Ultimate ‘Timeless’ Recap to Prep for ‘The Miracle of Christmas’

Clockblockers have made it their personal mission to spread “The Gospel of Timeless.” NBC’s thrilling and beloved time-travel dramedy repeatedly cheated death due to the fans’ passionate outpouring of support. Extensive and expensive “#SaveTimeless” campaigns continue raising awareness for the show. Still, there are TV lovers out there who may not have heard of Timeless or they just don’t have the chance to catch up on the series in time for the movie airing on Thursday, December 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

If that is the case, enjoy a spoiler-filled introduction and detailed recap to prepare you for “The Miracle of Christmas.” (Card-carrying Clockblockers can relish a walk down memory lane.)


Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph) creates a time machine and works with the U.S. government on exploring time travel. Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) steals the newest model (known as the Mothership). A skilled NSA asset, he travels through time, hunting down operatives from a menacing political society known as Rittenhouse. Throughout the course of Season 1, we learn that Rittenhouse killed Flynn’s family. He will forsake any consequences to stop Rittenhouse to save his wife and daughter.

Along with Homeland Security’s Agent Denise Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey), Mason assembles a team to stop Flynn and Rittenhouse from re-writing history and catastrophically changing the world as we know it. The Time Team consists of Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett), Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), and Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter).


Rufus is a brilliant engineer and programmer who can repair and pilot the Lifeboat (Mason’s first model of the time machine) under any circumstances – even while stranded in 1754. Lucy is a knowledgeable history professor who provides detailed information and trivia on the historical events they witness or get tangled in. Wyatt is a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Delta Force, so he is responsible for keeping the team safe from harm.

Jiya (Claudia Doumit) is the team’s “Girl Friday” on the ground. She makes sure their flight goes smoothly, manages all the complicated tech equipment, and is a master researcher. This funny and sweet badass is also Rufus’ love interest. She ends up playing a huge role as the series progresses.

Jaw-dropping twists keep viewers engaged with the mesmerizing narrative. We’ll address them as they pop-up with each scene. Braces yourselves for some loaded series highlights. Don’t worry, we’ll break each one down to make sure you’re good and ready for the movie.

Critics and historians praise Timeless for its historical accuracy and clever creativity with each journey into the past. When visiting eras poisoned with prejudice, Lucy and Rufus aren’t afraid to defend their rights and delightfully give ignorant jerks a piece of their minds. Rufus’ rant against racism is a fan favorite moment, which sets the tone for the series early on.

Time travel always comes with great risks. After their first trip, Lucy’s sister, Amy, ceases to exist. Agent Christopher promises to help Lucy find her sister once their mission to thwart Rittenhouse is complete.

In this pivotal scene, we cover two important and recurring themes. With every trip, history will change. Hopefully, for the better, but sometimes they have to settle for the lesser of two evils. The scene ends with a discussion of Lucy’s lineage. Repeated revelations about her family turn Lucy’s world upside-down.

Lucy finds out that she is actually Rittenhouse royalty and ends up facing off with her parents, Benjamin Cahill (John Gerz) and Carol Preston (Susanna Thompson). The following clips bookend Lucy’s mind-blowing realizations. Her father is the first one to break the news. Preview images from the movie reveal that he will return, which makes this confrontation even more important.

Later in the season, Carol drops an even bigger bomb about Rittenhouse and Lucy’s destined role.

Rittenhouse blatantly manipulates lives to achieve self-serving results. The scarlet-haired operative seen in this clip is Emma Whitmore (Annie Wersching). She ruthlessly executes Rittenhouse’s plans. As you will learn, she becomes the Time Team’s greatest threat.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Flynn declares Future Lucy actually enlisted his help. She gave him a journal, which has become a Bible of sorts to him. Although Flynn seemingly works against the Time Team, he continually argues they are on the same side.

Almost all of them lost loved ones they’d like to save, as Flynn explains in this intense exchange with Wyatt:

That’s right, Wyatt’s wife, Jessica (Tonya Glanz), died. He even takes Rufus on a rule-breaking mission to prevent her murder, but it doesn’t work out. Perhaps her death was just meant to be.

With Rittenhouse pulling the strings, it is difficult to decipher how much control they have over their fate. In another iconic scene, the Time Team ponders Free Will vs Destiny:

The team’s palpable chemistry is evident in every scene. Loyalty and compassion come first among the team. Each person makes sacrifices for the greater good.

Naturally, love blossoms when lives are on the line. Wyatt and Lucy develop a special bond, which grows even stronger in Season 2. However, a brush with death prompts Rufus and Jiya to act on their feelings for each other before it is too late.

By the end of Season 1, Rufus and Jiya are officially an item. When times get desperate, Jiya risks facing dire consequences. The Lifeboat is only meant to carry three passengers, but she bravely goes along for the ride. As a result, Jiya returns with mysterious side effects that play a major role in Season 2:

Timeless’ emotionally action-packed sophomore season keeps viewers on edge with game-changing twists. Looking back, there are epic events and possibly foreshadowing clues that must play crucial roles in the movie. Fundamentals take precedent over fan-favorite moments, although most clips fall under both categories. Newbies are on a need-to-know basis.

Flynn ends up joining the Time Team. His knowledge about Rittenhouse and insights from Lucy’s journal are too valuable to neglect. Fun-fact: Jiya and Rufus even figure out a way to make four people safely travel in the Lifeboat. Flynn, Jiya and others can accompany the original Time Team on their trips.

Although Wyatt remains wary of Flynn’s intentions, Lucy gives him a chance. He has come to know Lucy through the journal and feels they have a bond. Both share the same goal – saving their family.

After months of tantalizing talk about the journal, Lucy finally asks Flynn for the full story:

According to TV Guide Magazine, there will be a trip to Brazil in “The Miracle of Christmas.” You can’t blame us for jumping to obvious conclusions. Fans long to see this transaction transpire.

Moving on to Jiya’s tumultuous journey. Her visions get worse and she sees some scary sights, like Rufus’ death. The resident super sleuth discovers she isn’t the first Mason Industries employee to suffer such strange side effects. Mason takes her to see Stanley, another time traveler who ended up in a psych ward after surrendering his life to similar visions.

Jiya’s visions grow stronger and more specific. Rufus’ nerve-wracking experiences in the past prove the accuracy of her visions. Unlike Stanley, Jiya can only travel to the past using the Lifeboat. In hopes of saving Rufus from his grim fate, she traps herself in the past. She leaves an encoded Rufus message warning him not to find her. Of course, the Time Team goes to get her regardless.

This extremely loaded upcoming video needs extra explaining to be put into context. Try not to lose your heads making sense of it all.

Remember Wyatt’s dead wife? Rittenhouse brings her back to life and turns her into a double agent. Wyatt is so ecstatic to have Jessica back, that he blindly believes her intentions are pure. They shack up (to the team’s chagrin) and she gets pregnant. *cue eye rolls* Fans aren’t even sure if she is really pregnant, but Wyatt believes her and that is what matters in the grand scheme.

It gets worse. Emma groomed Jessica as her wing-woman. Rittenhouse thoroughly brain-washed both women and they are frighteningly loyal to the cause. Emma exceeds expectations and kills primo Rittenhouse royalty – Nicholas Keynes (Michael Rady), their founder and Lucy’s great-grandfather, and Carol. Consequently, Emma promotes herself to Rittenhouse head-honcho and takes matters into her own hands.

Jiya’s vision, Jessica’s betrayal, and Emma’s bloodlust all come to a head in this gripping sequence:

OMG, they killed Rufus! Those Rittenbitches.

The team returns home with an unacceptable loss. While mourning their friend, Wyatt takes a moment to set the record straight with Lucy. Like all romantic sagas, Jessica arrived just when Lucy and Wyatt acted on their feelings.

While Wyatt rekindled his relationship with Jessica (with Lucy’s support because this classy lady is not a homewrecker), Flynn and Lucy grew closer as friends and confidants. Let’s breeze past the machismo jealousy, arguments, and melodrama between Flynn and Wyatt. Ultimately, Wyatt knows he broke Lucy’s heart and it will take time to earn her love again.

In this last video, Wyatt and Lucy have a much-needed heart-to-heart. After their touching conversation, the season comes to a jarring end with one of the most epic, mind-blowing and chilling twists in TV history.

Aw yeah! Future Lucy and Wyatt return to save Rufus. Their arrival confirms a couple of queries and raises tons of questions. Clearly, they find a way to travel back to their own timeline, which makes it possible for Lucy to give Flynn her journal and allows the team to revisit their past to prevent Rufus’ death.

Now that you are all caught-up, enjoy our teaser photos from ‘The Miracle of Christmas’ and stay tuned!

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