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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Wishlist: Which Costumes, Contestants, and Judges Make Our List?

FOX’s enigmatically alluring guilty pleasure The Masked Singer has been an instant hit. Viewers tune-in and find themselves overly invested in a ridiculously entertaining and addictive guessing game. Over-the-top flashy costumes conceal the identities of singing celebrities who drop misleading clues and reveal increasingly telling secrets each week.

Bleeding Cool is not ashamed to admit that we were hooked from the start – and from your reactions, clearly you were too!

Wikipedia became my new best friend as I searched for a correlation between my hunches and the clues. After eight weeks of guessing – and being mostly right – Leigh Kade and I are already looking ahead to Season 2. Now that we’ve been wowed, we are itching to see how producers will up the game.  

In this special speculative post, we are joined by our Secret Source (aka Masked Messenger) from The Masked Singer set. Given some of the connections some of the people here might have… some of our wishes might actually end up coming true.

masked singer
THE MASKED SINGER: Host Nick Cannon (C) with all of the contestants in the special two-hour “Road to the Finals / Season Finale: The Final Mask is Lifted” season finale episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.


Tiffany: My top costume picks based on adorability and ridiculousness. I’d love to see celebs dressed as a Penguin, Giraffe, Flamingo, Zebra, Camel, and Mermaid (or Merman). I realized that any kind of creature is game on this silly show, so we might as well go big or go home LOL

Leigh: I would love any of those! I also want to see an octopus with a top hat and monocle, a Joey Fatone suit, and the Polar Bear from Lost. I think there are some cross-over promotional costumes that could be done, too, like a Bojack Horseman costume, or Spock’s beard from Star Trek: Discovery!

MM: We could see some more animal or insect costumes, like a Ladybug – there are a few that didn’t make the cut this season.

Tiffany: The Ladybug already sounds adorable. What I’d give to see Lady-Gaga-Bug. Oh yeah, I went there. 

Aww shucks! I wanted my Giraffe to wear a top hat and monocle. Okay, I’m straight-up dying over the thought of a Fatone suit! Can’t see it being anything other than creepy.

I love the cross-over idea! Superhero shows would be an easy crossover costume! Just borrow masks from The CW or take what’s leftover from the Netflix cancellations.

Leigh: I don’t think there should be a cap on top hat monocle combos.

Tiffany: So true. They add instant humor and class.

Leigh: …and intelligence. I am wearing them both right now.

MM: The other source versions have some pretty wacky masks, like an Oyster and a full-on hot pink bedazzled pony. Going forward, I think it’s safe to say the choices are going to get bolder all the way around.

Tiffany: LOL! I can’t wait to see what they come up with after hearing about those crazy costumes.


Leigh: Every season should have Joey Fatone. Every. Season. But he should do really crazy stuff to conceal his identity, like perform in a Joey Fatone costume. I would also love to see someone like Ricky Martin on Masked Singer, and another R&B classic would be amazing, too. Oh, and Rob Halford from Judas Priest. They would never see it coming!

Tiffany: I would die if Ricky Martin did this show! After instantly recognizing his voice, I’d be disappointed that his handsome face is covered by a mask lol But it would be hilarious to see those moves in a crazy costume.

Leigh: I bet Ricky is talented enough to throw people off on his voice. I bet we’ll see Paris Hilton next year.

Tiffany: Ugh! I don’t want to see Hilton, Kardashians or Housewives on The Masked Singer. Or Bachelors / Bachelorettes. But you’re right, we probably will. Sigh.

MM: I would love to see a voice actor for that exact reason!

Tiffany: I could see Jaleel White on this show. Remember how Stefan was smooth crooner on Family Matters?

MM: That’s not a bad idea. I’m still holding out hope we land the ironically silent Kevin Smith – he has a sense of humor that tends to line up with the show.

Tiffany: That would be hilarious! I’m waiting for someone from a forgotten boy band to be a contestant. There were some short-lived groups: O-Town, LFO, BBMak, B2K…

MM: I wonder if they’ll get any performers from the other versions of the series…*stares at Ryan Reynolds* Ooh, maybe even a member of BTS. I have no real insider insight on this aspect – just the same hopes as everyone else!

Tiffany: Reynolds would be awesome! I’d also like to see properly established professionals who we never knew could sing. There must be some athletes who can last longer in the competition next season. It is also great to see a variety of ages. You can’t always tell a person’s age by their voice.

I just want more surprises. This season became too easily predictable.

MM: I have a feeling the first season was a learning curve and the subsequent seasons will learn from audience reaction and adapt.


Leigh: CINDY LAUPER!!! Joel McHale and Keenan Thompson were both great, too. Keenan pointing out Gladys Knight is still one of my favorite moments from season one. Keep bringing on funny people who know music and The Masked Singer will be golden. And frankly, why not Joey Fatone? I would love to see him as a guest judge. Especially if he’s secretly performing, on stage, in a Joey Fatone costume.

Tiffany: YES! Mine too. Fatone would be perfect as a judge or host. He has the experience. Honestly, Nick Cannon and the current judges haven’t really brought anything special to the table. I’d be fine if they mixed it up every season. Musicians and comedians would be the best fit. Fatone is both! So is Wayne Brady. It would be hilarious if they had a whole band on as guest judges – Boy Band or otherwise.

Leigh: Right? Totally bring on N’ Sync! Bring ALL the ‘90s pop bands!

Tiffany: YES!!!

MM: Having a past contestant on as a panel member would be a great idea! We are likely to see more comedians – maybe even a repeat guest host or two.

We’ve had a blast covering The Masked Singer and feel like Season 2 can’t get here fast enough.

What’s on your wishlist for next season? Sound off below!

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