NBC Announces Air Date for ‘Timeless’ Movie Event Full of Christmas Spirit


Clockblockers are milking every second of goodness shared by the ‘Timeless’ cast and crew now that filming is underway for the highly anticipated two episode movie event. NBC sees this Christmas gift as a means of wrapping up the series with a pretty bow on top, but fans have not given up on the #SaveTimeless campaign.

Instead of saying farewell to their favorite time-traveling characters, diehard viewers are seeing this as an opportunity to prove this beloved show is worth another season or TV movie franchise. A devoted group of fans has been continuously fundraising to enthusiastically and creatively promote the show since their successful two helicopter banner stunt at SDCC in July. Now they plan on flashing their ‘Timeless’ love in bright lights:

The Rockefeller Tree Lighting ceremony takes place on November 28th, so people who haven’t seen the show before will have plenty of time to binge the first two season before the movie airs December 20 at 8/7c on NBC.

Hallelujiah! We finally get an 8pm timeslot. 

Entertainment Weekly shares this cryptic synopsis from NBC:

We’re told the episode is “an epic, unforgettable thrill ride through the past, present and future, with a healthy dose of Christmas spirit. Spread across three centuries and two continents, the finale will test Lucy, Wyatt and the entire Time Team like never before as they try to #SaveRufus, preserve history and put a stop to Rittenhouse once and for all.”

Three centuries and two continents! Sounds like the Time Team is going to be super busy this Christmas. It will be very interesting to see what kind of holiday twistory they will surprise Clockblockers with. Please share your theories below as little hints are dropped along the way while the cast is filming.

Between getting the 8pm timeslot we’ve been begging for and all of the relentless fan advertising campaigns that are successfully gaining new viewers, I think ‘Timeless’ ratings will spike enough to nail another season (or at least more movies).

How do you feel about the news? Are you optimistic about the show’s future? Any ideas on the Christmas storyline?

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