensions are rising between Lucifer and Chloe. They just stopped working together and I already miss their dynamic. Although it is funny (or fate-tastic) that they still end up working the same case – thanks to Eve’s unwitting involvement.

Damn this girl is clingy! Her school-girl crush on Luci has been festering for millennia and she’s holding on for dear life now that she’s back in his graces. Is she always going to be this annoying?

Although it is nice to see bulletproof Lucifer when she’s around.

He’s kicking ass and relishing in his Superman status…until Chloe arrives.
Can’t blame him for being annoyed this time. All was well until she crashed his bar fight.

The amount of injuries he willingly sustains must be proof enough for her. If he’s truly that evil, why would he repeatedly put himself in harms way for Chloe? Partnering with her on the job puts his life in danger every time they pursue a bad guy. It is refreshing to see him boldly chase down baddies knowing he can’t get injured in the process.

Side-note: Now that Chloe knows she’s the cause of his mortal weakness, why doesn’t she just give him some temporary physical space so he can heal up quickly?

Meanwhile, Maze moves in with Linda, since she feels so unwelcome at Chloe’s. Three’s a crowd seems a bit of an understatement, even though her excitement over Linda’s pregnancy is kind of adorable.

This sonogram scene is just too damn cute and hilarious!

It’s a BOY! Any other appendages, Doc? Seriously?!? Could this baby nephilim be born with wings?! I must admit, that would be pretty cool to see. I’m getting more eager to meet this angel baby – even though Linda looks petrified at the thought of pushing out a winged newborn LOL

Linda has every right to be freaking out. Impending motherhood is exciting and stressful for the average mama to be, but for a human who has no idea what kind of baby she’s carrying – oof! I would not want to be Linda.

Back to the case – Chloe and Lucifer end up working together, despite his best efforts to avoid her. You can’t deny that they make one helluva team.

Eve even pulls through with the assist, serving as a necklace model for the auction. Of course Lucifer’s paddle would have his favorite number LOL

Whoa, can’t believe Eve tried pulling a fast one on Lucifer. Her intentions were pure-ish. She wants to keep hanging out with him. Usually Luci is game to get with any girl, but Chloe has done a number on him. It is sad to see him hold back. Will every romantic prospect need to pass the Devil Face test from now on?

Of course I’m on Team DeckerStar and hate the timing of Chloe’s grand confession. Although I’m relieved she got there seconds after Eve made-out with Devil-Faced Lucifer.

Dammit! This is so annoying. Chloe was going to tell Lucifer that she misses him and cares about him and might actually be able to accept him – as is. But I can’t help but think she would still flinch at the sight of his Devil Face, unlike Eve, who wholeheartedly embraces his bad boy ways.

Episode 5: Expire Erect and Episode 6: Orgy Pants to Work

Okay I’m lumping these two together because I’m already starting to blur episodes during my binge-watch. This season feels like a whirlwind. So much craziness!!!

Although Eve seems like Lucifer’s ideal kinky girl with nothing off limits, he still doesn’t feel ready to commit. She’s ready for labels, but he’s acting like they’re just friends with benefits. Probably because he’s still hung up on Chloe. As usual, he takes Linda’s advice literally and decides to embark on one last case for the sake of proper closure.

The look on Chloe’s face expresses how we’re feeling at this point. What the hell do you mean this is the last case? Three years of partnership can be thrown away just like that? Really?!?

Then Chloe gets to spend more time getting to know Eve and it is kind of hard to hate her. She’s still annoying, but so far, she has Lucifer’s back and makes him happy. Not as happy as Chloe, but he seems satisfied. Eve also lends a helping hand when their seemingly simple case takes a very dark turn.

(PS I’ll scour the web for better images and gifs once I finish the season. Still avoiding spoilers, so I know my accompanying pic game is weak.)

Everything boils to a head at LUX. Eve and Ella unexpectedly hit it off – it’s friendship at first hug and the two enjoy a giggle-filled touchy-feely high. The bad guy appears and catches them all off guard. He’s got a bomb ready to blow, so they better cooperate.

Lucifer takes a bullet for Chloe and slowly bleeds out as she tries to think of their next move. This is where I wonder again – if Chloe knows she’s the cause of his frailty, then why wouldn’t she physically move farther away from him so he can heal?

In the thick of it all, Chloe even throws herself on top of him to protect him from the SWAT team’s blast. He’s moved that she would risk her life for him – the same way he puts himself in harms way for her. It is a sweet and touching moment between them, but…

Their physical distance and his vulnerability ratio has become a personal pet-peeve. There’s some kind of minimal proximity where he is physically stronger. He did start feeling better one the ambulance wheeled him out of LUX and further away from Chloe.

Yet the more dangerous the circumstances are, the closer they become – even though it helps no one to weaken Lucifer. He Hulks out without hesitation around Eve and the second Chloe enters the room, he’s no longer bulletproof. It’s become quite the double-edged sword.

Am I the only annoyed by their reaction to this? Even Lois walked away from Clark when she thought he might be in danger because of her mere presence – and she wasn’t even his kryptonite. Just saying…

Props to Ella for diffusing the bomb. However, her lack of faith is bumming me out. She transformed from being a firm believer to claiming that God does not exist. I understand that she’s struggling with grief, but this seems so out of character for her.

Charlotte’s death has also made Dan an uber douche. I’m over his attitude. Maze provided a distraction and doing things her way did get them solid results, but if he continued down this path with Maze he’d from brooding to bully. Grow up, Dan. You’re not the only person who has ever lost a loved one.

The fact that Chloe is happy for Lucifer is even more heartbreaking. If she can’t be there for him, at least he’ll find companionship with Eve. Now they are all in on the secret and can openly converse about everyone’s role – in history, mythology, and the “real world.”

I’m still waiting for Chloe’s miracle baby status to be addressed. They’ve got to mention that right? I thought that was the reason why Lucifer is vulnerable around her. Now I’m starting to wonder if love is what makes him vulnerable.

If Lucifer falls in love with Eve, will he become vulnerable around her too?

Amenadiel seems suspicious of Eve and I am too. Her timing with Father Kinley’s talk of the prophecy, Lucifer’s first love, and the apocalypse is all too coincidental. Still, the angel reassures Chloe that supporting Lucifer’s new relationship is a good thing – for both of the women in his lives. Chloe won’t pine after the Devil if he’s shaking up with Eve…right?

Meanwhile, Eve’s bad girl status increase with each outfit. She’s gone from bridal white, to splashes of red and white, and now she’s full-on crimson-clad all the time. We get it, Girl, you’re on Team Lucifer. She’s happily fallen from grace and tells Amenadiel that she doesn’t care if she never returns to the Silver City. She’s excited by spending an eternity in Hell with Lucifer.

With each episode, Eve is pushing her man closer to the dark side and I don’t like it. Especially now that he’s upgraded her to girlfriend status. Eve gets along with all the ladies in his life. He’s having his cake and eating it too. Although his waste-line doesn’t show it!

So the perks of moving ‘Lucifer’ to Netflix is mild swearing and nudity. Now we know why Tom Ellis posted so many workout video on his Instagram…

As if they haven’t given Luci reason enough to get naked, now we see him hosting orgies and hanging out at a nudist colony. I just never expected Ella to be so uninhibited too. Bottoms up!

Lucifer has made so much progress and now he’s back to orgy parties. Yeah it’s funny, but I’m not a fan of Eve’s influence. Lucifer is all cheeky about it, but he’s bored enough of the orgy to eagerly go back to work with Chloe. Except he’s starting to mix-up his work-wife and girlfriend apology gifts. Hilarious and disturbing.

Linda is right. He’s trying to be two different people at once: the good guy Chloe wants and the naughty Devil Eve keeps egging on. He’s going to have breakdown sooner or later by trying to split his identity in two.

Maze is also struggling to find her place in the group. She seems to be everyone’s wing-woman. Bounty-hunting bud with Dan, party girl with Eve (whose life still revolves around her man), and baby duty with Linda. She has a warped view of birthing and motherhood, but she really means well. So we won’t hold the popcorn munching in Lamaze against her.

Here comes another curveball…Amenadiel’s sister, Remy, has come down to Earth to deal with the soon-to-be-born nephilim.

She assumes Lucifer finally spawned baby Satan after ions of sexing his way through humanity. Amenadiel plays along, given her harsh feelings towards mankind. Which is why Maze ends up at Lamaze.

Why do these TV shows keep creating angels I don’t like? Remy is really irritating and she’s trying too hard to be tough. Ugh…not feeling this offshoot storyline. Let’s get back to the big guy.

Lucifer is in a conundrum. He’s dealing with the angel/devil on the shoulder dynamic. Chloe encourages him to do the right thing and follow the law. Eve wants him to punish the bad guys. When Luci comes face-to-face with nudist colony owner/secret human trafficker Julian McCaffrey, he restrains himself from going full-on Devil. As a result, Julian kills one of the uniformed cops Luci was always fond of.

If Lucifer did his real job, he would’ve ended saving lives. Instead, he did what Chloe always encourages him to do and the bad guy will live to kill again. Dammit. This will definitely push Luci over the edge.

No more Mr. Nice Devil…

Episode 7: Devil Is As Devil Does

Once again my favorites TV worlds collide! ‘Supernatural’s’ Richard Speight Jr. directed this episode. We need a crossover!!! Seems fitting for Season 5 and 15, eh? But I digress…

Amenadiel could not kick his annoying sister’s ass fast enough. He finally comes clean about being the nephilim’s dad and then they spar over where the baby should be raised – Silver City or L.A. I’m just glad Remy backed down and flew home. Hopefully, she won’t return to meddle with angel baby’s life. I’m still really eager to see how Linda and Amenadiel’s baby boy is going to come out.

I’m addressing the underwhelming bits before getting to the crazy intense good stuff. Remy wasn’t the only agitating aspect of this episode.

We’ve been noticing how Ella and Detective Douche have been growing closer and bonding over their shared existential angst. Ella has completely lost her faith and Dan is just pissed off at the world – er, more like Lucifer. Ella still rocks those awesome graphic tees and expresses her sunny disposition through cute accessories like her self-portrait clad mug. She’s been everyone’s Girl Friday. That’s about to change.

The late night moment in the lab was fraught with tension, but I really hoped ‘Lucifer’ wouldn’t play into that cliched storyline. The interlocking fingers, the steamy gazes, and then BAM the hook-up. Ella deserves better than being desperate Dan’s rebound fling.

I don’t like it. Especially since Dan went to douchier than usual lengths to screw over Lucifer.

Eve wants to dish out some Old Testament style punishment, so she joins Lucifer and Chloe on their latest case….Which turns out to be linked to their last case. After Julian killed his lady cop gal-pal, Lucifer decided to make the punk pay and paralyzed him. Now the Scooby Gang is tracking down golden gun toting Pony Boy – “stay gold indeed” LOL

The case is just a catalyst for Lucifer to come to terms with the kind of Devil he truly wants to be. Eve keeps pushing him to be bad, while Chloe highlights the good in him. After all, the Devil is an Angel. Bravo Detective!

Everyone can tell Lucifer isn’t himself and Trixie overhears Chloe telling Linda that she’s worried about him. Since Chloe can’t be the friend Lucifer needs, Trixie adorably pays him a visit and gives Eve a stern interrogation. Like mother, like daughter. Adorbs!

Meanwhile, Detective Douche has done some digging nd learned the truth about Lucifer’s interference with the law. Julian’s rich pop, Jacob, offed the guy he thought paralyzed his son. Dan tells him it was actually Lucifer. Dammit, Dan. You suck, dude!

Because of Dan’s douchiness, sweet Trixie ends up in the crossfire of Pony Boy’s attack on Lucifer. Eve keeps the little one safe while bulletproof Lucifer takes care of business. Chloe and Dan get there just in time to arrest Pony Boy after Lucifer has disarmed him and his accomplice.

Yeah Dan, you were wrong, very wrong. I’m not sure if Pony Boy knowingly covered for him in the interrogation room or not. It kind of felt like he did. If Chloe knew the truth, she would be furious with Dan for betraying Lucifer like that. Anyhoo – while he’s spilling the deets about Jacob, Lucifer is already a step ahead of them.

Chloe and Lucifer shared a much-needed heart-to-heart on his balcony after the attack. She reminded that he’s an angel and nudged him to check on the status of his wings. Maybe he still has them. We keep this in mind as Lucifer goes to confront Jacob.

We expect fire and brimstone, but Lucifer brings Jacob to the police station instead. WOW! The power of Chloe’s persuasion. She’s so proud of him (and so are we.) Seems like he does have his wings after all!

Wait for iiiiiiit……

Lucifer frantically beckons Linda and fills her in on everything. If he has his wings back, why is he freaking out??? Then he shows Linda his wings…


I am floored. Poor Lucifer! Is this Eve’s doing? Pierce’s death brought out the Devil face and he’s been going downhill ever since Eve surfaced. Then we have Father Kinley issuing Chloe a dire warning before he’s shipped off to Rome to face the consequences.

According to the prophecy, when Lucifer unites with his lady love on Earth, they’ll literally raise Hell. His Devil wings are a scary indicator that the prophecy is nearly fulfilled.

I sure hope Chloe can change Lucifer’s heart before it is too late!

Episode 8: Super Bad Boyfriend

Lucifer tries avoiding the prophecy by attempting to break up with Eve, except he fails miserably (and hilariously) each step of the way.

Instead of being honest, he plays games. By now, you’d think he would know better. Ultimately, he comes clean and speaks his mind – to both of the women in his life.

He doesn’t like who he becomes around Eve, but he doesn’t like how he feels about himself around Chloe either. In the end, he makes a heartbreaking confession to Linda: How does he stop hating himself? Lucifer is in the midst of epic existential angst, but he isn’t the only one facing identity issues.

Amenadiel practices his fathering skills on Caleb and experiences his first prejudiced encounter. We’ve seen several disturbing images on this show, but this depiction of police brutality is exceptionally jarring. Dan interferes in the nick of time and vows to file a complaint, but we all know that won’t change a thing.

After battling Remy and fighting to raise his son on Earth, Amenadiel realizes that this world may not be the safest place for a black nephilim. His fears are further validated after Caleb’s senseless murder. It is at least comforting to see how Lucifer has his brother’s back. However, even in his worst moment of wrath Amenadiel exercises self-restraint.

Lucifer would’ve probably killed the whole gang if his brothers didn’t back off after throwing a few punches. This is why he hates himself. Despite being an angel, he’s always fighting against his devilish instincts. My heart breaks for Lucifer and Amenadiel in this episode.

I will throw this out there – will Amenadiel’s son be accepted in the Silver City? Given Remy’s reaction, how will angels treat a nephilim? Granted angels are made and aren’t born, so they should be mature enough to accept an innocent child. Still, you can’t help but wonder…what if they shun the boy?

Actually, almost everyone is in the middle of an existential crisis. Dan gets douchier – using their hook-up to distract Ella from digging deeper on the cop who betrayed Lucifer. Then he heads over to LUX and belligerently antagonizes Maze until she smacks him. That’s when she realizes he’s just trying to punish himself for acting like a total dirt-bag. Dan really needs to get his act together. I’m liking him less and less as the season progresses.

Then we have poor Maze trying to take Linda’s advice on finding a special someone to care for (instead of creepily compensating by acting as the baby’s bodyguard). Her speed dating tactics are rough around the edges. It is sweet of Eve to help her out.

I have to admit, Dan wasn’t completely wrong. It did seem like Maze was falling for Eve, but there is no way she’d betray Lucifer like that. But will that change after the break-up?

Everyone is struggling with the same theme of acceptance this season – of oneself, one’s partner, one’s lover, one’s faith, one’s place in society, and one’s fate.

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